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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 2 & 3

💫Episode 2💫
I turn my head to her.
Wait! He teaches literature too ?”
“Yeah “Cam nods
“I hope you enjoyed the class, see you next time ” Mr hottie finished as he packs his books.
“Bye Mr hottie ” the class replies and girls giggle
He glance at my direction briefly before walking out of the class.
My eyes was on him till he got out of sight.
After two more classes, the bell indicating lunch break rings and I head to the cafeteria with Camille.
We order our lunch, and seat on our usual table.
We both ordered the same food, 🍔 hamburger and fries.
“Did you change the your phone pouch? ”
Cam ask as she collects my phone from me.
“O my God ! Is this not iPhone 12?” Camile scream attracting many people. Before I know it, we were crowded.
🤓OMG is this true? ”
🤓I’m jealous ”
🤓She’s the first person to get the latest iPhone again. Wow ”
Murmuring from the students fill the cafeteria.
I smile and continue eating my food. This is what I like.
“What’s so special in getting an iPhone 12, when I already got one before her ” the voice of the person I despise the most says from the crowd.
Angel and her minions emerges from the crowd walking closer to where I’m sitting. The other student watch in awe as Angel shows off her so called Iphone.
Student start to murmur again.
I clench my fists angrily.
That bitch always like to steal the spot light which I already gained.
“Someone should check the phone please, we have to be sure if it’s not fake ” i speak out standing up.
“Why sweetie, are you Suprise? “Angel smirks.
“Nope, I’m just making sure. Because I know that no one in your stupid family can afford an iPhone 1, not to talk of this….. Or maybe, your pvssy work so much during the holiday” I finished with a mockery face. The crowd laughs while Angel tries to make a neutral expression.
“It doesn’t matter how I got it ” she replies staring daggers at me.
“Oh it does to me and to everyone here ” I smirk and make my way out of the cafeteria heading to the washroom.
As I was going through the silent hallway I bumped into someone.
“Goodness can you watch… ” I stopped when I notice it was a teacher.
“Are you blind or something ” I retort angrily.
She didn’t say a thing as she bend down to pick up her book on the floor. Well she dares not say anything or else she doesn’t need this job. I already have the perfect offence I would tell dad to make him fire her.
I hiss and begin to walk away. I stop when someone grabs my arm.
I was boiling with anger as I turn around to see who it was. My eyes widen when I saw that it was the new teacher, Mr handsome.
I put a smile immediately but my smile drop when he
said. “You bumped into her, you should at least apologize and help her with the books that fell”
I snatch my hand from his grip. “Who are you to tell me what to do. Please learn how to mind your business ” I hiss as I turn to leave.
“Rich kids, they are rude and senseless ” I heard him say making me halt.
“What did you say? ”
“You heard me! ”
“Don’t you ever say that to me again ” I yell.
“Do you know who you’re talking to? ” he scoff.
“Yeah, I’m talking to father’s employee ”
“You’re so arrogant ” he shakes his head.
“Yes I am. Deal with it ”
“Then you need to be taught a good lesson, who would have thought that nice man has a stupid daughter like you. It’s a pity, he doesn’t deserve to have a bad daughter like you who is just spoiling his good image ” he lash.
I clench my jaw angrily. Who the hell is he to say those things to me. Did he know he just hurt my feelings.
“fvck you Mr Gonsack ” I curse raising my middle finger at him.
“You too, Genna ”
“It’s Gemma not Genna you prick ” I yell.
“It’s Gonzalez too ” he replies walking to the teacher I bumped into.
“You should just leave her alone that’s how she is ” I heard the lady say.
They should start dating already. Stupid people. Just when I’m beginning to like the fvcker, he messed up.
I hate him.
Handsome guys are stupid and senseless.

