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Unleashed Desires – Episode 16

Unleashed Desires

Unleashed Desires

I felt a stiffness in my feet. It was like I was glued to the floor where I was seated. Anike let let go of my shirt and cried bitterly.“Wale, you impregnated a mother and a child?”Mama asked in astonishment.“Mama I never knew she was mummy Amaka’s daughter.

Shenever told me. She toldme her name was Patricia. I never knew.” I defended.“You are a bastard Wale. You raped me. I tried to stop you. I tried to push you away but you took advantage of me. Now I am three weeks pregnant and carrying your child. Only for you and your mum to come and kill my mother.” Anike cried out.

I covered my face in mortification. I could not believe this was happening to me at this moment of life. Just when I thought everything was going perfectly for me.

Just when I had gotten into my 300level in the university. I was filled with regrets. I wished I had stopped when Anike had told me to stop. I really wish I did.

I remembered how I had visited her that very first day. I remember how we had gotten into an argument about the channel she chose to watch. She stood up angrily and walked to the door to open it. I remembered how she wanted me to walk out that very day, but instead, I walked to her and shut the door back.

I stood facing Anike and trying to apologise for my wrong doings when the light went off,when the TV went blank, and everywhere became silent again.

Maybe I wouldn’t have done what I did if the light never went off that day. May be all this wouldn’t had happened if I had walked out that day and let her shut the door.

It was in the midst of the darkness we stood in, that courage descended on me and I began to tell Anike every sweet words thatcame to my head. I held her hands and expressed my feelings for her. I told her just how much sleep I had lost because I couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Anike starred in my eyes speechlessly. Just like the movies, I saw the look in her eyes. It was that look that says I feel what you feel for me. It was that look that said Wale kiss me right now. I took a step further, and yet another very slowly, and drew in for a kiss.

Anike never moved; she never did. She stood still waiting for me. She knew what I wanted to do. I grabbed onto her lips and kissed her.

At first Anike never responded. She didn’t move her lips. But aftera few maneuver with my lips, she respondedand kissed me right back. She held me on my neck and I held her waist too. A passionate kiss was ignited. The fire in our hearts burned. It was like she had this feelings for me too. It was like she felt what Ifelt in my heart for her.

Anike and I staggered to the cushion when things went hot. We were still kissing and fumbling with ourselves when I pulled out my cloths and flung it to an unknown direction. I helped pull off Anike bra and top. Her breast was exposed.

Anike never fought back or stopped me. I wish she did. I loosened the button of her bomb shorts and dragged it down.

Anike was without panties. I pulled off my trouser and flung it away. I was stack naked and still kissing hot with Anike. We were completely locked in a romance together.

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I pulled off her shorts and it came down her legs with ease. Anike never stopped me. I felt she wanted this. My body wanted her too. How was I suppose to know I wasa bout making love with the daughter of Madam Amaka? How? Patricia was the name I knew her with and not Anike.

I was about going in when Anike stopped me with her hands. She pushed me up with her hands.“Wale stop this.

This is not right. We cannot meet in just two days and we are doing all this. This is not right.” She threw at me indignantly and struggled to get up to her feet.

I held her back to the floor. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say. I knew it was not right. I knew I was about doing somethingbad. But my body could not resist her. It just couldn’t.

Anike looked like she was out of mood. I tried kissing her to get her back. She struggled to push me out but I held firm. She told me to stop it. She beat me continuously with her hands but I felt no pain. It was in that process that I slipped into Anike and she suddenly stopped and lied flat on the floor.

Probably she had givenup the fight. It was nowtoo late to fight back again. I had sex with her that day. I watched her shed tears while I continuously went in and out of her. I remember how I reached c—-x and let everything out in her. I was stupid not to have used a condom. I was a fool not to have spilled my semen somewhere safe.

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My eyes opened to reality. I realised what I had done. Anike cried bitterly. She covered herself with a pillow. I tried to explain but she shouted at me and pushed me out of the house. She threatened to call the neighbours if I didn’t walk out of the house.

I was scared and so I left. I left that day knowing fully well I had defiled a lady. Our sex was not consensual, but the romance and kisses was. I was confused to a point. I didn’t feel it was a rape. I do not know what to call my actions that day.

From that day, I tried to apologise to Anike but she gave me no ears. She totally stopped talking to me. She was unforgiving. She passed me without saying a word. I returned to knock at her door on several occasions but she never opened up. After trying for the first two weeks, I gave up as well.

Only to receive the breaking news of her pregnancy.“You all are under arrest.” A firm voice echoed in the room jolting me from my reverie. I quivered in fear when I sighted five police men dressed in uniforms. They walked in with their guns held in their hands.

Anike had called them right before she ran into the room. She must have sensed danger, or probably thought Nigeria was like the US where one calls 911 at the sense of immediate danger.

My mother cried out bitterly. She was going to be arrested for killing Madam Amaka. I too was going to be arrested as well for a possible rape accusation. I couldn’t stand it. Papa would curse the day he gave birth to me. He was going to be alone now. I knew mama and I was definitely going to prison. “Who did this?” One of the police man asked. “Who killed her.” Shouted another.“Officer they did.” Anike cried out. “No I was the one who killed her. Officer take me. Please leave my son.” Shouted my mother with her hands raised high. “My son did nothing.” She added. “Wale take care of your father for me. And also your child when he arrives. Love him the way I loved you.” Mama said with tears cascading down her face.

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The police man quickly dragged her hands backwards and handcuffed it. “Nooo. Mama do not take my blame.

Do not bear the consequencesof my own crime. I refuse to be the reasonyou will leave Papa. I refuse.” I protested.“I am doing this for youWale. I am your mother. Allow me to bear the consequencesof my own crime.” Mama said. I turned towards the officer and explained bitterly. “Officer I killed her. I smashed her head with a bottle. I killed her because she was wicked to me. Shesexually abused me forten years of my life. She made me go through hell. But it wasa mistake. It was not on purpose. Take me officer. I killed Madam Amaka. My mother is only overwhelmed withlove and pity for her child. Mama I want youto live the rest of your life with your husband. I will kill myself if you are taken away from him and also from me.”I turned to Anike who was still sobbing.“I am sorry for everything Anike. I am about to pay for every crime I ever committed.

I wish I canbring back your motherbut I can’t. I loved her too like my own mother. It was an accident. I beg for just one favour from you Anike.I am the only son of my parents.

The only child of my old parents. Please keep this pregnancy and give birth to the child for them. I pray it turnsout to be a boy so he can replace me when I am gone.”“Get away. Officer takehim away. He is a killer and a rapist. He is a wicked person. I do not want to hear anything from you.

Get away.” She screamed.I watched as the officers unlocked Mama’s hands and dragged me up from the floor. I was handcuffed and was about to be pushed out of the room when my mother cried bitterly and collapsed.“Help my mother. Help her please help her.” I cried out to Anike.

That day was the last time I set my eyes on my mother. That day was the day I forgave completely. I forgave Madam Amaka for everything she did to me. I asked for forgiveness from God as I was being thrown into the police Hilux, and I silently prayed Anike forgives me too.

That is my story…. That is how I ended up being sentenced to twenty five years in prison. I am forty five years old now. I had bagged a lighter sentence.

The court felt pity on me after hearing my story, but justice was not denied.

In Twenty five years, I never saw my dad visitme. I never saw my mum either. She never attended my trials in court. I never saw Anike, I never saw my child.

Tomorrow I shall break the streak. Tomorrow I shall be released from Shurgaba Prison. Tomorrow I shall be free.


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