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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 26

Chapter Twenty Six

Lisa’s pov
My job was going so well until this Masquerade faced lady appeared.

She ordered Spanish omelette and that’s not on our menu. I gently suggested she take an ordinary omelette but with grilled cheese and other veggies.

She charged at me and began yelling.

I so wanted to tear her into pieces but I couldn’t cause she was f*cking pregnant.

“You unmannered local commoner! “She yelled and I clenched my fist ready to bash up her ugly face.

I swung my head around and then my eyes locked with his… Josh!

What’s he doing here?

He looked at me for a while and looked away.
My heart was beating loud like a party drum.
Am so dead when I get home.

The lady was still complaining. I rolled my eyes at her.

“If you’re not happy with our services, then you might as well, F*ck off! “I lashed out and walked away.

I went into the locker room and removed my waitress uniform and wore the shirt and pants I wore while coming.

I took my Purse and took a cab home through the back door.

I wonder what Josh is thinking…. What’s he gonna do to me..?

After having a bath. I changed my wears and headed to Zac’s playroom at least to keep my head busy.

I couldn’t stop thinking about What Josh will say or do.

The nanny was doing the dishes so Zac and I played together. He could walk well now but he’s still struggling to run.

If I chased him, he’d walk but then add some speed and run but still end up falling.

But he never falls and he loves laughing.

………. Night
I tucked zac to sleep as I sat beside him tapping him by the side.

He shut his eyes. Hew.. He’s sleeping.
I stood up to turn off the light but he began talking and calling on me.

“Mummy… “He said with his sweet voice.

I returned to him and I continued tapping him to sleep.

“Sleep my pumpkin. “I said tiredly.

His eyes were still open.
I went through a lot of hassle before he finally closed his eyes going into a deep sleep.

I turned off the lights and tied my night robe round my body tightly.
I just hope Josh is fast asleep.

* I need not his troubles this night *

I stepped into the bedroom and closed the door. I took a good look at Josh, his eyes were shut.

He’s asleep…

I turned off the light happily and went under the duvet covering us on the bed.

I exhaled and turned to my side.

“Hi. “I heard behind and I flinched.

Dammit! He’s awake.

“H… Ha… Hi. “I stuttered.

“How was your day at work? “He asked.

I gulped
“Stop pretending Josh! I saw you. “I said.

“I saw how that lady was yelling at you, do you think I liked it? “He asked.

I turned to face the ceiling and shook my head.

“I just wanted to be busy, meet people, have co workers. “I said rubbing my eyes which was beginning to well up.

‘Am sorry Josh. “I muttered.
“But you, you’re also at fault. You just sat there and ignored me. You couldn’t intervene! “I nagged.

“Intervene? Lisa, I didn’t marry a waitress. ” he said and I frowned.

“So, you’re ashamed of my job…? “I asked.

“No, am ashamed of your formal job because you’re not going there again. ‘He said sitting up.

I knew there was no point in arguing with him. I saw this coming when I saw him at the restaurant.

“You’re heartless Josh! “I said.

He shrugged.

“You’re wicked and an ugly monster. “I said hitting his back.

He chuckled.

“I hate you. Especially your head. You have ugly eyes and…. Monkey ears “I said.

I was too annoyed with him. I didn’t know where else to insult him.

“You and your evil mind! “I said.

Geez!! What am I saying.

He scoffed.

“You’re… The most wicked man on earth! “I said pointing at him.

He turned and looked at me.
“Despite the features, you still married me. You’re stuck with me Lisa and you’re going nowhere. “He said and I squeezed my face.


He laid back on the bed and held my hand.

🎶E sure for you baby

🎶 Am going nowhere…

Your love is true , I know you’ll always be there 🎶

I’m coming for you… 🎧

🎶baby, am going nowhere…

Your love is true, I know you’ll always be there…..

No one can love you (like I do)
Nobody 🎻
No one can love you (like I do)
Nobody 🎻 <×2>

No one can take your place 🎲

❣Bad energy should stay far away

Loving you day by day

Ife mi o she faraway

My tomato 🎵
If I run so na you, I go run back to.
I go come back to you (you) …..

🎷 ( Like I do by fireboy) 🎷

Lisa’s pov
I woke up when I heard Josh’s phone ringing. He had taken it and went into the bathroom.

It was still late in the night.

I followed him and stood by the door eaves dropping on his conversation.

“….who’s this?” He asked into the phone.

Luckily,i could hear the callers voice echoing .

“Am doctor Antonio , Mr Brandy Gillie has just been brought into the hospital, he had a severe seizure and is now in the ER. ” The voice said.

“Why did you call me..? Is this the only number in his cellphone?! ” Josh half yelled.

“I believe his your father… ”

“Call his sluts or his men. Don’t call me again concerning this …” Josh scolded and I think he disconnected.

I rushed back to the bed and maintained my sleeping position.

How do I convince Josh to go see his father…

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