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WHAT SHOULD I DO? I Just Found Out My Girlfriend Is About Becoming My Sister In-law

I and her have always been this close buddy since my first day in secondary school and along the line, one thing led to another that she had to leave the school cuz the family relocated to another state.

This broke me and I felt sad cuz she was this good gentle girl that always care so much bout me.

After some years, we reconnected on FB and just like a dream how we felt for each other never change.

She wasn’t forming, we still chat till late night.

We later loosed contact and someway life still connected us after a while, and we just couldn’t hide our feelings for each other that we opened up on how we’ve always felt Since those JSS 1 days so we got dating and tbh she’s just that damsel.

Never giving trouble, understanding and still her gentle self and now my sis is about ruining it for us both as her elder brother is actually my sister’s fiancée who are expecting to get married next year.

tbh folks I can’t cut short this relationship cuz of this. what will happen if two siblings marry from same families?? is it really a taboo??

Aswear it’s just doing me like a movie anytime I get to think of it.

I’m just kinda sad ATM what do i do??

PS; We’re both final year students of a 5years course in two different uni.

What Should We Do?

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