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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 25

Chapter Twenty five

……. Four months later….

Zac is a year old now.

Lisa’s pov

I was upstairs folding Zac’s clothes and putting them in his Laundry basket when I heard Josh laughing.

I went Downstairs to join them.

“Lisa… You’ll never believe it. Zac said his first word. “He said.

“Wow, and what’s that? ”

“He said ‘mummy”

I giggled and carried Zac throwing him in the air.

“Josh, I want to hear him say it again ” I said laughing.

He took my framed photo on the side table and showed it to zac.

“Com’on zac, who is she? “Josh asked him tapping on my photo.

Zac giggled and rolled back lying on my body.

“Mu… Mmy. Mummy. “He said.

I gasped and hugged him happily.

“You’re welcome “Josh said keeping back the frame.

“What do you mean by that? Am not saying thank you. A child’s first word should be ‘mom, mama, mummy or momma’ “I said emotionlessly.

“I thought Zac to say Mummy and believe me, it wasn’t easy. “he said.

“You needed to do it. If you thought him how to say daddy, I’d have killed you. “I said.

“Let’s make a deal, if you’re able to make zac say daddy, you get a week massage… If not, you do what ever I want for a whole day. ” I said and he smiled.

“Deal. ”

“And you only have today! “I said happily and he nodded..

Josh’s pov

As Lisa left. I turned to zac who wanted to follow Lisa out.

“Hey mister. Stay here. “I said and sat him down.

“Okay zac. Am D.. A.. DD… Y”I said pointing at myself.

He looked at me like I was speaking gibberish.

I took my photo and showed him.

“Daddy… “I said.

He laughed and threw his head back

“Mummy! “He said happily.

I frowned.

I don’t think am going to win this bet.

I tried to make zac say daddy but he kapt failing.

Then Lisa came over to mock me.

“You lost Josh… Now, I want you to… Give zac a piggy back ride round the living room four times! “Lisa said.

I shook my head.

“Not happening. “I said.

“Josh, you can’t act like a cool guy infront of our son. Just be humble for once. “Lisa said.

I groaned.

“Fine. ”

She giggled and I bent as she dropped zac at my back. I carried him and went round the hug living room fir four times.

I returned to Lisa and she carried zac down from my back.

Zac laughed.

“Dada! “He said happily.

“Wow, I won the bet! “I said sitting beside Zac.

“No way, Dada is not daddy “Lisa said.

“I won Lisa… Now you owe me a week massage. “I said.

“You’re cheating Josh! Dada doesn’t mean daddy. ”

“Okay fine, you’ll give me a day massage. “I said and Lisa smiled.

“Fine. ”

………… Night

I laid on my bed as Lisa massaged me with olive oil from behind.

Her hands were soft and tiny on my back.

“Can I stop now? “She asked.

I shook my head.

“No, you haven’t even started. “I said mentally enjoying her touch.

“Uh… Josh. Since zac is a year old now and not too small, I want to start working. I want to get a job. “She said.

I shook my head.

“Not a chance Lisa. You don’t need to stress yourself. “I said.

She stopped massaging me and dat beside me.

“I know you’d decline. Please Josh. am super bored. “She said.

I shook my head.

“Please Lisa, let’s not talk about this. ‘I said.

“You always find your way to avoid doing what I want. “She said angrily and stood up.

“Lisa… “I called.

She angrily left the room. I wore my shirt and ran after her.

“Fine… You can come work in my company as my PA “I said.

She frowned.

“No, there is a job I found. “She said.

“What about zac? “I asked.

‘An elderly grandma is going to be coming tomorrow. I know her from high school. She’s good. “She said.

I didn’t like any of the idea but… Just for her to stop bugging me.

“Okay, fine. “I said.

She hugged me. “I’ll start tomorrow “.

……… Next day.

Lisa has gone to her so called work and the nanny has arrived.

I went to work worried about Lisa.

During lunch, my secretary who was a man came into my office.

“Um… Sir, why don’t I treat you to lunch today. I received the alert yesterday. Please don’t say no. “He said.

I sent him some money yesterday cause his wife was sick and needed alot of money for drugs.

I accepted and we went with his car.

“Sir, there is this new restaurant owned by one of the wealthiest oil minister in US. We’ll be going there. “He said.

I nodded.

I was kind of hungry.

We arrived and we alit.

It was huge and spacious. Very Poncey.

My secretary and I took our seats.

“I heard the workers are paid alot of money. Even ordinary waiters. “He said.

“Hey, no waiter is ordinary Marcos. “I said.

He nodded and apologized.

“How dare you try to talk back at me!!! “We heard someone yell and our attention drifted to the scene.

It was a lady yelling at a waiter who by the way had Lisa’s exact hair.

“You unmannered Local commoner! “She continued.

I looked at the waiter closely cause the resemblance with Lisa was multiple.

She finally looked around and I saw her. It was Lisa.



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