I went to the washroom to cry. His words really got to me and I couldn’t stop thinking. I’m I really a bad daughter. In what way?
“You are not a bad daughter, don’t let his words get to you okay? ” Cam tells me after I explained to her what happened.
I nod my head. “I won’t, he’s a jerk ”
“But that won’t stop from crushing on him, he’s my forever crush ” Camille squeak.
I roll my eyes at her. ©Authoress Lynne.
Finally comes the closing time, I grab ready to get of this hell hole as soon as possible.
“I’m leaving ” I inform Camille.
“Wait! ” she calls.
“What? You need a ride ” I ask.
“Nope, did you forget? ” she frowns.
“What did I forget? ”
“Seriously Gem, every first day of resumption what do we do ”
“Oh yeah, I forgot sorry. So Mc Donald it is?” I ask.
“Of course, you’re are still asking ” she smiles as she hop into my car.
It’s has been our usual tradition to Visit Mc Donald restaurant the first day of resumption. We have been doing it even when Angel was still our friend. But then with Angel , it was more fun. I didn’t mean Camille is boring but it isn’t like when Angel is there. Honestly, Angel was a good friend and the best adviser you will ever need. But it happen, we broke up and until she apologized for her misdeeds I will never be her friend.
After grabbing some snacks at the restaurant, we left. We would not have left early if I wasn’t complaining that I want to go home. Camile was not happy with it, but she would not blame me today is just not my day.
I drop Cam off, not at her house. She never told me or left me know where she lives till now, even if I ask. I wonder why.
I enter the living room, then the dinning that led to the stairs to climb up to my room. I saw Dad at the dinning eating.
“Hi dad ” I greets as I made my way upstairs.
“Gemma, how was School today? ” he ask making me stop walking.
“Nice ” I reply him.
He sigh “Gemma, I heard what happened this morning”
“Of course you should ” I shrug.
“You shouldn’t have fired that woman, she came to me begging for help and I offered her this job, now you have fired her and I have no idea where to find her ”
“Excuse me?….. I can’t believe this. Are you saying that what she did was good? Dad? “.
“I’m not saying what she did was good, but aleast you give her another chance, she was new ”
“Dad please, I had a rough day today at School, I’m just home to rest. So don’t piss me off ” I say and head to my room.
♥What you
Least Expect 💯
A teacher / student romance ❤💞
💫Episode 3💫
The second day I prepared for School. As usual my dad already left. I didn’t bother to eat breakfast at home. I’m not going to eat anything in that house until Dad and the maids apologize to me.
I stopped by a small restaurant that is not far from my School to eat, then leave for School.
“Are you in a good or bad mood today? ” Camile ask as we both head to class.
“Both ” I replies.
It was History class, my best subject. I so much love histories. Every knows me as the best in history class. But as my dad will say, that is not enough.
I didn’t go for literature class again today. Somehow that guys scares me. Like I’m scared of what is going to do to me. It’s stupid.

After School.
I was on my bed listening to music when someone knock on my door.
“Come in ” I say and my dad emerges.
“Gemma, I wanna talk to you ” My Dad says as he walk into my room.
“Okay ” I answer sitting up. He stood there with his arm fold on his chest. He has an angry expression on his face which made me realize that I’m about to be scold.
“You still didn’t attend literature class even after I hire a new, and proffesional teacher ”
“of course I attended literature class ” I lied
“So, was your teacher lying ?”
He told him? That jerk.
“Listen dad, I don’t like that guy… I mean the new teacher ”
“You don’t like him too? Then what do you want Gemma. I want you to have the best life, I gave you everything. I tried everything for you, but you are still acting like a kid, when will you stop being childish and learn that life isn’t a bed of roses. Th.. ” my dad yells.
“Can you please stop! I don’t need any of your sermon this evening. Infact I’m already having headaches ” I hiss
“You will be grounded if you don’t go for literature tomorrow, I’m going to have your account freeze and your car keys seize ”
“What! No way, you can’t do that to me ” I cried.
“Yes, I will ”
“That guy is a bully, he bullies me a lot and call me names. Do you think I will not attend class for no reason ” I explain.
My Dad stayed silent looking at me. I thought he changed his mind until he turn and walk out my room.
I groan hitting my bed angrily. I lay flat on the bed my stomach on the bed and my head buried in the pillow.
“I hate everyoneeee” I screamed into my pillow
I run my hands through my hair. I pick up my phone and turn on my music. I stand up and walk to my vanity. I drag the chair out then sit down. I stare at myself in the mirror thinking of what to do.
I walk into my closet and bring out new clothes I just bought. I selected a light pink jump suit with a black stilettos.
I walk out of my closet and drop them on my bed then sit back on the chair. I bring out my make up box. Remove the one I need and close it back. I decide to snap a selfie with natural look first. Satisfy with it, I drop my phone and start with my make up. Makeup is a once in a
while thing I do, maybe when I’m bored or I get frustrated, like now.
I finish with my make up then proceed to my cloth. I put it on. Then brush my hair,pack it up in a messy bun.
“So hot! ” I smile as I stare at myself in the mirror.
I’m beautiful, I know I am.
I took some selfies with my phone before wearing my stilettos and head out of my room. It’s been long I upload my pic on my social account, my follower must be worried sick thinking maybe Gemma has become more ugly. Nope, I’m still me and this time more beautiful than
“Hey ” I call one of the maids.
“Yes, young master.” She bows.
“Come and take a picture of me” I say as I head outside.
I gave the maid my phone giving her a strict warning to be careful with it.
I stand beside my car, took some pictures. Then stand among the fleet of cars ,just for show off.
I collect my phone, go through the picture.
“Wow! They are all nice. Good girl. For this, I’m giving you the privilege to call me YM instead of calling the long ‘Young master ‘ Just to be easier for you ” I smile at the maid, then head back inside.
Immediately I entered my room, I remove my shoes and lay on my soft bed.
I’m so 😴 tired.
I take my phone and post my pictures.
T. B. C
See someone her dad just scold o.

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