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What Couples Do – Season 1 – Episode 10

Lisa’s pov

After a while, Josh returned

“Let’s go.. “He said taking my hand

“Where are we going? “I asked curious

“Where you’ll be staying for now “he said

We drove on the road for a long time.. The car stopped in front of a sky scraper 🏢

We both went in

We used the elevator… We kept going up and I think we reached to the top : that’s the last apartment before the roof

Josh and I went into the apartment which was spacious

There was food already on the dinning, I was starving

“I’ve ordered clothes, shoes and many other stuff. You’ll be staying with a nurse, she’ll be here… At ur beck and call ” Josh explained

“For how long? What about ante natal care? “I asked

“Until then “he said

I was more than angry

“Am not staying here Josh… I can’t stay here “I pleaded

“You shouldn’t have hurt my heir “he said

“No no, I didn’t do anything Josh “I said crying

“Don’t even think about leaving, I’ve got the keys and am gonna lock the door while leaving ”

“Josh, please… “I pleaded

He ignored me and stormed out jamming the door and then I heard keys dangle and his foot steps slightly fading away

“Miss, please come have your breakfast ” a tiny voice said behind me

I turned to see a girl in a nurse uniform

She had blue eyes with long curly hair but a short height

“Am Kelly, your nurse “she said

I smiled slightly as I sat on the dinning eating my food in silence

Why do I have to suffer this??

Josh’s pov

I drove to work to continue the days job.. Don’t get me wronh but they did say, one bitten, twice shy

I still find it odd why Lisa is bent on keeping the truth from me… She did something to my baby, I just know it but she won’t have the opportunity to do it again cause I’ve isolated her

She has to cope with it

Lisa’s pov

Days went by quickly and I kept having morning sickness but Kelly had all under control. She’d give me a good massage before I got to bed , and her cooking was good

Am now four months pregnant and Josh hardly visits. Right now, Kelly and I sat on the couch together watching a movie

Since I’ve been locked up in here, I’ve almost broken records

Like 10 movies a day…. Very impressive

“Kelly, how much is Josh going to pay you? “I asked

What ever amount it is, I want to pay her double so she can help me trick him so I can elope to another country and have my baby…

“He payer me before long before he brought you here “she said

Too bad..

“Kelly, do you think what Josh is doing is right? “I asked her

She was quiet and was about to speak, but she was interrupted by the door knob that riggled and the door opened, it was Josh! He looked so fresh and very cute tonight

Looks like he has been taking good care of himself but it has been like five weeks since he came

I was angry, deeply angry but seeing him was making me have a big leap In my heart

Kelly stood up and exit immediately to who knows where

Josh locked the door and came for me

His eyes darted to my tummy and he smiled slightly

He knelt before me and touched my tummy slowly

Happiness and love was written all over his face

I was just stunned staring at him

Then his eyes flared up and met with mine

I quickly looked away

F*ck you bastard…

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