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Water Just Won’t Do – Season 1 – Episode 3

Stephen: I’m really so sorry for keeping you. I ran into this mad traffic on my way.

I’m so sorry.

Miss Oge: That’s okay. We were starting to be worried.

Stephen: I’m sorry. Where is she?

Miss Oge: She is in my office. Erm, I’d like to have a word with you in my office please

Stephen: Is she okay? Is everything okay?

Miss Oge: Yeah sure! Just a quick word

Stephen: Okay! Hello, mama! I’m sorry for keeping you. How was your day

Stephanie: fine. Did you buy me cookies?

Stephen: Of course I did! It’s in the car. I’ll quickly have a word with your teacher and I’ll come get you. Do you want to join your friends over there?

Stephanie: Yes.

Stephen: Good girl! I won’t be long, okay?

Stephanie: Okay, daddy.

(Stephanie joined other kids waiting to be picked up by their parents while Stephen went into Oge’s office to hear what she’s got to say)

Miss Oge: Please take a seat.

Stephen: Thanks. Once again, sorry for keeping you.

Miss Oge: No problems. Erm, I wanted to talk to you about my concerns lately.

Stephen: What concerns?

Miss Oge: It’s about Stephanie. She was overheard telling other kids that her mum and dad are always arguing and her mum is always crying whenever she is dropping her to school.

That was yesterday. Today she told me her mum and dad no longer come to pray with her in her room. I’ve also noticed that she’s become a bit hostile towards other children. Stephanie has always been a happy and friendly girl. What’s happening?

Stephen: Oh! Come on now! She’s only a child! If you are going to believe everything a two year old tells you, then you might as well believe she is a dinosaur because that was what she told me yesterday.

Everything is fine in my family and if you don’t mind, just focus only on her academic development. I and my wife are well able to cater for the rest.

Miss Oge: Unfortunately sir, while she is under my care, I am to be responsible for her emotional, social and academic needs. Also, this is not just about her, it’s also about other kids under my care!

Behaviour is learnt and they might start picking some of those behaviours from her. Like hitting each other.

Stephen: I want to believe that you have some good knowledge of developmental stages in children. Stephanie is at that stage where they do nothing but talk! Ninety percent of what they say at this stage is utter nonsense. That is why it is called terrible two!

Stop making a case out of things a two year old said to you or her friends!

Miss Oge: well sir, if this carries on, I am going to have to report it to my senior.

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Stephen: Have a good!

(Stephen picked Stephanie up and on their way home, he tried to find out if she had noticed the arguments between him and Stacy. But Stephanie was so much into her cookies and ice cream that she didn’t say a lot to her dad. She however mentioned that they no longer come to pray with her in her room…

When they got home, Chika, Stephen’s younger brother was home. Chika normally doesn’t visit without telling Stephen. So he was both surprised and somewhat worried to see him..)

Stephen: Ah! Chika! When did you come?

Chika: Hi bros. About thirty minutes ago. How far?

Stephen: I’m good. Is everything okay?

Chika: Yes. Where is Steph? I learnt you went to pick her up.

Stephen: Yes. She is upstairs in her room. How is mum and dad?

Chika: I’ve not spoken to them today, but we spoke yesterday and they are doing great.

Dad just got his new pair of glasses from London and he absolutely loves it. Stephen: Oh great! Have you had something to eat?

Chika: Not yet. Stacy had asked but I told her to wait until you are home so we eat together.

Stephen: No. I ate out. Go eat and shower.

Chika: That’s new, bro..

Stephen: what’s new?

Chika: You never eat out. Even when you do, you’ll still have a taste of Stacy’s food. Is everything okay?

Stephen: I ran into this well prepared moi moi and overfed myself with it.

Chika: For the first time in so many years, I am struggling to believe you….

Stephen: for the first time in so many years, I do not give a damn! I’m going upstairs to bathe my daughter. Thanks!

Stacy: Chika, please come have something to eat. You must be hungry

Chika: I’m not even hungry anymore. So what exactly does he want!

Stacy: I don’t know. He has not said anything. He doesn’t even want to talk about it at all. He just storms out whenever you try to talk to him about it.

Chika: Then it’s high time I involved my parents!

Stacy: Please don’t. I’m so ashamed of myself. I can’t even face them.

I was only able to talk to you about it because of the relationship we have.

Chika: I know, Stacy. Now, tell me the truth. The whole truth, was it just that or did something else happen?

Stacy: I swear by my late parents, it was just that.

Chika: You don’t need to swear. I believe you. How did the clip get out there.

Stacy: He got back from work and was playing with his three year old son. He slept off and the child picked up the phone and somehow posted the video on our company’s Facebook page that has over a million followers.

The video was there until morning when he opened his facebook and it had already been shared by thousands of people and downloaded by bloggers.

Chika: Gosh!!!

To be continued

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