What a Man requested from Ozo after he allegedly supported him during BBNaija Reality Show

It’s always good to support people because you don’t know where they would be tomorrow. A little support and help you render to someone can change your life in no distance of time. People don’t always forget those who showered them with love, care and support because they are indeed their stepping stones.

A Nigerian man who supported BBNaija Ozo during his stay at the Big Brother Naija Reality Show has taken to social media and made a humble request from the BBNaija icon. The man identified as Mr Godwin stated this via his recent tweet on his Twitter account.

According to Godwin, he reveals that she supported Ozo during the just concluded BBNaija reality show Season 5 to the extent that the person managing Ozo’s account noticed and reached out to him. He also said that the manager of Ozo Twitter account reciprocated by following him back.

Godwin made a humble request on what he wants from Ozo for supporting her during the show. He stated that BBNaija Ozo should allow him to work with him as a football analyst. He also begged people to help and retweet his request until Ozo sees it.

What Godwin is asking is not too much, and BBNaija Ozo should make it happen. It’s always good to appreciate the gesture and kindness rendered to us when we are in need. Godwin is not asking for money, but a means to practice his hobby and what gives him joy.

BBNaija Ozo is in the rightful position to meet Godwin demands. Recall that the reality star is now a sports analyst at Brila Fm. He has been making his fans happy with the show. If Ozo should work with another fan, it will go a long way to increase his fans base, and it will also serve as a means of giving back to his fans.

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