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We got married – Episode 18

cried so much ??



I moved to Lagos to avoid Kanmi and his baby totally, the last thing I want is them sending a killer after me. I settled down and I made new friends but even Esther always visit from time to time. Assuming the role of my personal doctor. Always telling me what to do so the baby won’t give me problems or something.

Whenever she is coming she always make sure she brings vegetables and fruits and some healthy foods. My mum always do same too wait are these people trying to stuff me up? Or something? Well everything they asked me to do I always do all my babies. Yes I’m carrying twins just like in my dreams.

But everything started turning in the opposite direction, I started having dreams that will leave me depressed in the morning. And I remember my prayer warrior spirit and I started praying fervently to God. The last thing I want now is to lose my pregnancy.

Six months passed and I’m now heavily pregnant nearing childbirth sef. I have become fatter and I add up weight in every part of my body which I don’t like one bit like this. My mum and Esther did a wonderful job fattening me up and now they are teasing me about it. These people sef with hypocrite minds.

Even Charles and Primo won’t let me drink water and drop cup in peace always calling me fat and big to tease. Charles always video call me time to time checking up on me and making sure I’m alright but I don’t know how “fat” and “big” always make their ways into our conversation.

“ you made me like this you have no right to call me fat ” I told him one day when I got tired of his taunts. Why didn’t God tell me on my wedding to put the ring on the best man’s finger? Why didn’t I marry this guy instead of Kanmi? Seriously he is just funny sincere and caring but I can’t love him. My MF heart is very cold and icy.

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“ oh God Bolanle stop lying, you were just using the twins as an excuse to overfeed yourself don’t worry we’ll hit the gym once you give birth ” he replied in the most cheekiest way I’ve ever seen. Wait gym? No I’m not going I hate gym I don’t want to go.

I told him I will slim down on my own, he shouldn’t worry about me at all. He just laughed and surprised me with the news that he will be coming to Nigeria soon.

I decided to do some final shopping for my children the nursery is already full of baby things but I’m still not satisfied maybe this one last time I will stop shopping.

I caught a glimpse of Kanmi in the mall I can’t be hallucinating right? I quicken my pace and I don’t care who the f–k the person is but the last thing I want right now is to run into someone that will wish my babies and I death. I stop at the counter to pay for what I bought and bang! He met me there, he had that evil look on his face and that scared me a lot.

I acted as if I don’t know him at all but he won’t let me be.

“ hey Bolanle ” he said and I had to use all my inner strength not to faint that time. But I just swallow the hard lump in my throat and ignore him. I took a deep breath and I collect the receipt from the cashier. I wave goodbye to her and I literally ran out of the mall but he followed me. I wonder what he wants but why am I like this? Why am I scared? Or am I in real trouble?

About to enter my car he pulled me towards him stopping me from running away.

“ how dare you run away from me? ” he said in a cool but angry tone and I had to breathe really deep so I won’t collapse in fear.

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“ what do you want from me? ” I asked with a really shaky voice.

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“ I see you are pregnant. Finally got what you want huh? Who gave you the permission to carry a bastard? We are still married remember? I never divorce you ” he said holding my wrist tightly and hurting me in the process. I felt my head spin and I suddenly become dizzy.

“ let me go Kanmi let me go please let me go in peace ” I said trying to free my self from him but he held my hand tighter. I regret ever packing my car in a corner that day, I should have packed it in an open space so I would shout and people will rescue me from him but I didn’t expect I’ll find him in Lagos. Why is he after me? I thought he have a family now.

“ you’re not going anywhere until you answer me! Who is the father of the bastard? ” he barked and I felt my breath hitch in my lungs tears stream down my cheeks like a river. Oh God if this is a nightmare end it for me right here.

“ leave me alone Kanmi and stop calling my child a bastard you have a daughter am I not allowed to have my own child? Just let me go please I’m begging you Kanmi ” I cried more but he is not even moved by my tears at all.

“ yes you are not allowed to carry another man’s child except mine! Mine Bolanle! Because you are mine! ”

“ help! Somebody help me!! ” I shouted with all my might but I know no one will hear me because they are playing loud music in the mall and we are in a corner. I shouldn’t have shouted though because that earned me a deep slap from Kanmi. I winced as the pain stung me deep.

“ shut up! Shut up!!! Bolanle don’t make me angry ” he shouted at me and I can’t deny it I’m scared really scared.

I’m already sweating praying to God in my mind cause I don’t want anything to happen to my baby no not this time. Just then his bodyguard show up behind me and Kanmi just shove me aside harshly, maybe because of my fear or the gravity became heavier I found myself on the floor with my waist hitting the concrete hard.

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Liquid hit my thighs and I felt my vision became blurry, I couldn’t see anything just a felt a pairs of arms carrying me into my car before I close my eyes totally.

I open my eyes in a hospital and the next thing I noticed is that I’m no more pregnant no don’t tell me Kanmi won again. I can’t lose my babies. I couldn’t make out what the doctor is saying but my ears caught a sentence “ we lost the baby ”. That statement shot a bullet straight to my heart no why is this happening to me?!

I fainted again and by the time I woke no one is beside me again not even a nurse so I gently remove my drips and I stand up making my way outside. I have nothing to live for anymore let me just die.

I made my way outside and luckily the lagoon is that far to the hospital, it’s better to die by water actually. I board a bike to the lagoon. I’m very weak at the moment but he’ll no I’m going to die after all. I watched the waves as I remove my slippers stepping my feet into the water. All my memories hit me hard and yes I really suffered.

Walking deeper and deeper into the water the waves finished the job for me.

But someone pulled me out almost immediately and I open my eyes to see Primo breathing hard with that look on his face. “ why Bolanle? ” he asked breathing hard.

“ I have no reason to live I lost my baby again let me die ” I said faintly.

“ fool your son is alive idiot! Do you want leave him without a mother? ”

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