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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 7

Undercover (a high ride) 7
Jade stared at the image of her director. The man who had basically raised her was the same man who had tried to kill her!
She put her head in her hands “I cannot believe this.” she groaned.
Her guess was, that since Cognito was retiring soon he wanted something bigger.
“But how is he planning on getting the kingdom?” she looked back at the computer screen and flipped back through the scenes “Wait a minute.” she froze on a picture in which the man was looking in a window “This is after the attack.” her eyes widened “Henry!”
She ran towards the castle, the very definite sound of a helicopter reached her ears. She put on a burst of speed, mentally kicking herself for not thinking to change out of the ballgown first.
She ran around the castle to the back and skid to a stop.
Henry’s arms were tied behind his back and a man was pulling into into the
helicopter, a hand clasped firmly over his mouth.
“Oh no.” She started running again, as fast as the ankle length dress would allow.
The Chopper started to slowly raise into the air, Prince Henry inside.
“Oh no you don’t.” Jade put on one final burst of speed and jumped, grabbing onto one of the landing skids. Her grasp slipped slightly, but she was able to pull herself up.
The helicopter flew high into the air and over the town.
Jade watched as the scenery passed, not sure where they were headed.
About fifteen minutes later, it came to a rest on top of a building… a really tall building. As in, seventy-five stories tall, building.
The door to the chopper opened and Henry was shoved out, then Cognito stepped out behind him, a black ski mask over his face.
Apparently he was alone, because the Helicopter was empty.
“I hope you’re not afraid of heights, Your Highness.” The man growled “Because the ground comes awful fast.”
Jade crawled out from the underside of the chopper and straightened up, neither man noticing her presence.
“I thought I told you not to go Incognito on me.” she snapped.
Cognito spun around, his eyes wide.
Henry’s expression mirrored the other guy’s. Completely shocked.
“What are you doing here?” Cognito growled.
Jade glared “I’m doing my job. And what are you doing, Cognito?”
Henry took a slight step away from the man. Hannah knew this guy?
“I’m getting what I deserve!” Cognito shouted.
“The only thing you deserve is a pile of pea mush in a jail cell!” Jade snapped “Why are you doing this? Everyone looked up to you! They respected you! Why would you turn on them? Where are they anyways?”
“Since you’re not going to live to pass on the details anyways,” Cognito answered “They’re in an old mine just south of here.”
Henry watched as Jade shook her head.
She was trying desperately to be more mad then hurt. But it was hard when the only father you’d ever known was planning on killing you.
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A second later they snapped back open and her eyebrows lowered “I may not be leaving this rooftop, Cognito. But neither are you!”
With a snort, Cognito pulled out a pistol “Wanna bet?” he lunged for her and she quickly flipped out of the way, wishing
for the hundredth time she was in her fighting clothes.
She spun around and kicked his gun from his hand.
Henry watched in frozen shock as the battle commenced.

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