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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 15

💫 Episode 15💫
I drive to the address in my hand and was Suprise that Adrian live in this kinda place.
So me thinking Adrian is from a rich home is now proven wrong, this place doesn’t look like a rich people Vicinity, it looks like poor people live here.
I scoff as everyone stares at me, actually my car cos my class is tinted and it’s rolled up. They must be wondering what this type of car is doing here. And almost everyone is doing something, they all look shabby and stressed out. I shake my head as I park my car in front of Adrian’s house. Well I’m not sure I’ll have to confirm.
I walk to the house porch and ring the bell. This is kinda the best and the most beautiful house here. They have different flower planted around making the house dashing. I love flowers and I’m going to check them out before I leave.
I didn’t know someone has open the door until a hand tap my lap “Hello! Who are you looking for? ” the cute little girl with blonde hair just like mine ask as she stare at me with her big green eyes.
“Em, hi Little angel. My name is Gemma and I’m looking for Adrian Gonzalez, does he live here ” I gave her a warm smile.
“uh? Who are you to my brother ” she says standing akimbo. She look like she’s ready to fight me. I laugh about to say something when someone talks. “What’s going on Amelia” a male voice say.
Then a man appear at the door. My eyes widened as I stare at the replica of Adrian in front me. One could say he’s his twin brother just that the man is older, so I guess that’s his father.
“Dad, she said she wants to see Adrian ” Amelia told her father. Looking closely at Amelia she look nothing like Adrian and their father.
“Is that true young lady? And who are you ” the man ask.
“Hi Mr Gonzalez, yes it’s true I’m looking for Ad..your son. He’s my teacher ”
“Oh you’re a student of Starr high ” he raise his eyebrow. I heard Amelia sigh making look at her. She look relief when I said he’s my teacher. Goodness, she’s weird.
“Yes, my name is Gemma villers. I’m the principal’s daughter. Mr Gonzalez wasn’t in School today that’s why I came here ” I explain.
“Wow, you’re the principal’s daughter?. That’s good. Your father is a very nice man and likewise is his daughter. ” she smiles at me. This is the first time someone will tell me I’m nice like my dad.
“Come in “He added and lead me inside the small living room. Believe me when I say my bathroom is bigger.
“I’m flattered Mr Gonzalez ” I smile and sit down on the only couch in the living room.
“You can call me Scott Gemma what can I offer you ” he says.
“No thank you but I’m fine ” I say politely.
“No, you must have something maybe some water? ” he pressed on.
“Okay ” I agrees and he walk away then walk back with a Glass of water.
“Thank you Mr.. Scott ” I say and drink the water. Never knew I was thirsty until now cuz I finish the water.
“Do you want more ” he ask.
“No this is fine, thank you ” I tell him.
“Adrian has gone out, but no worries he will be back soon. Do you want to wait for him?”
“Yes I’ll wait ”
“OK. Make your self comfortable ”
he smile at me and turn to leave.
“Scott! Is he okay?” I called.
“Yes he is, he just had some things to take care of ” he replies. I nod and he left the sitting room.
I felt someone sit beside me. I turn to Amelia with smiles.
“You know when I saw you, I wanna punch you ” she says.
“Why ?”
“Because I thought you are also Adrian’s girlfriend. I don’t like it when he has a girlfriend, I love it when he’s single like he is now ” she smiles.
“I don’t understand, don’t you want your brother to get married ?”
“Yes, because I don’t want anyone to snatch him away from me anymore ” she pouts.
“Uhm did someone snatch him before ”
“When my brother was in college, she had a girlfriend. She controls my brother a lot and doesn’t allow him to spend time with me anymore. I use to lock my self in my room and cry maybe he’ll come back to me but he’s just so stupid and head over heels for the bitch. Before she came, Adrian use to take me out a lot and give me piggy back ride whenever he comes pick me up from School. But everything changed and my brother became crazy, mom and dad warned him but he didn’t listen. ” she hits her forehead. “Good for him the girl broke his heart and that was his last girlfriend. I don’t even know what he saw in her, she’s so ugly ” she make a disgusting face and scoff.
“How old are you Amelia ” I ask.
“Eight ” she replies.
“You are too smart for your age ”
“Thank you ” she simply reply.
“And hope you are not crushing on him? Cos I won’t let you date my brother ” she says sternly.
“No I’m not ” I laugh amused.
“Good ”
“But if I am, Will you let me? I mean I won’t steal him away ” I say looking at her.
“Nooo ” she shouts.
“Hey calm down! I promise I won’t steal him ” I say.
