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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 3

Undercover (Attempt To Attack) 3
by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Undercover
Jade stared at him “What… Where’s your crown?”
He smiled shyly “I don’t really like to wear it. It attracts too much attention.”
She smiled and nodded “So I see.”
His face lit up at her natural response. There was a girl who was acting normal! And she knew he was the prince now! Generally, that turned on the blinking switch. But, she simply turned away picked up another strawberry.
“Um… Hannah?”
“Hmm?” she laughed slightly as she swallowed the berry “Sorry. Yes?”
“Would you like to dance with me?”
She stared at him “Uh…”
“Yes.” Cognito said “That’s a good way to keep an eye on him. And don’t forget a picture!”
Jade smiled as she nonchalantly pushed the button on her bracelet “I would love to.”
Henry took her hand and led her out to the dance floor.
The dance turned out to be quite interesting. He wasn’t much of a dancer, and neither was she.
/> They kept laughing as they constantly tried to avoid each others toes.
“Wow.” He said as they attempted to follow the other dancers “I do not dance good. I did not know that about myself.”
Jade laughed “Same here.”
Henry smiled “So… how did you hear about the ball?”
“Uh…” Jade thought quickly “My Aunt got an invitation and gave it to me.”
“Oh. And who is your aunt?”
“No one in particular.”
“I see.”
They danced quietly for a few moments, finally falling in step with each other. Although not quite with the others.
Just then, Cognito spoke into her ear “Time to go. Now.”
“I have to go.” Jade smiled “It was nice meeting you, Your Highness.”
“Please, call me Henry.” he looked down at his shoes nervously “Do.. you really have to go?”
“I’m afraid so.” thus saying, she spun around and ran out one of the side doors.
Henry stared after her “I hope I see you again.”
Jade grabbed her board and bag from the bush and started down the road. When she was about five miles away, something inside started gritting at her “Hey,” she said into her head piece “Um… are you sure it was okay to leave?”
“Yes.” Cognito answered.
“I don’t know.” she looked back towards the castle “I have a strange feeling that something isn’t quite right.”
“Jade. Everything is fine. Now get to the chopper! Jade? Jade!”
Jade gritted her teeth “Sorry Cognito. But something is definitely wrong.” she flipped off the earpiece right before the man shouted her name again. She ran into a nearby convenient store that was still open and into the bathroom. She pulled her agent attire out of the bag and quickly changed. Then she stuffed the ballgown into the purse and out the door.
The person sitting behind the desk reading the newspaper didn’t even seem to notice.
She jumped on her skateboard and kicked it down the road, back towards the castle.
She could only imagine how furious the director would be when she got back, but she had to get to the castle. She pulled a hood up over her head, then pulled her mask up over the bottom part of her face and pulled on her black fingerless gloves.
The castle came into view just ahead. She was hoping she was wrong. But she had a deep feeling she wasn’t.
/> Henry was talking to some of the other guests when the power suddenly went out. He immediately felt himself tense. When the power came back on, it was dimmer than before, and a group of seven men with black ski masks on were in the room.
“Prince Henry!” The leader barked “Come peacefully and no one else will get hurt.”
Henry didn’t move as he stared at the person. He knew why they were there, and it wasn’t the first time someone had attempted to kill him “Where’s all the agents that are supposed to be here?” he thought “Unless these guys have them all tied up.”
“We’re waiting.” the leader of the group growled “Come with us.”
Just then, a figure clothed in complete black dropped to the floor between Henry and the assassins.
Henry stared in shock. It was a girl!
“I don’t think so.” She said, dropping into a fighting position.
She noticed the leader frown. Then, without saying a word, he snapped his fingers and pointed towards the agent. The other six immediately ran forwards.
Jade jumped out of her pose and flipped forward, instantly knocking two of the men away.
Two others leapt forward and grabbed her arms, but she simply twisted her arms around, grasped their wrists then cut a back flip, landing them on their backs.
The guests in the ballroom stood in shock as the girl swiftly and professionally fought the men.
