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Virgin Killer – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]

Virgin Killer
Chapter 10
Yoongi was fast asleep on the sofa, which wasn’t a surprise, and I was flicking through the TV trying to find something to watch. But, since Saturday television programs were rubbish, I ended up studying.
I had left Namjoon early that morning and I bit into my lip to stop myself from smiling at our little get together. He surprised me. For someone who had only kissed a girl, he was pretty good at using his tongue. The only thing was that he kept stopping to ask if it felt good. I almost had to hold his face against me so I could reach my orgasm.
My phone buzzed on the table I checked to see who it was.
“Is that food I smell?” Yoongi muttered and I looked over at him, “Yeah. That’s definitely good I smell. My sister is amazing for cooking her older brother food,”
“Shut up, weirdo,” I said and he sighed, “If you are hungry then cook something. I am studying,”
“On a Saturday? Shouldn’t you be hanging around with friends, on but wait, you don’t have any,”
“You’re one to talk,” I said, “When was the last time you socialised?”
“Never. I hate people,” He said stretching, “Oh! By the way…if you’re gunna sneak in at ridiculous times can you at least try to be quiet?”
“Oops,” I said, “Sorry, but you shouldn’t have left your shoes in the way,”
Yoongi scoffed, “That was the reason why I left them there. To catch you. A dirty stop out,”
“I’m not a dirty stop out. I crashed at the place and left early,”
“Hooked up with that so called date more like,”
I tutted and smiled, “The boys are coming over,”
“And I am locking myself in my room,” Yoongi said getting to his feet, “If you make too much noise, I will kill you. If your friends knock on my door, I will kill them. If you even think about disturbing me, I will kill you,”
“And if I bring back food?”
“I’ll kill you after I’ve eaten,” He said walking out of the room. I sent him the middle finger and closed my books, then headed upstairs to get changed.
It didn’t take long for them to show up at my door but since they all had a spare key, they let themselves in and burst into my room with too much energy.
“Haewon!” Taehyung said loudly and jumped onto me, “I’ve missed you so much!”
“Let me join in!” Jimin said flying into us, “I’ve missed you as well. Did you miss me?”
“Sure, if that’s what you want to hear,” I said, “Where is the other loser?”
“In the car,” Jimin smiled, “Let’s go before your brother tries to kill us again for making too much noise,”
“He’d have to catch us first,” Taehyung said as we walked out of my room, “Let’s put it to the test,”
Before I could stop him, Taehyung banged on my brothers door and they ran away laughing. I cursed as I heard my brother unlock his door and I ran as well, not wanting to be caught.
I jumped in headfirst into the car and Jimin closed the door, laughing. I smacked Taehyung on the arm and Jungkook sighed.
“Yoongi will catch you one of these days,” Jungkook said driving away from my house, “And when he does I’m not going to help you,”
“He’s too lazy to do it,” Jimin said, “We run faster than him anyway,”
“You don’t have to live with him!” I said, “When I get back he is going to throttle me,”
“You like being choked,” Taehyung said and I smacked him again, “Ok, my bad. Was no one meant to know that?”
“You are disgusting,” Jimin said, “Why can’t you be normal?”
“I am normal,” I muttered, “Where are we going?”
“Shopping,” Jungkook said, “And since you are brutally honest, we could use your help,”
“Interesting,” I said, “Why do you need my help?”
Taehyung sighed, “Did you not get the invitation?”
“Obviously not,” Jimin said, “Taehyung’s mum is marrying that dude she’s been dating for years and you are coming,”
“I don’t check my post. Normally it’s university loan bills or something stupid,” I said, “Wait, does that mean I have to wear a dress?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook grinned.
“I’m not going to the wedding. I haven’t worn a dress since I was 11 years old!

It will be fun!” Taehyung said, “For us anyway. You’ve shaved your legs right?”
“Then you’ll be fine. Mum really wants you there and said you can even bring your boyfriend,”
“I don’t have a boyfriend,”
“Oh. I told her you have one,”
I groaned, “Why would you do that?”

I was fed up of being dragged around the shops and I managed to escape to the toilets. When I came out, they were looking the wrong way and I made my getaway.
I stuck my hands in my hoody pocket and looked in windows as I walked through the centre. I could hear groups of girls talk about makeup and nails and I was glad I only had guys for friends.
“As if my day could get any worse,” I said under my breath and turned to see Namjoon walking towards me, his friends standing behind him, “Namjoon. How’s it going?” 1
His face went red, “Well actually. How-how are you?”
“Cute. Why are you blushing?” I asked, “Or is it because you are still embarrassed that I-”
“There you are, you dirty little snake!” Taehyung said and I sighed again, “Did you think faking a piss would get you away from me?”
“Saucy little minx,” Jimin chuckled and they spotted Namjoon, “Oh. Are we interrupting something?”
“No,” Namjoon said, “Um, I’ll message you later. Ok?”
“Wait!” Jungkook said grabbing his arm.
“Jungkook, don’t you dare,” I said glaring at him.
“What are you doing in 2 weeks time?” He asked.
Namjoon frowned, “I…I have no idea. Why?”
“He’s busy!” I said pushing my friends away, “Really busy. Uni stuff,”
“Do you want to come to a wedding as Haewon’s plus one?” Taehyung said putting his hand over my mouth, “Shes desperate for a plus one or she will be all alone and we wouldn’t want something so precious being a loner at a wedding,”
The End

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