Matured Stories

What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 13


Lisa’s pov cont

“Josh… Here’s the list of stuffs I need “I said giving him a paper

“And where are you going? “He asked as his eye brows furrowed at me 😡

“Geez! Josh, I just want to use the restroom, I will join you when am done “I said with my heart beating fast

He looked at me for a while

“Meet me at the baby CENTRE in five minutes, if it elapses, you’re dead meat ” he cautioned as he snatched the paper from my hand

I nodded and bowed slightly like a Korean girl 👘

We both came down from the car and he pecked me before going into the mall

I was secretly happy but scared at the same time

I began my search

Josh’s pov

I let Lisa go cause I didn’t want her to feel caged all the time. She’s matured tho.

I had barely gone too deep inside the mall when I heard loud voices of commotion coming from outside

I went to see what was happening

👥 oh no!

👥what happened?

👥an accident, she got hit

👥she’s even pregnant!!!

👥somebody get help before she bleeds to death!!!!

👥oh my God!!!

I heard from the crowds

I pushed myself through to see the victim. I felt a loud bang in my head when I saw Lisa lying on the bare floor

Hot Tears filled my eyes

I couldn’t even touch her… No, it can’t be!!

The ambulance pulled over and Lisa was boarded safely into it.


Lisa has been in the ER for like 30 minutes now and no body is telling me anything concerning her

A lady from the crowd told me she was hit. By a car… .. Oh God, no matter what happens to Lisa, She’ll make it out alive and with my baby, if not, you’ll realize that you’ve created an animal and kept him among men



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