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We got married – Episode 15

(I’m fine)


I saw sumbo off to the garage where she board a bus to the university, she couldn’t let go of my hands. It breaks my heart to see her leave also, we’ve grown a bond like sisters I think of her like the sister I never had. I return home soon to start packing up things I can’t live without because I’m planning to leave in a week or so. While doing some cleaning I heard a knock on the front door and I’m really surprised to see Kanmi.

I felt my heart hammered in my chest, I haven’t seen him in months what is he doing here? I don’t know but why can’t he just leave me to live my life in peace? After opening the door I refused to let him in no it’s not here he will enter whatever he want to say he should say.

“ Bolanle is my life a joke to you? ” he asked without even saying hi to me well what is the matter now?

“ you mean? ” I say hiding my fears perfectly.

“ how can you post those pictures on the media for you want to ruin my life?! ” he shouted and I don’t seem to understand what he is saying which pictures is he talking about? Because I’m not a social media person and I don’t understand how I can post a picture like that?

I asked him which pictures and he just shoot me one of his evil glare and he asked me to stop playing dumb because he won’t take it easy with me.

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Take what easy? I don’t even know and I don’t want to know which pictures he is talking about. He unlock his phone and showed me an article. Three of my pictures taken when I was still unconscious at the hospital were posted online and was captioned “honourable beats wife into coma”. I was surprised first but I’m just thankful to the person who posted that cause I haven’t thought about it before.

“ well I don’t know anything about it. I’m not a media person which you know and why will you get worked up over it? Is it not true? Didn’t you beat into coma and left me there to die? Come on ” I said with a wide smile on my face and I guess that irritated him a lot cause I can see the way he squeezed his face.

“ take this down or else! ”

“ or else what? You will kill me? You will finish what you started? Come on you killed my baby what can’t you do? ” I fired at him and he want to react but when my last sentence hit him his face fell and he suddenly sigh.

“ you didn’t think I Will find out? Oh come on but Kanmi you are wicked. You should be the devil’s Younger brother you know with all your lies and deception. Hope your Barbie doll is doing well? ” I said in the coolest manner and enter the house slamming the door at his face.

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Days after I’ve already packed my belongings getting ready to finally leave Nigeria once and for all when Primo and Esther decided to visit me and ask for forgiveness.

I forgave them well they are the only family and friend beside me. They were surprised when the found out that I will be traveling in few days.

They asked me not to go but I’ve already gotten the papers so it’s kinda late and I don’t feel like seeing kanmi’s face actually again Because bad memories will come rushing and by the time I come if he disturb me again I’ll make sure he pays for his sins.

Primo and Esther left after spending a day with me, Esther’s children are so playful and I think I’ll miss them a lot. A night before the day I’m supposed to travel I was listening to some loud music on my earphones when I saw a Shadow behind me. I knew there is trouble somewhere so I just remove my earphones and wait for anything that will happen next.

The person actually enter but with me actually ready for him, he is holding a knife and I’m also holding a knife But I know he is definitely stronger. The man is wearing a mask actually so I couldn’t see his face. He chased me around the bedroom for a while before I ran out dialing Primo’s number. But my phone fell immediately Primo picked the call so I quickly yell with all my might.

“ save me! Primo please I’m in trouble!! ” after yelling the man catch up with me but I will grab that hand with the knife to prevent him from stabbing me anywhere. I kicked his leg hard and he threw the knife away crying out in pain. He dash out fast at me and pin me on the kitchen counter he caught my neck trying to strangle me to death or so but I won’t die.

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I reach for the bottle of wine I was drinking earlier and thank God I have a long arm, I grab the bottle and hit him hard that the bottle break. We heard a car horn at the garage and he quickly leave me alone running out before Primo can get out of the car. He ran away but I don’t want that, I want to know who really sent. Favour or Kanmi who else.

But I don’t have the time to guess the sender and the assassin, I quickly carry my already packed luggage and Primo drove me to the airport I’ll just Lodge in a hotel there before taking my flight.

Primo said it’s the best thing for me to travel because my life is no more safe here again so it’s better I get out of the country.

I did a video call with Esther and she felt bad she won’t be able to see me off but I told her it’s okay. Well I’m finally free from Kanmi and his evil clutches.

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