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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 11 & 12

Chapter Eleven

Lisa’s pov

I unlocked his phone and scrolled through his contacts checking for any unusual name but saw none, just female contacts of his employees

I went over to his messages.. My heart was beating fast. I saw a message from last two days

I tapped on it

Before I could read it, I heard Josh groan slowly as he turned

He is awake!

My eyes glanced at the message before I switched off the phone 📱and quickly dropped it back at the desk

I felt two hands grip my tummy from the side

I knew it was Josh, thank goodness he didn’t catch me with his phone cause if he did, he won’t rest until I tell him why I had his phone

“Morning… ” He said as he pressed my tummy lightly

He sat up and leaned on the pillows as he let go off me

“Morning “I said standing up and quickly to the bathroom

I had a cold shower 🚿 cause I wasn’t at ease

I just can’t seem to trust my husband for once

An hour later, Josh and I arrived at the hospital

The doctor ran some tests on me while Josh waited outside

I tried so much to concentrate but my mind kept drifting to the fact that Josh must have cheated on me while on his so called business trip

The doctor was done and Josh was brought back into the office

“nothings wrong with both mother and child. But your wife needs enough fruits …. “The doctor said and continued saying some other stuff that I didn’t pay attention to

We left the hospital..

The drive home was silent. I rested my head by the door just looking out through the glass cause Josh’s car had tinted glasses all over.

The car suddenly stopped

“What’s wrong? “Josh asked and my heart began beating faster than it was supposed to

I stuttered

“Nothing “I muttered

“Okay “Josh said and turned off the car

“Why did we stop? “I asked sitting up right

“We’ll just sit here and think of nothing “he said

“No, no, I was just thinking about… The baby, if its a girl or a boy… If it healthy or not healthy, if its thin or fat, if its ugly or ruin “I said in one breath

Josh stared at nervous me for a while before starting the car again and he drove off without saying a word


Later in the night, I took off my clothes to have a bath. Josh was out but he said he would be back soon

I tied a towel round my chest before going to lock the door but as I closed the door it stopped half way and Josh walked in… I looked down as he closed the door by himself and locked it

“Good, am just in time “he said

I glanced at him and stuttered to the bathroom

I took my shower cap and wore it properly

I went to the bathtub and placed my hand on the ‘cold’ label

I wanted to have another cold bath cause that’s how I feel, cold.

“Lisa.. “I heard behind me and I turned to see Josh behind me

“If you know what is good for you, change the label “he said with a hoarse voice

I reluctantly obeyed him and turned on the ‘hot water label’

Josh mixed the water and it was not so hot but hot

“Now get in “he said folding his sleeves up to his elbow and same with the other

I furrowed my brows at him

“What?! “I yelled

“I want to bath you “he said

My cheeks flushed red

I smiled to myself like a baby

I looked up at him, 😱 he was serious

With my hands jingling, I removed my towel and stepped into the bathtub


I wore my pj immediately after experiencing the crazy and embarrassing bath with Josh

I sat by the edge of the bed… Josh was still in the shower

I took his phone and read the text, all of them were about work, Josh is clean

He didn’t cheat?

Josh was done dressing up and he laid beside me

He kissed me shortly turning to his side

He was about to sleep

I was so pushed to asking him if he cheated ..

I don’t know if this is a good idea

I tapped him

“Josh.. “I said

“Yea? “He asked

“I-uh.. I just wanted to know if… You ever cheated on me since this five weeks “I said lowly but he heard every bit of it

“Yea, I cheated “he said

I was astonished. He cheated? My suspensions were right and meaningful all along

Tears filled my eyes, he cheated

“With… With who? “My voice came out cracking

He sat up and looked at me

“I cheated with all the girls in New York “he said

“Stop playing Josh “I said crying

“I can’t believe you think that bad of me “he said

I wiped my tears

“So, you didn’t cheat? “I asked

He shook his head “I didn’t cheat, I was so occupied with work to cheat but next time, I might cheat “he said

I hit him and he hugged me tight kissing my hair

I love him so much

Four months later : Lisa is now 8 months pregnant

Lisa’s pov

I sat on my seat like a queen or something as Josh attended to my needs

He was making fruit salad 😋.

