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WHAT IF? What If This Second Wave Of COVID-19 Turn People Into Zombies As Predicted By Nostradamus?

Why are you running? ???? I swear, we die here
I just read the predictions of 2021 as predicted by Nostradamus which is known all over the world and many believe him to be a very adequate source of future predictions.

Nostradamus predicts some kind of a potential “zombie apocalypse” apparently it will start in form of a virus that will turn people into something much worse which will then supposedly lead to the end of humanity in the nearest future.

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This has made me think otherwise, so grieving to experience such calamity. Me that I dislike watching horror movies not to talk of seeing it in real life.

Hmmm, this is a serious concern for everyone.

What Would You Do If This Second Wave Of Coronavirus Start Turning People Into Zombies?

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