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Up Your Neighbour (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Up Your Neighbour

Up Your Neighbour

by Cristiano Caffieri

The apartment next door to Shane Copeland had been empty for several weeks but then one evening around five a rather nice looking young lady pulled up at the front of the building and began to unload boxes. She was all alone and he watched her struggling for a few minutes and then decided he should help. It turned out her name was Felipa, she was a hairdresser and “yes” – she was grateful for some assistance.

She was quite a nice looking girl, not as pretty as his girlfriend but she did have bigger tits. This actually made carrying those boxes quite difficult for her.

It took a good two hours to unload and when they’d finished she produced a cooler with some bottles of beer packed in ice and from another box she took out a pizza and shoved it in the oven. As they sat on the floor enjoying their break she told him that her furniture was to arrive the next day and that she’d have to bed down with a sleeping bag that night.

“I have a big sofa, you can sleep on that if you like, might be a bit more comfortable than the hardwood floor.”

Felipa looked at him suspiciously, “You’re not trying to get me in the sack are you?”

“O no – nothing like that.”

“Aren’t I attractive enough for you?”

“Of course you are – you’re very attractive.”

“I suppose you have a girlfriend – although that usually doesn’t matter to you men – if you can get a bit on the side,” she mumbled,” and then she broke down and started to cry.

He was a bit nervous about putting his arm around her to comfort her as she seemed a bit highly strung and he didn’t know how she would take it.

“My fuck pig of a boyfriend didn’t care who he poked as long as it was still breathing,” she sobbed, “then he takes up with this skinny little bitch from the supermarket where he works and he throws me out like yesterday’s paper.”

She suddenly threw her arms around Shane’s neck, crushed her tits against his chest and started to sob once more. He was now a little worried that she would accept his offer of a sofa – and she did. The next thing he knew she’d grabbed a few things and moved in.

He made her some coffee and they sat and talked for a while. Once she’d stopped crying she became a lot more subdued and he didn’t feel quite as threatened.

“I’d been shacked up with Chris for over a year,” she told him, “I knew it was too good to be true, he is so handsome, every woman’s attracted to him.”

“Is he better looking than me?” he asked, more to make conversation than anything else.

“O much better,” she replied, “His hair is as black as coal, his eyes deep brown and he has a d!ck on him you wouldn’t believe.”

He was beginning to feel somewhat inferior and he snapped back with, “You’ve not even seen my d!ck.”

“Well let me have a look – but I can tell you now it won’t measure up to Chris’s giant schlong – nobody ever does.”

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