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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 18

Chapter Eighteen ⛅

Lisa’s pov

I couldn’t tell Josh about the nanny cause he was too busy and he barely had time to talk.

I called the nanny to come today so I could tell her my answer.

She looked so pitiful considering the sadness on her face.

But despite that, I’ve decided.

” am sorry Nora… But I can’t have you as a nanny for my son. “I said looking at her.

Something about this girl pisses me off.

She sniffed. Her hands rubbed together as she stood there acting all nervous and sad.

“Please… Uh.. Can I use the restroom? “She asked and I nodded.

“Sure… ”

I pointed at it and she left for it.

Nora’s pov

Immediately I got into the bathroom, I hit the wall as anger . My plan is failing… How am I supposed to get close to Josh now and clear his accounts.

I was super lost on what to do.

I left the restroom afterwards, as I took a step, I overheard Josh’s wife’s voice talking.

“… Really babe? Okay, fine but promise me you’ll be back before 2pm… Okay. I love you… “She blew a kiss to the phone and dropped it on a table.

So Josh is coming soon… Hmm, I think I gotta plan.

His wife turned and our eyes met.

“Um… Miss, ”

She cut me off “call me Lisa ”

I nodded

“Lisa, pls, I was wondering if you could please just try me out for today… I can’t just leave without proving to you that am not a sham “I said convincingly.

She scoffed.

“I already told you I can’t hire you, “she said

I didn’t give up… I kept being persistent.

She was still standing on her word : I CAN’T HIRE YOU

Then I decided to execute my plan the hard way… I took out a drugged clothe and rushed behind her, suffocating her with the clothe and made sure she passed out. 😈

*My plan was simple, lure Josh to bed, then take evidence of us making out then I’ll blackmail him till he goes crazy. *

I carried heavy Lisa upstairs and put her in a room where I saw her baby sleeping, then I locked the two up.

She won’t wake up till 12 hours…

Then I went to the kitchen and made Josh’s favorite when we were dating : mashed onion dip with chips and red sauce.

It was a crazy mixture of food but Josh loved it.

There was alot of food stuff in the kitchen, everything was there… More than enough… Josh is super rich.

The food was ready then I moved over to handling myself. I made my self up then I waited.

After an hour or so, Josh came in looking so good like he always does. His brows furrowed as I opened the door for him.

“Who are you? “He asked and I went gobsmack.

He has forgotten me??

He walked in and looked around.

“Explain who you are before I call the cops.. “He said which sounded more like an order.

My lips stuttered as I spoke up.

“Don’t you remember me? Am Nora… “I said then paused cause he looked at me.

“Nora?… What are you doing here? Where’s Lisa?! “He asked looking around.

I thought of what to tell him.

“She went out with a friend.. With the baby too… “I said.

“Friend? Lisa got no friend of recent… Describe the person “he said.

I began talking nonsense. Well, he bought it… I think.

“And why are you here? “He asked.

“I came to apply as a nanny for your… Baby. “I said.

“You’re not hired. “He said

“That’s left for Lisa to decide… _” I muttered but am pretty sure he heard me.

“Uh… Should I serve you… I made your favorite “I said

He shook his head.

“When is Lisa going to be back? “He asked.

“Soon… Pretty soon “, I said licking my lips.

He turned and went up the stairs without saying anything else.

Huh! This is gonna be difficult.

I took Lisa’s phone and switched it off putting it in my purse. I then took my phone turned it into videl recording then I went into the room Josh had entered. I shut the door. He was in the bathroom.

I fixed the phone somewhere so it could record everything, next, I took off my clothes.

I stepped into the bathroom, just seeing Josh under the shower gave me a hard on.

I went behind him and kissed his back. He flinched and turned. I took his lips into mine forcefully, and I pressed my chest on his bare body so he could feel my b**bs.

He pushed me off but I didn’t give up. I took his d*ck and rubbed it but got shocked when carried me and dropped me on the sink desk. He slapped me twice and all I felt was pains on my cheeks.

“Get out! “He ordered and the fear I got made me run out of the room leaving in My phone behind. but I was able to grab my clothes with me.

I put on my clothes with stutters.

Josh’s pov.

After bathing quickly, I turned off the shower and that was when I heard little sac’s voice crying… I was astonished… Zac had been crying

But how? Nora did say Lisa took Zac along.

I rushed to zac’s room and broke down the door cause it was locked. I was suprised with what I saw… Lisa sleeping beside crying Zac…


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