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Weekend Blast – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]



ul as people professed. Whenever she stared in the mirror, all she ever saw was a slim, pretty girl with elfin features. Her large dark eyes were embedded in a slanted bed, framed by incredibly lush lashes. Her nose was small and perfect for her face. Niyola smiled as she thought of her mouth. Her lips were a problem though. They were full, luscious and incredibly pouty. She didn’t need to put in an effort… Her lips just seemed to pout all on their own and gave Niyola a look so s*xual, it attracted stares.

She didn’t turn around or bother to find out who was staring this time. She was too busy trying to decide what product of bodyspray she was going to purchase. She lost herself in the array of pseudo-exotic names that came with the different brands on display: ‘Midnight Musk… Lush Safari… Caramel Desert… Hot Tamale…’ She chuckled to herself and quietly reached for the bodyspray with ORIGINAL stamped boldly on it. Moving down the aisle, she perused the different counter display of cosmetics, tucking away the thoughts of whoever had been watching her. Stopping by the end of the aisle to gaze at hairbrushes, a sudden ringtone made her look to her right.

“Hey Tunji whaddap? Meeeehn, I’m inside ShopRite o… Are you serious? F*ck-up… Abeg, guy I don’t have credit for that joor… If you want to go, no P. When I’m done here, I’m going home to eat Pizza, drink JD and play PS till I fall asleep…. Your fada! It’s you that has mansion on Team Forever Alone Camp. Abeg gerrout….”

Niyola smiled as the guy hung up on his friend with a laugh. She liked his voice. It was deep and playful… But she liked his looks better. He was tall, handsome and his skin glowed. He looked like someone based abroad. She felt the stare again and this time she caught him giving her a speculative once-over. She stared back at him, making sure her eyes burned him right back. His mischievous eyes danced at her audacity and a smile tugged at his lips. She didn’t smile back. Instead, she let her eyes travel down his black T-shirt down to his crotch and allowed her gaze linger there for a while. Still staring at his crotch, she grabbed a hairbrush from the counter and disappeared.

The next aisle had baby stuff so she walked on down till she came to the aisle that displayed alcohol. She counted to ten slowly then looked up with a smile. There he was, standing in front of the Jack Daniel display. He turned to look at her and she felt a sudden heat course through her body. The heat must have reflected in her eyes because he smiled and winked at her, grabbed a bottle of JD and did his own disappearing act. Mentally running a brief To-Do list in here head, Niyola was inexplicably pleased that she had nothing important to do back home. This afforded her time to play silly STARE and SEEK games with Stranger “forever alone”.

She watched him join the queue for pastries and also joined. He got pizza and she got cakes and a hotdog. Being ahead of her in line, he turned occasionally to look at her. She stared back at him, her almond shaped eyes flicking away at just the right moment. He suddenly seemed bored with the staring game so as soon as his pizza was ready, he took it and headed for the cash point without a backward glance. Niyola smiled and shrugged nonchalantly. She got out her iPod, turned it on and stuck the ear piece in her ear while she waited for her hotdog.

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