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We got married – Episode 5

(He is sorry)


I don’t need to go further about what happened that night you already know, long rounds of marathon sex I missed him badly he miss me too. We f—-d like there is no tomorrow but I wonder why he never forget to use condoms each time we were going on another round and he knows how much I want a baby.

Well maybe he think we should make another baby after our wedding actually good I like his thinking.

We did the introduction not long after our private house warming. Some of My paternal family came it’s funny people I didn’t even know whether they exist. Primo couldn’t come for my introduction and I doubt if he will come to wedding because he still have stuffs to take care of in America.

After necessary things we did our white wedding that same year, I never wanted a big and loud wedding so we only got married with few guest and it was strictly by invitation. Nothing can compare with the joy I felt on my wedding day. I’m finally marrying the love of my life and the joy multiplied when I saw the way Kanmi say I do with so much joy that it makes my heart flutter.

The remaining depression inside me quickly fade away that moment. I’m starting my life all over again with joy but did I just say joy? F–k! Ok I started it with joy but the marriage is total opposite. I don’t know how people change quickly and I stare at the man sobbing like a goat in front of me and I smile. I can’t even believe he is the one that look at me with so much affection on our wedding.

I stand up lighting another cigarette and I move closer to him, I blew the smoke in his face and I place the gun on his head with an evil grin which I’m sure his tears won’t let him see clearly.

“ do you want to die? ” I asked with a whisper and I feel his body tensed.

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“ no no no ” he chanted but I just laugh and I withdrew the gun. “ Well I know you will say no now but by the time I’m done with the story and you finally know who the loser and winner is, you’ll beg for death trust me ” I said still grinning.

Well back to my story, Kanmi and I got married and trust me we had the perfect marriage life.

For the first year nothing was wrong with us at all I did my business and he continued to be a shareholder in that big company. Profits are streaming in like a river but the problem started when Kanmi started feeling insecure about me.

He started monitoring my move as if I’m seeing someone else or something. I never cheated on him before we got married so what makes him think I’m going to start now? Anytime I’m talking to my coworkers he always gets super jealous whenever the caller turns out to be a male. It get to a point he tried to stop me from working but I told him I can’t stay in that big house alone and I wonder actually why he suddenly changed it’s not as if I’m going to divorce him anytime soon.

His behavior was something else I couldn’t put up with and he reached the peak when I went to see Primo in my mum’s house. I’ve not seen my cousin for months and he didn’t even attend my wedding so he told me I should come and see him in my mum’s house which I agreed to and I told my husband that.

Primo told me he had some business to settle that’s why he couldn’t come to my wedding but that’s not even my problem. “i’m sorry ” he said and I told him it’s okay actually I’m not angry. After spending some time arguing like we use to do when we were Young he saw me off to my car but before I go he pulled me into a hug Oh God I missed Primo I know too much actually.

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But my smile washed away when I sighted Kanmi behind Primo looking at me as if he caught me cheating or something. It’s not as if I was hugging an ex or something but the expression he held with that small face of his told me there’s trouble. I pulled away from the hug but Primo had to ruin everything by pulling my cheek which obviously fueled kanmi’s anger.

“ So this is the cousin you came to meet? ” He said angrily when he couldn’t take it anymore. Primo noticed him and turn to see who is talking.

“ Is this your husband? ” Primo asked silently and I nodded.

“ Kanmi meet my cousin Primo, Primo this is my husband” I did the introduction to clear the air but that only complicated the matter. Kanmi accused me of telling Primo to act like my cousin, he asked if Primo had slept with me that question made my head bang.

“ what the heck are you saying Kanmi? How can I sleep with my cousin? ” I asked on behalf of Primo who was do embarrassed to even say anything.

“ I’m not talking to you so keep shut! ” he yelled at me and my heart jumped is this Kanmi? Or some kind of animal wear his appearance? Those questions ran in my mind like a wild fire.

“ Primo I’m sorry please go, tell my mum I left already I’m sorry ” I whisper to Primo who was beside me and I enter my car leaving my husband there to battle with whatever he want to battle with I don’t have any strength to shout.

He followed me as I enter the sitting the room, he told me we need to talk but I just ignored him and went to the kitchen to do my job there. He followed me to the kitchen but i don’t have any to argue with him there.

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“ Bolanle I’m talking to you ” he said out of frustration while I continued with rinsing the vegetables I bought earlier.

“ you know I have nothing to discuss with you Kanmi. Do you know you just disgraced yourself? You disgraced yourself not me. You just have to ruin your first meeting with my cousin ” I said not even looking at him one bit

“ come on stop lying to me Bolanle that guy is not your cousin. Just tell me the truth it’s okay to miss your ex but you need to understand one thing. You are married now and you are mine you belong to me not any boyfriend you are hiding under the guise of a cousin ”

He replied and I had to close my eyes so I won’t turn around and stab him with the knife I’m holding because I couldn’t even understand why he would make things up like that?

“ seriously Kanmi? Okay agreed Kanmi he is not my cousin but he is the son of my Mum’s elder sister. I can’t believe you are doing this? I never had a boyfriend when we were still single so it’s now that we are married that I’ll be thinking about that? You need to grow up Kanmi and stop acting like a kid. Stop tormenting yourself in the name of monitoring or else ”

“ or else what?! ”

“ that heartbreak you are looking for you’ll get it soon I promise you.. I. ” before I could finish my sentence a slap landed on my cheeks. I felt prangs of pain not from the affected area but my heart. Did my husband just slap me? I became partially blind because of the tears that rushed out if my eyes immediately

“ I’m sorry ”

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