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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 3

📖Chapter Three📖

💚Lisa’s pov cont💚
“We fuck tonight “he said

I shuddered
Damn it… He got me this time

“Damn it Josh! You can’t do this to me here and right now “I said really worried

“Your call wifey… “He said turning to leave

“Fine! Wait,.. “I said
He came back “fine, you got urself a deal ” I said, he smiled and handed his ATM card to the cashier 👩

After everything, we went home


“Josh! You’re a real jerk “I yelled immediately we got into the house

“Told you I would win “he said licking his lips

I squeezed my face showing that I was disgusted

“Now, I’ll give you the whole day to go massage urself, go learn all the fuckable styles and positions cause tonight.. Trust me Lisa, you’ll be paying for denying me sex all this while “he said but I wasn’t moved one bit

I already knew that when he gets his chance, he’ll make sure he fucks the daylight out of me

But its not happening atleast not this year

Only if Josh can stay without sex for five months… Then am ready to be a mother at 23
But must it be now? Am as young as fuck
He gotta hold his stuff..

I mean, this sex is not happening… I need a plan

“I’ve heard you mr fuck much.. “I said carrying half of the things I bought upstairs


I sat on my bed checking out the shoes I bought

“Yuk!! This ones too tight “I said now realizing I chose the wrong shoe size

I pushed my shoes away thinking of what to do about Josh

The door opened and Barbie walked in

“Hey Lisa “she said sitting beside me on my bed

This girl lacks manners, she couldn’t knock before barging in

“Hi Barbie, how was ur day? “I asked

“Splendid.. Am gonna be competing for MAGIC 💫 CHEF season two so I need all the support I can get “she said

“No problem, I’ll send you some cash later.. But for now I need your help “I told her

Though we weren’t really the best of cousins or friends whatever, I really need her now if the plan I came up with will work

She urged me to go on

I breathed in and out before beginning..

💚👱Josh’s pov 💚

After dinner, I kept controlling myself before I devour Lisa

I’ve out on my A game now, time to teach Lisa a sweet bitter lesson 👻😈

We all had our pj on as we sat on the bare floor in the living room watching TV

I just hope Barbie would stop talking and disappear

I need my wife… Now

“Enough movies… “I said yawning, let’s go sleep now “I suggested

Barbie looked at me somehow

Everywhere became quiet, even the TV was blank

“Um.. Cousin inlaw… Let’s have a vigil “Barbie said

Vig… What??

“Its just gonna be like a sleep over, we’ll watch scary 👹 movies, sing lullaby s, dance 💃, then we pray till its 2 in the morning… I do it with my boyfriend “Barbie said

“Well, we are not ur boyfriend and we are not doing that “I said ruefully

Lisa and Barbie exchanged glances 👀

“Come on Josh, she misses her boyfriend, one vigil won’t hurt… “Lisa said

😒Barbie was doing her puppy 🐾 eyes, I couldn’t say no
I’d look mean to her

“Fine “I breathed out


We played a lot of games, even snakes 🐍 and ladders, 🔮 future🃏 telling, 🎲 and many other games

I checked the time, its almost 1 in the morning…

i was really sleepy and my eyelids felt heavy

I got up
“Goodnight “I said going to my room, I quickly slumped on my bed surrendering myself to the sleep that clouded my eyes

💚Lisa’s pov💚
Barbie and I laughed our hearts out 💓

“Did you see how tired he looked? “Barbie asked

I chuckled

“You did a great job Barbie, now.. Time to go finish the task “I said getting up

“Goodnight.. “Barbie said and winked at me

I rushed upstairs to Josh’s room

Time for phase two of the plan


I walked to Josh’s bed, he laid there sleeping peacefully
Well, not on my watch

I tapped him and his eyes flickered open

“Josh,… Am here “I said “let’s make love “I said rubbing his arm

“Am so sleepy Lisa.. “He said

“But you said we’d f*ck tonight “I said

“Come here “he said and pulled my arm to him self, I fell beside him on the bed
He cuddled me

“Tomorrow, let’s do it tomorrow babe “he said

“No, you clearly said tonight so if we don’t do it now, the deal clearly expires by morning “I said .
He murmured something and soon slept off

🎊🎊my plan worked, he didn’t get to f*ck me or what so ever


💚Josh’s pov😠
“This is no longer about the baby Lisa, this is torture… “I said immediately I walked into her room

“Am enduring it, you endure “Lisa said

“You can still take after morning pills… Infact, come here “I said and pulled her to myself

I kissed her roughly and soon we were both naked
I couldn’t get enough kisses from her lips
The blanket covered us both as we both made love

It was awesome and I loved the way Lisa moaned

💚Lisa’s pov💚
When I woke up the first thing Josh said to me was “I won the bet!!! ”
So annoying …

I came downstairs to see Josh and Barbie making breakfast.. That’s a first

“The quicker you stir the sauce the thicker it becomes “Josh said to Barbie

Barbie wasn’t even paying attention, she was drooling over Josh as he cooked
what is there to drool about? His Annoying sexing face

“Hey Lisa, Josh is helping me prepare for the MAGIC CHEF show, coming up in few days “Barbie said

“I can see that “I said making a fake smile
I looked at Josh and he winked at me
I rolled me eyes

“Lisa, should i come? “He asked

“Shut up “I told him

Josh shook his head

I looked away for sometime in deep thought’s and when I looked back

Josh was holding Barbie’s hand directing her as she cut some tomatoes 🍅

I became jealous.. I’ve been pushing him away tho.

To top it all.. Josh held her waist
Is he seriously trying to make me jealous.. Its working tho.

I left them going back to my room

Am gonna get him back

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