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Vicky And I – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 7]

Coming Together

Coming Together

Vicky and I

Vicky and I

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Story Title: Vicky And I

Episodes: 7

Category: Erotic

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Episode 1


I was watching a movie in the living room with Vicky with my legs nuzzling her thigh, my hand was caressing her backbone in a passionate way I knew she liked.


I looked into her eyes and I can see how she was looking nervous, she had many things running through her mind and the only problem could be how to start saying them. Finally, she sat up, downed the rest of her wine and straddled my lap. I leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled back. “Stop.”


“What is it?”


“You will have to give me rough tonight.”


“Mmmm. Really?” I grinned, leaning in and nibbling her neck.


She positioned me in a way that I was resting my back against the couch. “Like anyway you want me to give you I’m willing to give.”


“Okay. You will have to do a lot of that.”


A brief smile flitted across her lips, equal parts evil and playful. “You sure of that?” she demanded, slapping my face in a playful way, also challenging my every move. “I don’t just want you to slap my ass a little bit. I want you to fuck me like you own me. Use me, fuck me, suck me dry. I want you to make me scream,” as she continued her list of demands she kept shoving me in the chest and thrusting her hips into me.


“If I tell you to stop, you go harder. I say “no” you fuck that word right out of my mouth. If I start to cry wipe my tears with your cock and make me taste them off of you.”


The way she listed all her wants made me get more prepared, maybe I should be more formal by saying it motivated me. Lust, obviously. Then bewilderment at the seemingly out-of-the-blue specificity of her desire.


“That is if you think you can do it.” she said, suddenly adopting a patronizing baby talk voice that revved my anger up several more notches. It shouldn’t be like I just want to make a sweet gentle love to her. You just want to make a love to me like I was one gentle girl you have always known right? “Maybe you are right, but whatever I do, I bet you’re going to enjoy it,” I finally revealed. Do you know what it takes to break me, have you got it in you?” She said this while about two of her fingers were slashing my cheek and laughing when I checked her face.


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