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Unfulfilled Promise Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5





“O God!” Marvelous groaned as Oge and her four friends entered their classroom. The bell for break was rung a few minutes ago.





She quickly glanced at Oleng, who was seated at the wooden chair beside hers. The poor girl was already shaking her head sorrowfully. Ezinne was frowning at her seat.





“Oleng, Ezinne and Marvelous, come with me.” Oge announced and walked out of the class with her goons at her heels. The whole class including the boys felt sorry for the three friends as they walked quietly out of the class with Zinny sighing in anger. That was good bye to their break time.





They followed their seniors to the school farm. Last time it had been the school poultry.





“Go on your knees.” Oge told them harshly when they got there.





They quietly went on their knees on the loamy soil beside the ridges. Zinny was the last to go down.





“What did you tell Edward?” Oge demanded curtly.





The three friends exchanged looks. Oleng groaned inwardly. So Eddy had kept his promise of telling Oge off them.





“Nothing, Senior Oge.”Oleng informed her.





Oge raised her hand and it landed hard on Oleng’s cheek. Tears ran down her eyes as she held her stinging cheek.





“Who are you making eyes at?” Oge asked the frowning Zinny before giving her her own share of the hot slap.





“So you girls had the guts to report me to Eddy. You weren’t afraid. By the way, what did he tell you?” she ranted.





They cast their gaze on the ground.





“What did he tell you bitches about me?” she screamed like a banshee.Her friends held her from kicking them.





”Leave me alone,” she screamed at them. “Let me teach these bitches a lesson for telling on me.”





“You girls better tell her what Eddy told you or we’ll allow her beat you girls to death.” One of her friends advised the three friends.





“Senior Beatrice, truly we didn’t tell Senior Edward anything and he didn’t tell us anything.” Marvelous quickly supplied.





“Then why did he approach me? How did he get to know I punish you girls? Filthy liars!”Oge shrieked. “As for you Oleng or whatever you call yourself, I’ll deal with you. The few weeks I have left in this school will be very miserable for you. Because of you, Eric has been ignoring me but thank God he has finally come to his senses. If not for the school authorities, I would have marred your beautiful face for you, so that nobody will ever speak to you again especially your so-called best friend!” she hissed furiously. Oleng sniffed.





“Girls, please keep them here while I go and meet the love of my life. You know what we planned na.” Oge instructed her friends smiling.





“Remember to bring all the goodies you promised us from the canteen.” Gertrude reminded her, confirming why they were always ready to act as her slaves due to the favors they enjoyed from her because her dad was filthy rich.





She popped the top button on her white shirt. “Trust me na. I’ll be back” she declared as she walked away wriggling her buttocks.

The End.

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