“Please Josh, go get me some yogurt “I said as he handed me the plate of fruit salad with a fork

He nodded and left but soon returned with the yogurt

“Is there any cranberry juice in the fridge? “I asked

We were at our house now.

“I don’t think so “Josh said grabbing his coat “am gonna go buy it, need anything else? “He asked

I shrugged

“Some really fresh mangoes “I said

He smiled before leaving

I smiled 😏 evilly 😈

I can’t wait to tell Josh to buy another delectable snack when he comes back, he’s gonna be so stressed up, he’ll go crazy

I finished the salad in no time… My phone beeped and I looked into it, a text from an unknown number…

I read the text


My heart skipped.. How did who ever this is, get my number and know am pregnant?? 😕

I was even too scared to call the person

Oh, Josh, come back soon

I prayed as fear engripped me

Not so long later, Josh came in with a bag in his hands

He brought out the cranberry juice and tasty looking mangoes about six or five

He cleared the plate I used to eat the fruit salad and returned to sit beside me

“Tell me, are you sour? “He asked as hus hand went to my back “should I rub it? “He asked

I exhaled

“Am fine Josh, am just… “I paused and passed him my phone so he could read the message

“It came in not too long ago “I muttered

He was quiet like he was reading it over and over again

“What the f*ck is this?! “He yelled

He dropped the phone on the desk

“You don’t need no fucking prayers Lisa, you’ll give birth safely and you both are gonna make it “he said holding my shoulder as I looked into his eyes

I nodded slowly

“I believe you Josh but who could have sent that? “I asked

He stood up backing me

“It couldn’t have been Barbie… Infact no relation of ours knows you’re pregnant “Josh said

“… Just Kelly “I said and he looked at me

“Kelly is not fetish and she’s a christian ✝, I met her in our church actually and you’ve seen how humane and kind she is “Josh said and I agreed at once

I stared at my nails

“Lisa… ”

I looked up to see Josh staring at me

“Forget about that trash, as long as I’ve got life in my body, you’re my responsibility and I won’t let nothing happen to you… I love you “he said soothingly

My heart melted and a big smiled crawled unto my face, ” i love you more Josh “I said


Josh and I slept in each others arms as the night went by.

The phone I had kept by my side drawer beeped again vibrating the life out of me

I slowly sat up and reached for the phone. Josh slept soundly beside me

I rubbed my eyes to see another text from same number

My hands began shaking

I slowly tapped on the text



My whole body shook as I became flabbergasted by the message. heir, she was referring to my dead child… My head was spinning

All I know is, am going to meet this person


The next morning… Josh and I had breakfast in total silence, I didn’t feel like talking and so did he

I stood up to clear my plate

“I’ll do it “he said standing up too.

I gulped as I followed him to the kitchen. There was a seat kept especially for me in the kitchen so I just sit on it staring at Josh wash the dishes effortlessly

“How was ur night? “He asked breaking the silence

“It was full of discomfort cause you didn’t massage me last night “I said rubbing my head “how was ur own night? “I asked

“Good you asked. It was scary and very confusing. “He said

“Go on. ”

“I saw you… Chasing a baby but then you caught the baby but suddenly you tripped… And fell into a deep dark whole… “He paused and looked at him

“And then what happened? “I asked not really bothered

“You were struggling to come out Lisa… I… I couldn’t even help you “he said

I scoffed

“That’s not scary at all… I’ve dreamt worse ” I boasted

“Aren’t you worried about the dream? “He asked

I laughed

“Wash those dishes fast Josh, the mall might get rowdy if we waste more time ” I said standing up


Our car pulled over by the mall and I breath in that air of…. ‘LIFE ‘

It was quite a lovely day…

I wonder where the person is??

💚💚💚💚💚💚Chapter thirteen

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