One ran up behind the girl and grabbed her arms, pinning them behind her back.
Jade glanced back at him, her lavender eyes flashing “Bad choice.” her left foot came up off the ground, then rammed back down on his instep. Then, she picked her feet up completely off the floor and ducked into a roll position. The man hit the floor and Jade quickly jumped back to her feet. She spun around and jumped, her foot catching on guy across the jaw. Then her hand went to the floor and flipped over to stand in front of the prince, completely ready for anything.
The leader groaned in frustration “Let’s go!” he shouted in a deep voice.
The other six men, five of which had to pick themselves up off the ground, ran from the room, their leader right behind them.
Jade straightened up and her hands dropped to her sides as the men retreated “Well, this just got one hundred percent more interesting.” she thought “Now I know I have to keep an eye out. Those guys were serious!”
“Thank you.” Henry said stepping forward “I think it’s safe to say you saved my life.”
Jade slowly turned around, being sure to keep her gaze on the floor. She did a small bow then nodded slightly. Without waiting for him to say anything else, she spun around and ran for the exit.
“Wait!” Henry called “What’s your…” he watched as she disappeared through a doorway “Name?” he shook his head “Well… so much for finding out the name of my rescuer.”
“Your Highness.” The Grand Duke said as he stepped up to the prince “Shall I call the ball to an end?”
Henry listened as a large clock alerted them of midnight and nodded “Yes. I’m ready to retire.” “Way ready.”
When Jade reached the helicopter, she quickly climbed in “Head for home.” she said to Hodges “Quickly!”
They were about halfway to the base when Agent Hodges’ phone rang “Hello?” a second later he cringed and held the phone out to Jade “It’s for you.”
Jade stared at the phone “Can you tell him I jumped from the chopper and landed in a volcano?”
“‘Fraid not.” He stuck the phone in her hand “You are the one who disobeyed his orders… again.”
Jade pursed her lip “Ooookaaaay.”
She had a slight habit of not completely following orders. She had learned a long time ago that when she was on a mission to follow her instincts… even when it meant not following Cognito. And one thing that the Director hates worse than being called Fred is for someone to go against his orders.
Jade slowly raised the phone to her ear “Hello?” she immediately jerked it away.
“JADE!” Cognito’s voice echoed inside of the vehicle “HOW DARE YOU GO AGAINST MY ORDERS? I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE!”
“I thought you knew me better than that.” Jade said with a slight smile, then she cringed as his voice exploded again.
“Sir, as it turns out, there was an attack after I left. There were no agents anywhere.” Jade said sternly “The Prince was completely unguarded. If I hadn’t gone back he would have been gone.”
Hodges chuckled quietly. Jade was the only person who dared to
talk back to Fredrick Cognito.
“I don’t care if Charles Dickens came back from the dead!” Cognito shouted “You are to obey my orders! You are part of an agency! Not a solo career.”
Jade sighed and started mouthing his speech:
“You along with all the other agents make up a whole. And to keep that whole from turning into a hole you must listen to the director!”
Hodges was now trying desperately not to laugh as Jade mimicked the director dramatically.
“You are to follow my orders despite you inner feelings.” Cognito continued “I know what’s best. And… Jade! Stop mimicking me!”
The girl slightly sighed as she pushed her bangs behind her left ear “I’m sorry, Sir. It’s just… There were supposed to protection in the room and there wasn’t. What happened to the other agents. They were everywhere when I left, but when I went back they were all gone.”
Cognito was silent for a long moment, then he let out an audible sigh “We’ll work on finding out. Just, get back to the base.”
“We’re about to fly over it right now, Sir.” Jade answered, then she hung up the phone “Think I’m grounded?”
Hodges laughed “If there was any way to lock you in your room. But it’s impossible to keep you in an army prison cell.”
Jade smiled “Well, I think I’m in for an earful.”
“Ya think?” Hodges gently sat the helicopter down on the landing pad “There’s a reason us other agents don’t generally talk back or disobey his orders.”