“You won’t? ”
“Yeah ”
“Okay I’ll allow you to date my brother only because I like you and I trust you and because we have same hair colour ” she says.
“Thank you ” I hug her and she hug me back.
The front door creaked open and close.
“Adrian kápoios eínai edó gia na se dei (Adrian someone is here to see you )” Scott voice was the first thing I heard. Wait which language is that?
“Greece, my Dad is Greek and mom is American ” Amelia says when she sense my confusion.
Oh no wonder his Dad has a strange accent I couldn’t point, but I wasn’t disturb since Adrian talks that way too.
“tou Po? “Adrian ask.
“A girl from your School, her name is Gemma ” Scott replies.
“Gemma? “Adrian mutters then look over to where I’m sitting. I smile and wave at him. He arch his eyebrow.
“What are you doing here Gemma ”
“Come on don’t be harsh Adrain. She didn’t see you in School and she was worried “Scott chipped in.
“Sorry dad but I need to talk to her my self ” he tells his dad and grab my wrist pulling me out.
“Goodbye Scott, bye Amelia ”
“Goodbye Gemma, do well to visit again ” Scott yell after us.
“You can have my brother okay ” Amelia yells as we step out.
“What the.. ” Adrian stares at me.
“What? ”
do you manage to get my family to like you especially my sister ”
“I’m full of surprises ” I grin.
“Seriously Gemma I really appreciate you came over that’s really nice of you but wait how do you know where I live”
“I have my ways ” I wink at him and walk ahead.
He follows me. “I didn’t notice your car is here when I was coming in ”
“Maybe it suddenly got invisible ” I roll my eyes.
“I didn’t just notice, stop being that way ”
“I’m not being any thing ”
“When I saw your Dad , I thought he’s your twin ”
“yeah that’s true we look alike ”
“But your sister is nothing like you both “I say.
“She majorly looks like Mom , but she looks like Dad too if you look at her well ”
I nod and we both stay silent resting our backs on my car.
“Okay, so mind to share why you weren’t in School ?”
“Yes boss “he tease.
“I’m being serious ”
“Well, my mother is sick and it’s critical. I have to stay with her at the hospital ” he says.
“I’m sorry about that, how is she now? ” o ask.
“She’s getting better, but not enough ”
“Don’t worry she’ll get better soon ” I assure him holding his hand.
“Thanks ” he smiles looking at me.
I suddenly remember yesterday that we almost kissed and a blush creep on my cheek.
I clear my throat and drop his hand. I walk to the flower garden.
“I love this flowers, do you plant them ?” I ask as I touch them. I feel him standing behind me.
“My Dad plant most of them, that’s is job. He has a shop were he sell different types ”
“Take ” he gave me the red roses and I blush taking it from him.
“Thank you ”
He just smile and continue walking around the garden.
“Wow ” I say as I look at tall tress at the back yard. They are tress but they grow flowers.
“Those are rear flowers” he says.
“They are beautiful ” I smile.
“Yeah, just like you ” he blurts. His eyes widened realizing what he just said.
“Thanks ” I smile and wink at him.
“Forget I said that ” he sigh.
“It’s hard to forget ” I smirk moving closer.
“Don’t come closer Gemma ” he says moving back while I was just moving closer until his back hits a tree.
“I won’t ” I say standing right in front of him.
“Oh God! Just move back please ” he breathe out with his eyes closed.
“But why ” I whined.
“Cos I loose control whenever you are close” he admits opening his eyes.
OMG! Butterflies 😳
“Why don’t you just do it then ” I dare him moving closer our bodies touching.
“I may kiss you ” he breathe out.
“I don’t mind, hopefully nobody interrupt this time ” I roll my eyes. He suddenly grab my head tilting it and slam his lips on mine. He pull my waist to his.
“I don’t pray for that ” he says ask he kiss my lips, the side of my lips. I open up for him and he hot tongue invaded my mouth. He takes my bottom lip into his and suckled on it, then do the same to the upper lips. I reciprocate repeating what he was doing.
He turn me around my back to the tree and the kiss got more intense both of us fighting for dominance. He send his hand under my shirt and rub his palm on my back causing a m0an from me.
“I like it when you react to my touch ! ” he says breaking the kiss.
I groan and drag him by his shirt and kiss him. We kissed for what goes like ten minutes.
We both breathe heavily silent as we stare at each other. Still can’t believe I kiss Adrian, my teacher. And he is a great kisser.
“God Gemma “Adrian groan as he kiss me passionately and slower this time. I disengage looking down and playing at my fingers.
“I have to go ” I tell him.
He nods. “Goodnight ” he whispers.
“Goodnight ” I mutter and walk away.
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