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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 9

Virgin Killer
Chapter 9

I was so nervous. I was never going to lost my virgi-nity if I kept acting like this every time someone went to s-uck my d*ck.
“Well,” Haewon said gripping my d*ck, “That’s one way to hurry a girl up,”
I opened my mouth to say something but I groaned instead as I felt her tongue swirl around the tip. I squeezed my eyes shut as her tongue pressed down hard and I sucked in a big gush of air as her mouth su-cked the tip of my dic-k.
“F-fuck,” I groaned and she laughed, “What? Why are you laughing?”
“I can’t help it. I’m sorry,” She said, “Your reaction is amazing,”
“It feels amazing,”
“Then you are in for a treat if you think me sucking the top of your di-ck is amazing,” She giggled and I swallowed hard, “Why don’t you watch me, my innocent little bean?”
“I-I couldn’t,”
“Namjoon, sit up and watch me,” She said and I nodded, pushing myself onto my elbows and opened my eyes, “I have to say I might gag a bit,”
“H-huh?” I said, “Is that a bad thing?”
Haewon lifted her eyebrow, “Do you really have no idea how big this thing is?”
“N-normal size?”
“Nope!” She grinned and I gasped as her mouth enclosed me again and my eyes widened as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. I had no fucking idea how hot it would be to see my dic-k disappearing into her mouth.
“Shit,” I breathed out and I felt my body heat up, “That f-feels so good,”
Haewon hummed against my di-ck and I bit into my lip, watching her take more into her mouth. I groaned as I heard her gag slightly and she moved her mouth, but quickly moved it back down again.
I couldn’t help but watch her and when her eyes met mine, my body went up in flames. I grunted slightly and fell back, lifting my hips making her gag. I squeezed my eyes shut and remembered the porn video she made me watch.
I reached down and put my hands on her head, helping her move. I felt her giggle and she went along with it.
“O-oh fu*k!” I said as I felt a burn hit the pit of my stomach, “Sh-shit! Haewon, d-don’t stop! I’m c-cumming!”
Her sucking sped up and I lifted my hips, my dick hitting the back of her throat. I heard her gag but I didn’t let her take a breath because my orgasm hit me like a friet train.
“Fu*k, f*ck!” I grunted and I moaned loudly as she carried on sucking.
Haewon moved my hands and I opened my eye, to see her looking down at me with a smirk. I gulped when she wiped her bottom lip with her thumb.
“S-sorry,” I said quietly, “I did it in your mouth,”
“You are so fu-cking cute,” She said.
“Wait, shit,” I said sitting up, almost headbutting her, “Do you swallow?!”
“I’m not a spitter,” Haewon giggled.
My face burnt even more and I swallowed, “D-did you want me t-to anything for you?”
“Hmmm,” She said straddling my hips and put her hands around my neck, “What do you suggest?”
“C-can I do that t-to you?”
“Suck my d-ick?”
“No!” I exclaimed, “I mean…you know,”
“If you tell me what you want to do, then sure,” She smirked, “But if you can’t tell me what you want to do, then no,”
“Shit. This is so embarrassing,” I muttered and sighed, “C-can I li…lick you…out…please?”

I woke up the next morning, reaching out beside me thinking that Haewon would still be there but the bed was empty. I opened my eyes and sat up, blinking away the sleep. I yawned widely and swung my legs out of bed.
I checked the bathroom to see if she was there but it was empty. Huh. Weird. I grabbed my phone and let out a sigh when I saw a message from her.

Haewon: hello my innocent
little bean
Haewon: I had to leave early
because my brother would
lose his nut if I wasn’t home
when he woke up
Haewon: and since we fell
asleep before we could talk
about last night, I’ll tell you
via phone
Haewon: for someone who
has NEVER eaten a girl out
you did it like a pro
Haewon: you must be
getting tips from the porn
videos you probably became
addicted to ;D
Haewon: anyway~ I will see
you around and maybe we
can do that again (maybe
take it to the next level)

I couldn’t help but smile at her messages but I also didn’t want to admit that I watched porn videos on how to do that to a girl. I had to so I didn’t disappoint but even though I was nervous, I soon got over it and her moaning gave me another boner. I enjoyed it more than I thought and clearly she did.
Haewon was one of a kind and I’m glad I asked for her help. If it was anyone else, then I’d be the talk of the university.
There was a knock on the door and Jin stuck his head in.
“Good night?” He asked with a smirk.
“Shut up,” I muttered and grabbed my top before pulling it over my head, “What about you?”
“She just left,” He said, “So…Haewon,”
“Yeah?” I asked, lifting my eyebrow.
“Hey, I’m not judging,” He said, “She’s hot so I can understand why you want her to help you,”
“Shh!” I said, “What if someone-”
“No one else is here,” Jin rolled his eyes, “You know that I don’t let anyone else stay here. I am curious as to why you asked her and not someone else,”
I shrugged and followed him out of the room, “Because she is a loner? I don’t know. She didn’t seem the type to tell everyone about my problem,”
“I wouldn’t call it a problem,” Jin said, “Being a virgin isn’t a bad thing,”
“It is if you have my nickname,”
“True, true,” Jin said and he smirked at me, “Did you f*ck?”
“No,” I blushed.
“Holy fu*ck. What did you do?” He asked, “Come on. You have to tell me!”
My phone buzzed and I let out a sigh.

Haewon: also, I know Jin
knows about your little
‘problem’. It’s probably
better to talk to him about
some things cause your girl
doesn’t have a penis

“You told her you knew I was a vir-gin?” I asked Jin who smiled at me, “It’s embarrassing already and-”
“Dude, it’s not the end of the world,” He said tapping my shoulder, “But, since you have someone to help you, you can ask me things,”
I sighed, “Shit. Ok. I do have a question,”
“Hit me,”
“The first time a girl…you know, sucked you off,” I muttered feeling my face burn, “Did you last long?”
“Hell no,” Jin laughed, “I barely lasted a minute. Why? Did you blow your load too soon?”
“Oh my god,” I said, “I can’t talk about this! This is embarrassing!”

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