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Virginity For Sale (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

Virginity for Sale

Virginity for Sale

by Cristiano Caffieri

Even though Jacob Jennings was not short of female companionship, being somewhat wealthy, he was drawn to the plight of a young woman who was offering to sell her most treasured possession on the internet. It appeared that her mother needed some urgent medical care and she was prepared to sacrifice her virginity for $250,000.

The whole thing fascinated him. He didn’t even realize that there were any eighteen-year-old virgins around and he had to admire the fact that one of the last remaining ones would do something so gallant for their mother.

Of course, he’d been with rich bitches who claimed that they were virgins but they’d probably just had them stitched up again. Here he saw an opportunity to f*ck the real thing and that was priceless.

Jacob was a businessman with a reputation for being a ruthless bastard. He’d trampled on a lot of people to accumulate his millions but he still admired someone like Miss Emily Weskitt, who’s good deeds were rooted in good old fashioned entrepreneurialism.

Rather than contact her himself he had his lawyer make all the arrangements and with a check in hand he arrived at the five-star hotel where a suite had been reserved. It was close to noon when there was a timid knock on his door and he opened it to see this beautiful young, and somewhat nervous woman, standing there and looking as if she might take flight at any moment. When she saw him she did look a little relieved. Perhaps she was expecting a fat drooling old man and not a relatively well-preserved 40-year-old. However, he was still old enough to be her father.

Although she was hesitant and looked around, as if waiting for the cavalry to rescue her, she did enter the room and just stood there like a statue until he invited her to sit on the sofa. Her long slender legs immediately caught his attention but she didn’t intend letting him see what was between them – just yet. As she sat down she hurriedly pulled on her miniskirt to prevent his wandering eyes from focusing on what was going to cost him a quarter of a million dollars.

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