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What Love Did To Him – Episode 14

Alika picked up the phone, it was Don Carlos calling. “Hello Don” Alika smiled, “Alika my boy, I saw you guys handwork, you finally killed that grandson of Silas” Don Carlos said laughing. “You should trust your boys now, we said we will kill him and we sure did” Alika said. “Hmm, don’t worry, I will surprise you guys” Don Carlos said, “What about Da Monk?” The Don asked, “He is right here” Alika answered him. “Okay, you guys are doing a great Job, I will alert you if there is any other mission” Don Carlos said laughing, “And remember, I have a surprise for you guys” He informed them again and with that they ended the call. “Money go soon enter” Alika told Da monk smiling, Da Monk smiled back.

The pipeline guys are of course not the only dangerous cult group present in the University of Benin but let say they are the deadliest. Other dangerous cult groups include: The rangers, the avengers, boys allocation and many more. The Avengers and the Rangers used to be the two tough cult group in the university long ago and then out of nowhere, the pipeline boys came up and took away their ground. The rangers and the avengers also used to be rival cult groups, always fighting each other but now, no one have heard of them disturbing the school again but they still exist. Don Capirano, the capon of the rangers is a tall, huge and very muscular guy, he has a thick mark running from his left cheek across his nose to his right cheek, an injury he sustained long ago from a fight. This evening, he could be seen walking towards an uncompleted building sited in a bushy area. He was wearing a red beret, a green top and a white trouser, the ranger’s uniform. He walked to the

entrance of the uncompleted building and stopped, inside the building were about ten boys who suddenly pointed their guns at him on sighting him. “I come in peace” he shouted to them, “No ranger ever brings peace to the territory of the Avengers” a guy who was sitting a white chair inside the uncompleted building shouted back to him. “What do we do when we have a common enemy, the pipeline boys?” Don Capirano asked, “You can ask you boys to search me, I come in peace” Don Capirano said again. The guy who was sitting inside the house signaled to his boys and they all took down their guns. He is Magnus, the Capon of the avengers cult group, he isn’t as well built as other Capons, as a matter of fact, he has a small body but as history has it, he is very deadly when it comes to gun fight. “Come in” he shouted to Don Capirano who nodded and walked slowly into the house, consciously staring at the boys who were still holding their guns, for once, he thought he had made a mistake by not bringing his gun, what if they decide to attack him? Anyways, even if he had brought his gun, he can’t kill them all. “Why have you come here?” Magnus asked him even before he got to him. “As they say, the friend to my enemy, is my good friend. May is sit?” Don capirano asked while Magnus nodded..

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The door to ward five immediately flung open to reveal a middle aged woman accompanied by another young woman who by her dressing we can tell is a Doctor. Queen laid on the bed in the ward looking lifeless but she was breathing. “Please Doctor, will my daughter be fine?” The middle age woman asked the Doctor who only smiled and nodded. “Nothing serious happened to her Ma, she was just taken by shock, and she will be fine before tomorrow” The Doctor told her, “Thank you Doctor” she appreciated as the Doctor walked out of the ward. “Monk, am scared o” Alika said to his friend, there were playing the game of ludo outside their house, “Scared of what?” Da Monk asked him, “Remember that bastard grandson of Silas was able to expose my mask, I think the students will know me now” Alika said while Da Monk bursted into laughter, “How is that possible? Who will remember you? See those students can’t remember you, not in that kind of scenario” Da Monk explained, “They were too scared to even bother looking at your face, the only person you should be worried about is Queen, she was the only student closer to us but I doubt if she herself will remember you because as much as I remember, that grandson of Silas was in front of you and thus shielding your face, and moreover, all that happened were too fast” Da Monk said while Alika laughed, he was relieved..

“These boys entered our carba and took it from us” Don Capirano said to Magnus, “The only reason why they are still here is because we the owner of the territory

allowed them remain, we could have come together and wipe them out a long time ago, the pipeline boys shouldn’t have been a bone of contention” Don Capirano continued and this time, Magnus nodded. “That is why I have come to you today, let us come together as one cult group and wipe away the so called pipeline boys” Don Capirano concluded. “Hmm, Capirano, you have spoken well, I never knew you were this smart, I underrated you” Magnus sad. “Truly, this University belongs to us and no one can take it from us” Magnus said, “We have been fools to even have allowed them stay for this long. Let us celebrate this day, the day the rangers and the avengers decided to come together to achieve a common goal, the school go hear am. Hey, let someone bring wine and Kola for me and my new friend” Magnus shouted across to his boys.

