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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 4

💫Episode 4💫
“Huh? What are you doing here? ” Cam says and I sit beside her in literature class.
“What do you mean ”
“Did your dad threaten you? “she smirks.
“Whatever, I have to get on his good side cos my birthday is coming soon”
She was about to reply when Mr Gonzalez enters the class. Here we go..
“Good morning class, please bring out your literature text, we are reading ‘The Fortress’ today ” He say and student brings out their novel.
I sigh and bring out mine, open it to the page he says we should open it to.
At first, I wasn’t enjoying it, I kept groaning, but later on I found myself getting interested in the book. To be honest
the book is interesting and when the bell rings I almost curse.
And the jerk did not even glance at me, he better do and tell my dad I attended literature class today. If he doesn’t want trouble from me.
After two more classes, Camille and I head to the cafeteria.
“Are you going to watch Brandon play tomorrow ” asked Camille as we sit down after ordering our food.
I look up to where Brandon use to sit with his friends and sight Angel among them laughing with her arm on Brandon neck. Our eyes met and she smirks at me. I look away getting mad.
“No ” I answer Cam as I drink out of my soda.
“Still haven’t gotten over him yet ”
I drop the soda can hard on the table and turn to her “What? Why will I be still hulking over that jerk? Listen the only thing i want to do is get my revenge on those two ”
“Revenge? But why “she ask.
“Are you asking me that? Those two hurt me, they deserve to be hurt ”
“Yeah ” she says with annoyance showing in her voice.
“What? ” I ask.
“Nothing “she put up a fake smile.
What is her problem, if she doesn’t want to help me, I don’t care.
I finish my food and stand up leaving her.
I could feel her getting up as I was leaving so I walk faster.
“Gemma wait! ” she calls. I continue walking.
“Wait, please ” she begs.
I stop walking when I get to my locker, she meet up with me panting heavily.
“Are you mad at me?” she ask.
“No, you tell me what was that for? If you don’t like what I want to do then fuck off . I’m not gonna beg you ” I lash out.
“I’m sorry okay, that actually means nothing. Please Gemma I hate it when you are angry at me. I’m sorry ”
I sigh and glare at her.
“I’m sorry Bestie , pleeasee ” she pouts.
“Fine, I forgive you.”
“Really? Hug me then, will ya? ” she says as she spread her arms. I smile and hug her.
We disengage.
“Oh shit! I haven’t paid for my lunch ” she laments.
“Don’t worry, they know you are with me ” I assure her.
“No, it has always been like that everyday,
i want today to be different I wanna pay for my food ” she points.
“okay, go I’ll wait for you here ”
“Oh no, I forgot my wallet at home ” she hiss.
“Today again? ” I sigh and bring out some money from my bag then give it to her.
“Thank you “she smile and left. She came back few minutes later.
“You are back so fast ” I say as we head to our next class.
“yeah, I sent a junior “she replies.
Getting home, the first I did was bringing out the novel we read in class reading it from the beginning to the end, before I slept off.
The next day, I enter literature class. Only few students are sitted since its not time yet. I just came early cuz Camille is not in school yet. I remove my headset from my bag, turn it on and place it on my ear.
Minutes later, more student haa filled the classroom, not long Mr Gonzalez enters. I remove my headset.
“Good morning class ” he greats and the class replies.
“So, we will be having a quick test this morning, just to get you prepared for the main test ahead ” he smiles.
“Excuse me Mr Gonzalez, sorry, no I’m not sorry, test are suppose to be done in the middle of the semester. So what kind of test is this?” I say.
“I believe you are not deaf Ms villers, I added the reason in my first sentence ” he replies and the class laugh. I huff angrily and put back the headset, closing my eyes.
I flinch when someone tap me. I open my eyes and glare at the girl.
“Sorry, but he ask me to ” she gulp pointing to the front.
I look up to see Mr hottie looking angry. I remove the headset and stare at him with my eyebrow raise.
“Ms villers, that is not tolerated in my class ” he cautions.
I roll my eyes.
“I don’t care ” I replies and bring it back to my ear.
“Gemma ” he growls.
“What is your problem ” I half yell.
“Remove that thing or get out of my class ”
I pick my bag and my books standing up “Gladly ” I say and walk out of the class slamming the door hard.

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