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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 17

💫Episode 17 💫
I barge in to Adrian’s office during lunch and roll my eyes when I met him talking to a female teacher. They both turn to look at me.
“What? Can’t you knock, this is a teacher’s office not your room ” the teacher said.
“I wasn’t blind stupid! And you should get out now or else you wanna explain to my Dad why I couldn’t have my private lesson today ” I say as I find somewhere to seat.
She turn to Adrian “So you’re teaching her privately. Well, I hope she isn’t giving much stress, cos that’s what she does. She mannerless! ”
“What your mouth bitch! ” I snarl as I stand up angrily ready to fight.
“Gemma please calm down ” Adrian says as he stands up.
I sigh trying my best to calm my nerves. That bitch deserve to be punched.
“You know, Tina I think you should go now ” Adrian says.
“Why? I can stay while you teach the girl “Tina glares at me which I returned gratefully.
“No! “Adrian almost yell making Tina raise her eyebrow. “I..mean you can just do it in your office since I already explained it to you “he says, calmly.
“Fine I’ll leave and I’ll see you later “she gave Adrian a seductive look as she stands up.
“You’ll hear from me soon ” I tell her. She did not only insult m, she wants to steal my boyfriend too, not my boyfriend yet but he’s mine alone.
She scoff “You can’t get me fired girl “she laughs.
“Really cos I’m doing just that and more”
“By the time I’m done giving your papa series of styles, he wouldn’t dare to ” she smirks and wink at Adrian before exiting the room.
I clench my fists angrily until someone holds my hand.
“You really don’t need to care about her, she’s crazy “Adrian says.
“I need water ” I say grabbing the bottle water from the table and drank them all.
I let out a deep breath and trash the bottle.
“We need to talk ” Adrian suddenly say. I turn to look at him to see him looking so serious.
“Okay…You are getting me scared cos your first sentence sounds like you want to tell me that you’re
breaking up with me ”
“Something like that “he says not looking at me.
“What!” I walk to where he’s standing.
“Look Gemma, I’ve been thinking about this, I mean what we are doing is inappropriate and I think we should stop before it’s too late “he says.
“No way! I’m not agreeing to that”
“You have to, if we keep doing this you’re going to get hurt and… ”
“I never complained Adrian” I tell him.
“Is this all about you not wanting to loose your job? ”
“No, I don’t care about that. ”
“Then what? ” I hold his hand and he just stare at me “Listen… I want you and I know you do too, so why deny ourselves that ”
“That’s exactly my point, what if we fall in love? We have to stop before it’s too late ” he says.
“okay now I get. Do whatever you want ” I snap almost crying as I walk past him.
“Gemma “he grab my wrist.
“We have to stop “he says making more angry.
“You are acting immature right now If you don’t know ” I yell at him, then storm out of his office ignoring him calling my name.
What you

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