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It looks more like a jungle, trees could be seen around, monkeys could be seen jumping from trees to trees and birds of the air flying around. For a stranger coming into the Jungle for the first time, you might take it to be an ordinary, normal jungle, you won’t notice that there are buildings which are surrounded with trees planted very close to each other, you might only see that when you look closely. There were about five of such buildings and then an open field were students in blue shirts were displaying some moves, karate students. One of these five buildings serve as an hospital to take care of injured students, in one of the wards of the hospital laid Gabriel who was connected to variety of machines and computers, “Sir Ajan, am sure he will survive” A woman, probably a Doctor said to an elderly man who was holding a walking stick, the old man nodded and just as he did so, the boy leg moved. “Did you see that?” the doctor asked and immediately ran towards the boy, Gabriel Silas..

Due to some situations, I will like to just summarize the entire story line of this story, I wish I could be able to write it episode by episode but I have been warned to take rest.

The story actually centres not around Gabriel but his dead grandpa who is now known to be killed by the pipeline guys, he was shot personally by Da monk, according to him, he wanted revenge for what was done to him many years ago, I think that is the mystery of the story, what was done to him years ago?

Queen who had passed out when Gabriel was shot later recovered and went back to the school, the University of Benin. During her stay in the hospital, her grandfather, grandpa Nwok never came to pay her a visit. Right from the beginning, her grandpa had never taken interest in her, he always hated her for no reason. She went back to the University and fortunately, on the day of her return, she was able to see the refuse dumbs collectors of the school taking packing Tende

the flute into their van. She didn’t allow it as she stylishly took it back from them, if there is nothing to help her remember Gabriel, at least, the flute was there. She now knew who Alika was and she had no option than to date him though she never loved him, she only did that because she was scared of her life. Things were going well for the pipeline guys, killing more people and getting more money until the Avengers and the Rangers showed up, the avengers and the Rangers cult group came together under a name, “Night Crawlers”..

They started initially by making the pipeline boys believed the numerous death of their cult members was due to ghost attack by the innocent young man they killed about a year ago, Gabriel Silas. They killed about half of the pipeline guys thus making the once strong cult group weak and thereby unknowingly making things easy for Gabriel who was planning his return from the Jungle.

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Back to his parent, Jason and Helen Silas, they had to go through the pain of losing their son, not just losing their son but also not being able to find his body. Jason thought his son might still be alive so he went to his friend, Prof John, the V.C of the university of Benin and pleaded with him not to withdraw Gabriel’s admission, according to him, he can pay someone to write all his son’s exam and also pay the V.C. the V.C being his good friend obliged and kept Gabriel’s admission..

Back in the jungle, Gabriel survived the bullet and woke up after about six months of coma. Sir Ajan thought Gabriel needed to be stronger and so engaged the young man vigorous training sections which helped improve his karate skill. Gabriel on his side thought he needed to know something, he thought he needed to know the real circumstances behind his grandpa death and so he didn’t let sir Ajan who he thought knew more about his Grandpa be. Sir Ajan couldn’t hold it anymore and so opened up to Gabriel, a secret which he had promise Silas to defend.

“Your Grandpa was a well-known drug dealer, he was rich and famous, my boys were always there to protect him” Sir Ajan started. “As a famous drug dealer that he was, he had a lot of rivals and one of them was the famous Nwok, the IGP of police who was also a drug dealer. Your grandpa and Nwok never got along, one always wanted the other dead, but no one got the chance. Time passed and the two dealers started to grow old and they needed children to take over their businesses. Your grandpa had a son, that was your father but he was a weakling. Nwok on his side had only a daughter and women don’t go into such businesses, so they were both dependent on their grandchildren. Time came and your father got married so also did Nwok’s daughter. As fate would have it, your mother and Nwok’s daughter were to deliver at the same time in the same hospital. I was there that day they were both to deliver but I was in your mother’s ward. Your mother delivered

successfully but so also did Nwok’s daughter” Sir Ajan paused here and cried, “Why are you crying sir?” Gabriel asked him, “Your mother delivered successfully but that baby of that day was not you………

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