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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 8

Virgin Killer
Chapter 8

We managed to sneak upstairs without being caught and I headed for the room I stayed in when I was at Jin’s. It was away from the main bedrooms and no one walked that far at a party, so I knew we weren’t going to get interrupted, but I still locked the room…just in case.
Haewon was being nosey and walking around the room going through the wardrobes and she stepped into the en suite.
“This is nice,” She said walking back out, “Do you stay here often?”
“Is this what people normally do when they escape a party to do…you know?”
Haewon grinned at me, “No. I was just making a point and there is a photo of you and your friends on the cabinet next to the bed,”
“I stayed here a lot when my parents went on business trips. Jin is like a brother to me,”
“That’s nice,” She said, “To have someone who is more like family than a friend,”
“It is,” I said and I walked towards her, feeling the alcohol take over, “But you are talking too much,”
“Well, I’m going to take a guess and say that alcohol is doing all the-mmph!”
I quickly cut her off by kissing her and since she told me that I was too gentle before, I tried to take control. It seemed to be working because she moaned quietly and kissed me back, holding onto my shirt.
I had kissed girls before but she was a much better kisser than them all. Or it was because she had told me to be braver.
“Move onto the bed,” I said breaking the kiss slightly.
Haewon did as she was told, for once, and I followed her pushing her back. I could feel my body heating up as I laid between her legs and I gasped when she bit into my bottom lip slightly.
“Someone listened to me,” She said and I nodded, “As much as I enjoy kissing you, I lost the bet. So, just relax and don’t look so worried,”
Haewon dragged me down to kiss her again and flipped me onto my back, her knees either side of my waist. I couldn’t help but groan when she rolled her hips and I felt her grin into the kiss.
“Ok, Namjoon,” She said sitting up, “Are you ready to have some fun?”
I gulped, “F-fun?”
She sighed, “I lost the bet. I said I’d suck your dic-k,”
“I, Oh, y-yeah. I’m ready,”
Haewon chuckled, “It certainly feels like it,”
“Oh god,” I said as she grabbed my boner, “Shit,”
“Namjoon relax. I’ve not done anything yet,”
“N-no one had g-grabbed my di-ck but y-you,”
“I’m honoured,” She laughed and undid my trousers, “Lift your hips so-”
“Wait. T-turn the light off,”
“I…I’m embarrassed and-”
“Namjoon, if you’re worried about me laughing at your di-ck, I won’t,”
“That’s not it,” I muttered and she sighed, “I-I can turn the small lamp on?”
“Whatever makes you comfortable but the further we get on in your lessons, the lights will stay on,”
I nodded and watched her walk to turn the light off. I quickly turned the small lamp on and bit into my lip as she dragged my jeans down my legs. I kicked my shoes off so she could get rid of the jeans and my heart felt like it was going to burst.
“I won’t hurt you,” She said leaning over me, “Promise,”
“I-I trust you,” I breathed out and she kissed me again, her tongue brushing against mine. I kissed her back quickly and almost jumped as her hand slid down to my boxers.
I didn’t think I’d be so fucking nervous but here I was, shaking in nerves and anticipation. Haewon carries on kissing me which distracted me but as soon as her hand slipped under my boxers to grab my dick, I pulled away from the kiss and let out a short breath of air.
Haewon kissed me quickly and moved her hand, making me squeeze my eyes shut. My body was heating up with each movement of her hand and I parted my lips, trying to breathe properly. I jumped slightly when her lips pressed against my neck and I felt her shift between my legs. I opened my eyes to look at her and her eyes were on my face watching me.
“Can I take your boxers off now?” She asked and I nodded, “Are you sure you want to do this, or should we wait?”
“No, I want this,” I said pushing myself onto my elbows, “I don’t want to wait,”
She smiled softly at me, “Then lift your hips, ok?”
I fell back onto the bed and lifted my hips. The cool air hit my bare skin and I bit into my lip. No one had seen me naked so this was a weird but exciting experience for me. My heart was racing and I quickly pushed myself onto my elbows when I felt her tongue run up my di-ck.
“H-holy shit,” I whispered and she chuckled, “What’s so funny?”
“Lay back, Namjoon,” She said, “This will be great for you. I promise,”
“O-ok, but what about you?” I asked and she lifted her eyebrow, “Well, I-I don’t want you doing something y-you don’t enjoy,”
Haewon rolled her eyes, “Namjoon, shut up and lay down. If I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t,”
“R-right,” I said, “I knew that. But I want you t-to be-”
“I can stop if you don’t want me to do anything,” She said, “Honestly, if you don’t-”
“I just w-want to make sure that you-”
“Namjoon,” She said, grabbing my di-ck, “I have told you already. If I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t be doing it. I want to suck your di-ck,”
Haewon sighed and let me go, “I don’t think you are ready just yet. You are a little bit too tense so I am just going to-”
“Oh my god!” I said falling back onto the bed, “Just shut up and suck my di-ck!”

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