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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 19

Chapter Nineteen

Josh’s pov cont

I rushed to zac and carried him in my arms. Lisa laid there like a dead person or something.

I shook her but she didn’t wake up. But she was breathing just fine.

I calmed zac down as I went downstairs with him.

We got to the living room and I saw Nora or whatever her name is gathering my stuff. She didn’t know I was there behind her, she took my gold plated wrist watch and stuffed it into her bag.

I dashed to the door and closed it shut then I called the police.

She looked up startled.

“Josh… “She paused as her eyes fell on zac..

Her mouth dropped

“Josh.. I can explain “she said. I just stood there glaring at her

She began stammering and then paused..

She finally closed her mouth and just bit her lips.

A knock came on the door and I opened it, three policemen hovered into the living room.

“Help my guest find a shelter in one of your occupied cells, am sure the other inmates won’t mind having her for two weeks “I said as a smirk came on my face.

Two of them handcuffed her

The one who seems to be there leader stood beside me.

“Sir under what charges? “He asked but lowly.

“For invasion of privacy into my home and for drugging my wife and… “I paused, I wanted to tell him about the stuff she stole but it would be total humiliation for her.

“That’s all… No bail And also, you know what to do to her while she’s in there “I said and the man nodded.

They dragged her out taking her hand bag with them.

I locked the door before zac and I went to the kitchen, I made his lunch and tried feeding him but he refused to eat and cried more.

Maybe he wants Lisa to feed him;

I took his bottle and we both went to his room. Lisa was still lying on the bed in a deep slumber.

Zac began crying, I knew he was pretty hungry. I tried feeding him by force but he got more violent and kicked the bottle away from my grip.

I didn’t know what else to do… I looked down at Lisa, please wake up…

It has been 3 hours and zac has been sleeping with an empty stomach.

I couldn’t even imagine how he would react when Lisa trues to feed him. He’ll surely pull her hair and kick the life out of her.

I have a strong head for a son much more at his baby age.

After another hour, I had already slept off when I felt a soft tap on NY arm and I woke up. Lisa was awake.

I hugged her.

“You can’t be too careful Lisa!! “I scolded.

“Did you miss me? “She asked.

“Very much babe… “Zac coughed and I looked down at him, he was turning to wake.

“Has he eaten? “Lisa asked.

My hand drifted to the back of my head as I scratched it.

“No… “I muttered.

“What?!!!!!! “Lisa exclaimed.

She looked at the clock… “Oh my God, its already 5 in the evening… How could you Josh?!!! “She yelled as her eyes became teary and she began crying.

“It was zac.. He… “I was saying when Lisa jerked up, carrying zac in her arms, whe rushed out of the room.

I took the bottle on the floor and followed Lisa behind down the stairs.

We arrived at the kitchen and as fast like ‘Lightening McCoy ‘, she prepared zac’s food and it was ready in no time.

She tied his beep around his neck and shook the bottle before bringing it down to zac’s lips.

Zac shook his head as anger was written all over his face.

He pusher the bottle away.

Lisa looked up and our eyes locked… What’s wrong with Zac?

Lisa continued her silent tears.

She tried again begging Zac to eat but Zac was bound on not having even a taste of his food.

I grabbed my phone and googled ‘what to do when baby gets cranky and refuses to eat ‘

A different topic popped up…. Infact, nothing was helping matters here.

I threw my phone across the kitchen and it landed on the sofa in the living room.

“Josh, what do we do?? “Lisa asked.

She looked worried and much more scared.

I pondered for what to do as my imaginations ran wide.

“Uh… You can sing to him. “I said.

“What? ”

“Sing to him… A nice song “I said not believing myself. Presumably, this might work…

Lisa turned her face and looked at Zac.

She sniffed and cleared her throat

She looked down at Zac.

🎶Jesus loves the little children…

All the children of the world

Red or green, blue or black

They are precious in his eyes

Jesus loves the children of the world…

She sang it a few more times and zac calmed down though he was still angry.

Lisa took the bottle again and tried feeding him… He objected and Lisa went crazy… She yelled at him.

“Open your mouth and drink the f**king cereal!!! ”

Zac’s mouth pouted and he began to whimper and soon his loud voice crying filled the house.

“Lisa, you shouldn’t have yelled at him “I stressed collecting the baby from her.

“His food is getting cold, now I have to heat it again… “She said leaving for the kitchen.

I patted zac by the side as his cry slowly subsided. Lisa returned.

She handed the bottle to me.

“You feed him.. “She muttered and left climbing the stairs.

I knew she must be feeling guilty.

….. So far so good, as zac began to drink from the bottle still shedding tears.

I kissed his forehead and he ate nonstop till he finished everything in the bottle.

Whoa, I really didn’t see that coming.

I went to the kitchen and prepared another bottle full, zac continued eating but then remained just small…

I bath him the possible way I could then wore him his diaper before putting on his pj, he slept off and I laid him on his bed.

I covered him up and switched off the lights.

Job well done, I think I deserve five million for this… Much more, a blow job.


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