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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 5

Virgin killer
Chapter 5
My parents had left to stay with my grandparents for the week and I was sitting with my brother, flicking thought the tv trying to find something to watch. I was ready for people being drunk, making out with each other and girls wearing too much makeup for their own good.
Sort of.
I hated socialising because I could never deal with big crowds, tight spaces and loud music. I wasn’t the girls who enjoyed that. I preferred to stay home and read a book or watch a movie.
“So, what time will you be back?”
I shrugged, “Who knows,”
“Gross. Are you going to be a hoe?”
“Are you ever going to smile?”
“Good point,” Yoongi said, “Do I have to lay down some rules or were the parents meant to do that,”
“Again, who knows,” I said, “I’m not going to get ridiculously drunk or cause a scene,”
“You don’t need alcohol to do that,”
“Do you need alcohol to smile?”
“Nope,” Yoongi smacked my thigh hard, “It makes me even more miserable,”
“Aw, my poor emo older brother,”
“I can always stop you from going,”
“With your weak arms?”
“I could always try,” He yawned, “Shit. I’m tired,”
“You’re always tired,” I said and my phone buzzed, “I am off. My sort of date is here,”
“Well, tell your sort of date that if he doesn’t look after you, I will attempt to kick his ass,”
“He’s bigger than you,” I said, “Stronger as well,”
“The size and strength doesn’t matter. It’s all about momentum and anyone will complain when they get hit with a chair,”
“If you can pick the chair up,” I laughed and left him cussing my out. I closed the front door and walked the short distance to his car.
“H-hey,” He said as I climbed in, “You look…nice,”
“And you smell nice,” I said as he drove away from my house, “So, tell me about the girl. Who do you have to impress tonight”
Namjoon sighed, “Don’t worry about it,”
“What’s happened my innocent little bean?”
“She…she got a boyfriend,” Namjoon said, “After telling me that she was interested but I panicked and didn’t know how to ask her out knowing that I’m a virgin. I found out an hour ago and I don’t know if I want to go to the party anymore,”
I lifted my eyebrow, “Maybe she did it to make you jealous. Who is she anyway?”
“Son Yuji,”
“Her?” I frowned, “What’s so special about her?”
“Everything,” Namjoon sighed, “Shes smart, pretty and sweet,”
“I wouldn’t call her sweet. She’s a total bitch,” I said, folding my arms, “But I guess you can’t help who you like. Still want me to help with your vir-gin issue or not?”
“I still want your help. Even if I don’t have a girl to go after,”
I patted his thigh, “Don’t worry. You’ll live up to that name soon but I think I’ll take time breaking you in,”
“How much time are we talking?” Namjoon said parking the car in front of a big house.
“Holy crap!” I said, “This place is huge!”
“Jin lives here and you’ve changed the subject,”
“Is there going to be food?” I said looking at him.
“I…maybe? I don’t know,” Namjoon sighed, “How long-”
“-is your di-ck?” I finished for him and he went bright red making me giggle, “Well, if you’re lucky or if I’m lucky, I’ll get to find that out tonight,”
I opened the door leaving Namjoon to choke on air and I waited for him to escort me into the party. I wasn’t going to enter a house I didn’t know with people I didn’t like.
This night was going to suck but I had be a man for Namjoon. I still didn’t understand why he liked Yuji. She was a bitch, cheated on every boy she got with and went after guys who were in relationships. But the girls always forgave her! If that happened to me, I’d make sure she’d never be able to sleep with a man again. Or even better, beat her so bad that no one could give her a second glance.
“Are you ready?” Namjoon said making me jump.
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I said, “I’m wearing more clothes than I thought,”
Namjoon smiled, “You look good and your legs look good. Who knew you had a great pair under the jeans,”
“Is this supposed to get me naked?”
“I’m joking with you,” I said rolling my eyes, “But I do have a question for you,”
“How do you protect your secret when you get so embarrassed when talking with me?” I asked, “You seem to do so well with the other girls by you turn into a mess with me,”
“Probably because of what you’re doing to help me,”
I grabbed his wrist and pulled him to a stop, making him go red again, “You don’t need to be nervous around me. I’m just like the other girls you flirt with and you said you’re more of a friend,”
“You aren’t like the other girls though are you?” He said and my heart skipped a beat, “I’m using you to lose my virginity remember? I wouldn’t talk to you otherwise,”
“Oh,” I said, quietly and took my hand away from him, “Yup. I wouldn’t want to talk to me either,”
Namjoon rubbed the back of his neck, “Let’s just go in. My friends are probably wondering where I am and they don’t think I’m turning up with someone. Especially someone like you,”
Ouch. I winced at his comment and folded my arms, looking away from the house. I knew I was a pain in the ass and I was a social recluse, but that still hurt. I didn’t expect him to be so rude since he was the one to ask me for help. Those words really hurt me. I was still sensitive even if I was mouthy and knew not to take a shit from people like I did in school.
“I don’t want to be here anymore,” I said, “Have fun but I’m going home,”
“What?” He said, “You can’t just leave me!”
“I wouldn’t want to embarrass you,” I said, “After all, look at me. I don’t fit into your friendship hierarchy and someone like me would just embarrass you,”
“Wait, I-”
“Have fun tonight, Namjoon but this really isn’t my scene,” I said, “Maybe if you get drunk enough, you can have drunk s*x with another drunk and no one will know your secret. Then you won’t have to talk to someone like me anymore,”

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