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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 4

💚chapter four💚
Lisa’s pov 👣
I got to the bathroom feeling a bit dizzy.. I shook it off quickly

Soon, I returned to my room to see Josh on my bed
I squeezed my face

“Get out right now… “I said pointing towards the door

Just came to tell you that breakfast is ready “he said

“Am not hungry ”
I sat on my dress up seat looking away from Josh
Now I noticed my lips are a bit watery and bitter
And am starting to weaken and burn up..

Now I can’t deny the fact.. AM SICK!!! 🙍

I tried not to maintain an eye contact with Josh cause he might sense am sick.. Thereby making me take those bitter sick smelling pills 💊 💉

I felt him touch my shoulders.. Oh God

“Why aren’t you hungry? “He asked

I looked away from the mirror hiding my face

“Go… I’ll be down in a minute “I muttered

“What are you hiding? ”

“Am just nervous… Go… Am coming “I said

After a while, he left

Where is my make up box?? 💆

I walked down the stair’s slowly cos I was starting to get weak
My eyes met Barbie and Josh sitting by the dinning eating their food in silence

I tried to act active and strong but inside I felt like I could collapse at any moment

I sat beside Barbie
She looked into my face

“Early morning make up? When you’re going to stay at home all day? “Barbie said

She’s gonna expose me…

I stayed like I was reading and ate my food

“Thanks and bye “I said running upstairs

That was close

I took my tablet browsing on a fever drug that could be taking by injection 💉
My tongue is too precious to taste the bitterness of any drug right now

I finally found one
I put a call to our personal doctor

I told him about the drug I found online and if it was safe

“No mrs Lisa, you just had a miscarriage.. And who knows if you’ve taken in again… Just take the drug through swallowing, safer that way… “The doctor said

I angrily disconnected the call…

Even imagining myself taking the drug makes me sick

I suddenly felt cold but my body was hot
I laid on my bed covering myself up wishing the sickness could just disappear
After a while, the door opened.. Oh no!
I tried to get up but I couldn’t
Then I felt two warm hands cuddle me from behind
It was Josh

“Barbie just left.. What game should we play now? “He asked making me shudder a bit

“Hang on… “He said and turned me to face him

“You’re sick… “He said staring at me “why didn’t you say anything?? Lisa you’re damn hot.. I can’t even hold you… Do you want to kill yourself? “He said at once

The door opened and Josh walked in with a bag in his hands
I sat up facing him

He sat really close to me
He brought out the drugs… Hold on

“Am gonna take all this???? “I asked suprised

“It could have been less if you said something earlier… “He said

I blame myself…
He brought out the tablets I was to take

He handed me a bottle water
“You know what to do “he said

I looked down really embarrassed
“I can’t take them… I hate taking drugs “I said

“Just take them for me.. Please “he pleaded

He drew near whispering “if you take them, I’ll s*** you tonight ”

My eyes widened

That’s an offer I can’t turn down

I took the drugs and I tried to vomit two times
I waited patiently on the bed for Josh to come fulfill his promise
But he was taking so long

I slept off afterwards..
Josh’s pov 👣
Barbie kept pleading that I should teach her all the techniques before I go to bed cos the competition was tomorrow
I had to stay and help her

When I returned to the bedroom… Lisa was fast asleep

I didn’t want to wake her so I just slept beside her rocking her hair
I slept off

I woke up to see Lisa all moody and sad
I touched her
“Leave me alone! “She yelled

“Am sorry Lisa…please forgive me ”

She angrily took her medicines and rushed into the bathroom… I followed her trying to calm her down

She poured everything into the toilet 🚾 and flushed them all

“Let this illness kill me… I don’t want to live anymore “😭

{That moment when you hurt your lover without knowing it.

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