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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 8

Cognito was quite agile for his size and weight while Jade was having a harder time due to the frills around her feet.
Cognito grabbed Jade’s hands and pushed her back till her heels were at the edge of the roof “You were a good agent, Jade. Just like your parents.” then he shoved her back.
Jade’s hand grasped the edge of the roof as she dangled in the air “What do you mean, my parents?” she growled as she tried desperately to find a foot hole, but her shoe just kept getting tangled in the hem of her dress.
Cognito smirked “Oh, I never told you?” he leaned towards her “I killed your parents.”
“What!?” Jade froze as she looked up at him “You…”
“Your parents worked for that other agency.” The man said “There was a prize going out to who could solve a case first, A large sum of money. Your parents were getting too close, so I exterminated them.”
“For money?!” Jade stared at the man in disbelief. So that picture that was hanging on the wall in the castle. That young couple… had been her parents!
Henry started pulling at the ropes that held his hands behind his back.
“Why did you even put me on the case?” Jade asked as her feet continued their search for something to push herself up with.
“I needed a good excuse for you to suddenly… die, per say.” Cognito answered “I knew you’d start figuring something was wrong one I retired then suddenly became king. So I had to getrid of you.”
Henry managed to reach into his pocket and pull out a small pocket knife, then he began to saw at the ropes.
Cognito grinned as he took a step closer to the edge “It’s been a pleasure training you.” He raised his foot, ready to bring it down on her hand “Good bye.” Before he had a chance to move, a set of hands grabbed his shoulders and hurled him across the roof.
“Leave her alone.” Henry growled, then he quickly grabbed Jade’s hand and pulled her up “Are you alright?”
“How about asking me that after he’s tied up.” Jade responded as she turned to face the man who was now getting on his feet “Where’s your sidekicks?”
A small door in the roof opened and the seven men came out ready.
“They’re right here.” Cognito smirked.
Jade dropped into a fighting pose “Henry, stay back.”
Henry simply raised an eyebrow.
The seven men attacked and Jade met them head on.
One of them grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her back.
“Ow.” She said through gritted teeth as she kicked one of the others.
The man holding her suddenly groaned and fell to the ground.
“His head is harder than I thought.” Henry smiled as he looked at his fist.
Jade stared at him “Ye-ah.”
“Watch out.” The Prince quickly pushed Jade out of the way then leapt into the air, his feet kicking two of the men in the jaw.
Jade’s eyes widened “You… what!?”
“How about we get rid of these guys now and ask questions later.”
She nodded in agreement, then they both attacked the men. It wasn’t long before they all were laying on the roof unconscious… except for Cognito.
“Where’d he go?” Henry panted.
“The chopper!” Jade answered at the machine started to rise in the air “There is no way he’s getting away!”
“Okay.” Henry ran and jumped onto the helicopter and climbed through the door. A few seconds later, Cognito came flying back out and onto the roof.
“I will win!” The man shouted as he pulled out another gun and shot it.
Jade jumped back as the bullet whizzed past her head, knocking off the gem to one of her earrings as it did.
“And I will destroy you!” Another bullet left the gun.
Jade cut several flips back as one bullet after the next shot, very aware of the fact that they were strikingbarely a centimeter away from her.
Henry landed the chopper back down safely then jumped back to the roof and charged at the gunman.
Cognito spun around to face Henry, an evil grin on his face. In barely a second, he held up the pistol and shot.
The young man froze, his expression completely blank.
Jade’s face paled as her heart plummeted “No!” she cried as she ran forward “Henry!”
To Be Continued
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