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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 24

Chapter Twenty four

Josh’s pov cont.


Does she mean, that kind of love? Is Barbie a……..

“She’s very special to me in some kind of way I can’t explain “she said.

I freaked out.

“Barbie, how dare you love my wife!!! “I yelled totally gobsmacked.

“Josh… ”

I cut her off.

“Look here, you better hate Lisa cause am not ready to share her with you. No matter what! “I lashed out.

She looked at me weirdly.

“Josh, why are you acting up? I don’t mean I want to steal Lisa from you “she paused. “What are you saying? ”

“Lisa is not a Les like you “I said.

Her eyes Widened and she frowned.

She was angry.

“How dare you call me that! Just cause I love Lisa doesn’t mean I want to marry her or something. Can’t I just love her plainly? “She asked.

I was now confused more than ever. She did say she loved her, now she saying she doesn’t plan on marrying her.

I think I got her wrong but this is just super weird and confusing.

“Its fine if you want me to leave. I dislike being misjudged “she said and went into the bathroom.

Lisa is gonna kill me when she finds out Barbie is leaving.

Lisa’s pov

“Why are you leaving? “I asked Barbie as she stuffed her clothes into her luggage.

“Josh really doesn’t want me here “she replied.

I frowned.

“Forget about him Barbie, unpack your clothes. You’re going nowhere “I said.

“You don’t get it… “Barbie muttered behind me.

I frowned.

“Am gonna be lonely if you leave. You know I stay at home all day. Please stay “I pleaded.

She sniffed.

“Am going Lisa “she said with finality in her voice.

I just had to let her go as she wanted but as for Josh, he’ll get it from me.

……………… Evening

Josh’s pov

I got home early and met Lisa already i n bed with her eyes wide open.

I joined her on the bed and she frowned on seeing me.

She turned to her side ignoring me completely.

What have I done this time??

I kicked her gently with my leg. She grunted and shifted from me.

“Lisa.. “I said almost laughing.

“Are you happy now? Barbie left asshole… You jerk! “She half yelled.

She sounded very angry. It was like I could see smoke coming out from her ears.

I have to calm her down before she chokes me in my sleep.

“Lisa, am sorry, “I said.

“Sorry is a useless word in this case cause no matter how much you beg me, am never going to forgive you! “She yelled.

I was happy Barbie has finally left. But Lisa here, is making me regret kicking her out.

I know how fights like this end… A breathtaking sex scene follows so I touched Lisa slowly on her hip.

Whoa! She threw my hand away and jumped on me. her face was full of rage and anger as she 😡 tried to beat me up.

The way she kept dangling on me was starting to give me a hard on.

She’s so funny. She tried to strangle me but it felt like she was tickling me on my neck.

I held her hands when I couldn’t laugh any longer.

“Hold still so I can teach you a bitter lesson! “She blurted out.

“Lisa, if I beat you up, you’ll think am a monster and here you are, trying to kill me! “I said faking to be in pain.

“Go ahead and beat me up Josh! I’ll like to see you try! “She said with so much determination in her eyes.

Am I really going to fight with my wife…? No, Am not my father.

I loosened my hard grip on her wrist and she fell beside me breathing heavily.

“I hate you Josh! “She said.

I pulled her close.

” I hate you too. “I said staring at her face.

“No, you must hate me more… “She said and looked down at my pants… I traced her eyes and looked at my pants to know what she’s looking at.


there was a big bulge down there.

She tricked me and turned me on.

“F**k your pillow “she said and ran out of the room and I heard the door jam loudly.

She locked herself in.

What do I do now…

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