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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 7

Virgin Killer
Chapter 7

I jumped into the air and gave Jin a high-five, looking over at Namjoon who picked up the cup of beer. I saw him grimace as he downed it. Hoseok was glaring at me, clearly not happy that I was winning but I didn’t care. Hoseok was a dick head and a bully.
“I have decided that every beer pong game I play,” Jin said throwing his arm around me, “This girl is being on my team,”
“How cute,” I said, “But who said I want to come to another party?”
“Point taken,” He grinned, “Come o, Namjoon. You are embarrassing yourself!”
“Shut up,” Namjoon said throwing the empty cup away, “She is cheating,”
“Bullshit,” I said, “You are just rubbish,”
Namjoon smirked, “Oh really? Are you trying that hard to beat me because of what we spoke about?”
I shook my head, “You can’t help that you suck,”
Namjoon threw the ball and my eyes went wide as it went straight into the cup. He sent me a wink and I sighed, quickly downing the beer.
“What was that about me sucking?”
“Look at how many cups you have left, and then look at mine,” I said, “There’s no chance that you will win,”
“My turn!” Jin said throwing the ball and missing, “Oh fuck. We are screwed,”
“What?” I said, “How could you miss?”
“I’m starting to see double,” Jin said, “Ugh, I shouldn’t have had that extra shot,”
“No! If you run away now we lose!”
Jin heaved and quickly covered his mouth, “F*ck. I’m going to be sick!”
My eyes went wide as Jin ran through the group surrounding us and I turned to look at Namjoon who was smirking at me. He picked up a cup of beer and walked over to me.
“Here,” He said, “It looks like you could do with one after having to forfeit,”
“Shit,” I muttered and took the cup from him, “This isn’t fair. We were winning,”
“And now you lost,” He said, “So, maybe we should have a few more drinks and leave,”
“No way,” I said quickly downing the drink, “You drove here and I’m not getting in a car with someone who has been drinking,”
Namjoon rolled his eyes, “I didn’t say I was driving. We are staying here,”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Did I forget to mention that?” He said grabbing my hand, “Let’s get some fresh air. You could use it,”
I let him drag me through the house and I stared at the back of his head wondering how the fuck he could still be a virgin. But then again, I guess alcohol made people brave and he had a lot to drink. I almost laughed. If he wanted to lose his virginity, he could easily grab hold of a drunk girl who was willing to fuck around and boom.
Kim Namjoon is no longer a virgin.
“So,” He said as we got outside, “Holy shit. They are having s*x against the wall,”
I looked over to where he was looking and laughed, “Namjoon, you really are an innocent little bean,”
“It’s in the open!” He said and I rolled my eyes, “Don’t roll your eyes at me!”
“Come on,” I said pulling him off the deck and away from everyone, “We can chat here and no one will listen in,”
Namjoon bit into his lip and nodded. He didn’t say anything as we walked past the pool and further into the garden. It amazed me how a garden could be so fucking big but Jin was super-rich. A small wooden bench sat in front of a pond and I dropped onto it, listening to the small water fountain.
“I didn’t think people could have a pool and a pond in their garden,” I said.
“Yeah,” Namjoon said, “The garden goes further back and he has his own games room,”
“Well, poop,” I said, “I was born into the wrong family,”
Namjoon shrugged, “So was I,”
I looked over at him, “Do you remember anything about your biological parents?”
“I do,” Namjoon said kicking the dirt at his feet.
“Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked,”

“No, it’s fine,” Namjoon sighed leaning forward on his knees, “I remember one good memory of them and it was the birthday before I was taken away from them. They made me a cake and sang happy birthday to me,” He let out another sigh, “But other than that, they were alcoholics, drug addicts and didn’t pay any attention to me and when they did, they were beating me,”
“Holy shit,”
Namjoon shrugged, “What can you do? I’m in a much better place. My mum and dad really look after me now, so that’s all I need,”
I smiled and nudged him, “You’re just a big softy,”
“Don’t let anyone know that,” He said, “The only ones that know about my biological parents is Jin and Hoseok. I don’t tend to talk about my past family,”
“You didn’t have to tell me,”
“If I want you to teach me things then we need to trust each other. I need to be honest with you and that works both ways,”
I rolled my eyes, “I have no secrets,”
“Then why don’t you like Yujin?”
I felt my lip twitch, “Because she is a two-faced, manipulative, boyfriend seeking bitch who has only ever thought about herself and the next relationship to break up. Why would I want to like someone like that and then get beaten up because I called her up on it?”
Namjoon blinked a few times, “Is she really like that?”
I sighed, “No one ever opens their eyes and sees what she is really like. Everyone thinks that she is perfect and wouldn’t hurt anyone, but it’s all lies. Girls always forgive her but I’d rather gouge my eyes out than forgive someone like that,”
“I’m going to take a wild guess and say that she broke a relationship up for you,”
“We used to be friends, believe it or not,” I muttered, “We didn’t go to the same schools but we lived on the same road. I got a boyfriend and 6 months into the relationship, I found her being fucked from behind on my boyfriend’s bed,”
“Yup!” I said, “Did she care that she saw me? No. She screamed his name louder saying that no one could fuck her like he did and he said her pussy was the only one to satisfy her,”
“Bloody hell,”
“But whatever,” I said, “Shit happens but right now, I think we need to disappear into a bedroom and have some fun,”

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