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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 6

Virgin killer
Chapter 6
Namjoon +

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that I had majorly fucked up. I groaned and smacked myself in the face before chasing after her. She had reached the top of the road and glared at me when I grabbed her hand.
“I’m sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t thinking and-”
“No. You weren’t,” She said, “But don’t worry. You can have fun at the party and I won’t embarrass you. Because really, who would want to talk to me or spend time with me,”
“I panicked,” I muttered, “I’m also scared to see Yuji with another guy,”
“That isn’t my problem,”
“Do you still like me?” I asked quickly, “I mean we get on well and-”
“I never said I liked you,” She said, “Who told you that I liked you?”
“Oh, I just assumed that-”
“Yeah, well you assumed wrong. Not everyone is going to like you Namjoon and right now, I want to go home and wonder why I became nice enough to help you with your problem,”
“Do you want me to beg you to come to the party?” I asked, “Because I will. I will get down on my knees and beg you to come inside with me,”
“The only time you should be on your knees is when you are eating a girl out or if you swing both ways, sucking a di–ck,”
I choked on air and stared at her, “What? Why would you say that?”
She rolled her eyes, “You have a lot of making up to do, my innocent little bean. But, because I actually made a slight effort and if I go home now, my brother will tease the shit out of me, I will go into that party with you,”
“However,” She said and I swallowed the lump in my throat as she stepped into me, “I have some rules,”
“The only time you will be away from me, is when you are getting me a drink, snacks or having a piss,” She said, “You don’t leave me alone with anyone and that includes your friends. I hate being around people especially if they are drunk,”
“If anyone tries to start on me you will step in to make sure that I don’t punch them,”
“You would punch someone?”
“I’d do much worse if I have to,” She said, “Do you agree with me or not?”
“I-I agree,”
“Good!” She said grabbing my hand, “Then let’s go cause some chaos and get that bitch, I mean, girl to have a little jealousy,”
“Do you think she will be jealous?”
“Are you stupid?” She said, “You should have seen her face when I called you babe. It was like someone rubbed shit under her nose,”
I smiled slightly, “You don’t like her,”
“I’d rather poke pins in my eyes than be around her or listen to her talk out of her ass,” She said with a scoff, “So no. I can’t stand the girl and I’m sure you could find better. If you like her, then you like her but she is a total bitch who needs to have her fake nose broken,”
“I get it. You hate her,”
“Hate is a strong word,” She said looking at me as we reached the house, “But I strongly dislike her,”
“We have a long history and if I talk about it, I’m going to get angry and go in there and beat her up,” She said, “It’s best not to talk about what happened. Let’s get drunk, yes? And, maybe if you are a good boy, we can get to know each other a bit more…later,”
I felt my face burn and I nodded, “S-sounds good,”

The boys were loving her and how much she could drink. I had started to feel tipsy and she could still stand straight, downing shots and beer that I had given her. Jin was the only one who wasn’t surprised when I showed up with her, but Hoseok almost choked on his drink when he saw us walk into the kitchen.
I could see everyone eyeing her up, especially the girls, but she paid no attention. Her eyes were set on the table of food and she dragged me over to the table, piling her plate up just to empty it and fill it up again. I had no idea where she put the food because she was slim.
I found myself staring at her as she spoke to Jin, and I let my eyes wander down her body. She was right. Under those baggy clothes, she hid a killer body. She wasn’t too skinny and she had a great as-s. I blushed when I thought about grabbing it and I quickly down my drink, trying to think of something else.
“What made you come with her?” Hoseok said, “The other girls taken?”
Hoseok rolled his eyes, “Why did you come with Haewon?”
“Is there a problem with that?” I frowned.
“Well, yeah,” Hoseok said, “She’s a nerd and you have hotter girls that are-”
“There’s nothing wrong with her,” I said, “She’s beautiful and doesn’t even need to try,”
“You just want s*x,”
“What if I do?”
“Living up to your virgin killer name,” Hoseok said, “She has to be a virgin. Is that why you targetted her?”
“Hey, Namjoon!” Haewon said skipping over to us. She slipped her arms around my waist and looked up at me with her big brown eyes, making my face burn, “Jin wants to play beer pong. You up for it?”
“Y-yeah,” I said, “Am-am I on your team?”
Haewon smirked and went on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear, “No, because we are about to make a bet,”
“Let’s talk outside,” I said dragging her towards the garden. The cool air made me shiver slightly and I pulled her away from everyone, “Ok. What bet?”
“Well,” She said slipping her hands around my neck, “If I win, you have to do what I tell you. If you win, I suppose I could suck your dick,”
I sucked in air, “S-suck my dic-k?”
“That’s what I said,” She said, “Who else am I meant to-”
“I don’t know,” I said, “So, if you win, I get to do that to you?”
“Suck my di*k?” She said, “Sorry to tell you, but I don’t have a di*k,”
“N-no!” I said, feeling my face burn, “L-li…you know, li-…I can’t say it,”
Haewon rolled her eyes, “Lick my pu**y, eat me out, suck on the muff or whatever you want to call it”
“Jesus,” I breathed out, “You have no filter,”
“I also have a great gag reflex,” She winked at me, “You can do whatever you want to my lady parts, but stick in your di-ck,”
“Oh, come on!” I groaned, “you said-”
“I’ve told you before, my little innocent bean,” She said pulling my face down to hers, “If you wanna be a master of that name of yours, you need some practice. So, what do you say?”

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