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Until Next Time – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 8]

Next Time

Next Time

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Next Time

Episodes: 8

Category: Romance 

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Written by: Akinola Quinn


Prologue: Nat went to Dan’s store with the intention of buying a sexy shoe which has been something she really cherish. On the course of getting the shoe, she met Dan who was a very handsome looking man…… Dan was so much interested in getting Nat the perfect shoe she needed, while Nat was already having another feeling. Itf finally ended with both of them gttingwhat they wanted, while they both promised there would be a next time for them.


Episode 1


It was my 30th birthday, this is a moment I have been waiting for all these while. Everyone in my family is so happy to experience this day, and all I could think of is how I will make it worth their while.


Something I will be so happy to he given for my birthday is sexy shoes. I love sexy shoes and I will be so delighted if I receive it as a gift.


I went into a shop, all sorts of sexy shoes over one wall and men’s runners and dress shoes on the other. I smiled at the sales man as he approached me.


I wasn’t sure maybe I should refer to him as a sales boy, he was also as sexy as the shoes and he looked very attractive. I think he should be in his mid 20s, and I was trying to control myself from commenting on his cuteness.


I told him what I was there for, and he turned to attend to me. “Thanks for coming, you are always welcome here”, He said while he went away. I looked at him, blushing a bit….. maybe this would be the start of our conversation.


I was busy thinking of the bestove to make, he was so cute and sexy! He looked like one of my celebrity crush, and I can just imagine him to be one, which will finally be my dream.


I was kind of old and delusional while this cute guy is young and hot….. this is enough reason for me to think he won’t even show any interest in me.


This guy is like 10 years younger than me, I am taller than him, also chubby in a beautiful way everyone would like. My ass was bigger than normal, my breast was also firm and big. I like myself for an age 30 woman.


I reigned in my raging, sexually peaking hormones and shook my head back into reality as he sat at my feet and lifted one to slide into the first style he’d brought for my inspection. They were defiantly sexy, leather with high heels and a buckle over the top of the foot.


But they were black, and I wanted hot, sexy and red. I also wanted the ones with the ankle strap, he would have to change it for me, but instead of me to talk I started steering at him, blushing like he is my first love. I was causing unnecessary diatraction which I also noticed.


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