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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 9

Henry was sitting on the roof doubled over gripping his side.
Jade dropped to her knees in front of his “Hen…”
He looked up at her “His depth of perception is way off.”
Now that she was at his level, she could see that he was actually holding his leg, not his side. That made her relax a little.
Cognito was staring at them, trying to figure out if he’d actually hit the young man or not.
“He was aiming for my chest, not my leg.” Henry said as he looked down at his wound.
“But his aim seemed pretty accurate when he was aiming at me.” Jade whispered, trying to judge how bad the sore in Henry’s leg really was.
“He trained you, right?” she looked up at him and nodded “He knows you like the back of his hand. You’re not going to be able to take him down. I have to.”
“But you’re not a trained fighter.” Jade argued.
Henry placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed himself into a standing position “I may surprise you.”
/> “But you’re hurt.”
“I’m fine.” He turned to face Cognito “Alright. You missed. And if I were you, I’d turn myself in because you’re not going anywhere.”
Cognito gritted his teeth “I will win!” he threw his pistol to the ground “And I’ll beat you with my bare hands!”
Jade shook her head “Henry, you can’t fight him!”
The young man never turned away from him opponent.
Jade ran in front of the Prince and grabbed his shoulders “Listen to me. I’ve been an agent since I was old enough to crawl! I have fought and defeated some of the biggest people on the face of this earth!” she shook her head slowly “But Fredrick Ian Cognito is the one person that I have never been able to fight and win.”
Henry let out a big breath of air “That’s because he’s the only father you’ve ever known.”
“I’m waiting, Your Highness.” Cognito shouted sarcastically.
“I’ll be fine. Trust me.” he gently pushed her out of the way.
Jade took several steps back, not exactly sure what to do.
Cognito charged the younger man, anger and hatred filling his face. When he was barely a foot away, he pulled out a dagger.
Henry leapt out of the way, barely missing the blade “I thought you said with your bare hands.”
“I lied!” The older man sneered, then he attacked again.
Henry grabbed the man’s hands and tried to push him back, the blade of the knife was just a few inches away from his throat. One wrong move… he’d be a goner.

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