“Oh well.” Jade tossed his phone to him then leapt from the chopper “Later!” she ran through the door and was instantly met with a very loud:
She paused momentarily to removed the earrings and earpiece before she continued.
Okay, there were some perks to being found by an agent as a baby. No one thinks up a full name for you. So, when you’re in trouble, the director only has one name to scream at you. Not four. She slid off her jacket and tossed it to Agent Jones who was walking bye.
Then she went and stood by the office door, quietly humming to herself.
A few minutes later, Agent Montez came out of the room. She was in her mid thirties, and a newer agent.
“What happened?” Jade asked.
Montez shrugged “I… accidentally turned on the sprinkler system for the entire building.”
“Way to go.” Jade laughed as she gave the lady a high-five.
“What are you here for?”
The girl shrugged “What am I ever here for?”
Montez nodded “Ah. Not following orders or talking back?”
“Both!” Jade flashed a smile then entered the office “Hello, Sir.” she said as she took her seat.
Cognito frowned. But then again, he never smiled so…
“Jade, do you know why I called you in here?” he asked, his hands folded beneath his chin.
“Wishful thinking would say to congratulate me on a job well done of protecting the prince from an unexpected attack.” Jade answered “But past history would say… it’s because I went against your orders.”
Cognito sighed “Jade. You have got to stop doing this. You need to take responsibility.”
“I did.” Jade answered flatly “The prince is my responsibility. I saved his life from a gang of assassinations as was my job.” she shook her head “And I have to know. Where were the other agents? Even ours weren’t there.”
Cognito shook his head “I do not know. They all… disappeared.”
Jade’s eyebrows shot up and she pushed her bangs out of her
face “What!?”
“I didn’t discover that till right before you showed up. I tried to page them and track them. They’re nowhere.”
Jade fell silent then she pointed to the Director’s laptop “May I?”
“Go ahead.”
Jade turned the computer around and swiftly began typing.
A few other agents came into the room to watch.
A vary of codes began to pop up on the screen. Jade cocked her head as she stared at them “Their trackers were removed and crushed one hundred feet west of the castle at… eleven thirty.” she looked up at Cognito “The agents were attacked two minutes after I left.”
The director rubbed his forehead “We will begin search for them immediately. But you, Jade. Keep an eye on the prince.”
“Yes, Sir.”
He stood up from his desk “Go to the town tomorrow. Talk to the people and learn from them what you can. And hopefully, by the next ball the prince wouldn’t have disappeared.”
Jade nodded “Yes, Sir.” she stood from her seat “Good night, Sir.” she walked down the hall, down a flight of steps, through another hall, around a corner and into her room.
She sat on her bed and rubbed her arms where the two guys had grabbed them right before she flipped ’em. That was one reason she always wore long sleeved. They can grab your arm, but they can’t get a grip on it.
She pulled out the massive amounts of bobby pins that were holding her hair in the fancy up-do then flopped back on her mattress.
She stared at the ceiling for a long moment.
She wasn’t just going to have to keep the prince safe, she was going to have to catch them so they’d tell where the other agents were.
She rolled over onto her stomach as the thought of Prince Henry entered her mind. Funny, seemingly sweet, tall and really handsome.
Jade groaned as she pushed herself off her bed “Thought from mind. Thought from mind.” she put her hand on top of her head and felt the extremely still hair. Her bangs had been the only thing not murdered in hairspray “Alright. Evil solution being removed from my hair.”
“I thought you got rid of all of the Agents.”
“I thought we did too, Sir.” The leader of the attack said “I don’t know where that one came from.”
“I was there.” The man, known as Double-A, shook his head “That Agent was good. Your job is to get her out of the way. Am I clear?”
“Yes sir. But… we only saw her eyes. We have no idea what she looks like.”
Double-A chuckled as he opened a briefcase that was sitting beside him and pulled out a picture of a girl with black hair and lavender eyes “This is Agent Jade of the T.S.M. Find her. Destroy her. She’s the only one who can stop us.”
“Yes, Sir.”
To Be Continued
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