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What You Least Expect – Season 1 – Episode 14

💫Episode 14💫
“I want to tell you, but you are too close ” he whisper making me stare at his lips. I look back at him to see his eye on my lips too. I gulp as I notice our head getting closer.
Oh my gosh we are about to kiss. He rubs his nose on mine making me close my eyes waiting for him to kiss me.
We both flinch when someone open the door. Within flash I was up from his lap. I hit my leg on the stool my laptop is making me, the stool and the laptop fall.
I look up to see who the person is.
“Camille? What are you doing here. ” I say by that time Adrian is already up. He
grab my laptop from the floor checking it.
“Ah I’m sorry Gem, I didn’t know you guys are busy ” Cam says looking from Adrian to me.
I just hope she didn’t see us almost kiss.
“You should have knock ”
“I did, but I didn’t get any answer that’s why I came in ” cam says.
“Why are you scolding her like she walked on us doing something bad ” Adrian arch his brows.
“Actually Camille we are just watching a movie after we finished the class” he turn to me “Your laptop is okay, just be careful next time, I’ll take my leave now ” he finishes and carry his bag.
“Bye Mr Gonzalez, see you tomorrow ” Cam bids him. He wave and walk out my room.
I sigh and sit down on my bed. Camile help me put the floor mat where I use to place it and come back to join me on the bed.
“You must be wondering why I’m here ”
“I am”
“I came to say sorry, I acted stupid, that was stupid of me “she says.
“You know the funniest part is you going to Angel all because we had a small fight. Come on.” I roll my eyes.
“I know, I just want to make you jealous that’s all ”
“And how many of my secrets have you told her? Do you come here to apologize so that you guys can hurt me? ” I raise an eyebrow.
“No, no way Gem I wouldn’t do that. Trust me I wasn’t doing okay all those time we weren’t in good terms ”
“And whose fault is that? ”
“Mine ” she reply and pull me in to a hug. I shake my head and hug her back.
We disengage. “So you and and Mr Gonzalez are getting along right? ” she ask.
“He’s still grumpy even when I tried to be nice ” I scoff.
She laugh. “You guys are just so alike ”
“No way! ” I hit her with my pillow and she hit me back.
“Come on, I was only saying the truth ” she laughs.

I guess Adrian is not going to be in School cos I haven’t seen him anywhere around since morning. I checked his office it was locked and he wasn’t the one that took literature class today.
I head to cafeteria with
Camille, it’s been long since I came.
“Yippee, you are free today ” Cam grins.
I should be happy but I’m not, I’m just worried. Worried about Adrian. I wish I have his number or his home address.
An idea pop in my head, which can only be carried out after School. So I made sure everyone left before sneaking into my dad’s office. Yes I have keys to every part of the School building including my dad’s office.
I search for teacher file and bring out Adrian’s. I copied his address and his phone number, then place the file back perfectly. Walk out of the room locking the door.
Shit! I forgot CCTV cameras are around the school. I’ll deal with that later. I open my car door and dial Adrian’s number but it wasn’t going through.
I tried it five times but it’s still the same. So I decide to go to his house instead.
What you

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