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Unleashed Desires – Episode 17 [Completed]

Unleashed Desires

Unleashed Desires

I walk out of the prison a free man. I had come in as a boy and now I leave a man. I turned to take a last look at the prison gate I had come out from. I was never going back in there again. There was so many lessons life has thought me. There are so many lessons I had learnt.

I arrived my fathers house carrying my bag,only to find a red flashy jeep parked outside. Two men stood beside the jeep. As I walked closer I realise that it was my father. He was old but still standing. His face and limbs were shrunken. He should be eighty five years now.

Beside him stood a man; a man who looked just like me. I needed no sooth sayer to tell me that he was my son. He was clad in suit.

My bones of my bones. My flesh of my flesh. He is my own son.

I walked over to them and my father starred at me piercingly. He was still unchanged. He was still his strong hearted, stiff, strict, unshakable and no nonsense person. “Tayo that is your father.” He said.“What about mama?” I asked.

Mama was the only person that came to my mind. She was the only person I could think of at that moment. I wanted to tell her that I had paid my dues for my crimes. I wanted to hug her tightly and kiss her cheek. Mama would have been so happy to see me back.“Your mother is dead.

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She died the day you were arrested. She slumped and died. That was why I never attended your court trial. I was mourning my wife. I was mourning a woman I loved. A woman whom your stupid actions killed. Wale you have hurt me, but I forgive you. Your son here has proven to be a better man. He has lived up to his expectations.

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Tayo is a medical doctor now. He wanted to finish what you could not finish.”Tayo looked at me with tears of Joy running down his face. “Daddy I am happy to see you. This is the first time I am seeing my father in Twenty five years. All I saw was pictures of you when you were still a teenager.”I hugged Tayo and cried. I could not hold my tears any more.“How about your mother Anike?” I asked.“She is married to a white man. She lives in the US now. She has three children. And I managed to talk to her.

Mama said when ever I see you, I should tell you that she has forgiven you. She has let go of the past, and wishes you the best in life.”Everything seemed perfect. My father was still alive and strong. My son was now all grown up and a medical doctor at a young age of twenty five. Anike had forgiven me for killing her mother and raping her. She had forgiven me for all the hurt I caused her. I in turn had forgiven Madam Amaka long time back for all she did to me, and for making my life a miserable one.“Papa you need to tell me your story.” Tayo said “I want to know all of it.

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How did it all happen? What really happened? How did you end up this way?”“My son I will. But it is just too long. I already told a writer to help write down my story. He is my very good friend.” “Who is that writer? What is his name?”“His name is Praises Chidera Obiora, the one man who is good at what he does.”Tayo smiled. “Papa I will love to meet him. I cannot wait to read this story which he has written.”“Yes you will. And you will enjoy it.”

As we walked into the house that day, I felt happy, but yet incomplete.

My mother was absent. I caught sight of her portrait on the wall and a tear ran down my cheeks. I miss you mama.


My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do.

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