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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 2

Undercover (Preparations for the First Ball) 2
by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke in Undercover
Right after lunch, Jade was taken to a large room where a dance instructor was waiting.
“It is the strangest sensation to be blindfolded and taken somewhere.” the man said.
Jade smiled “I’m sure.”
Till Dinner, Jade was led through different dances. Both she and the instructor were glad that she caught on fast.
But it was next day when the ‘torture’ really began.
She was fitted for a ballgown, then they got to work on her hair.
The hairdresser, which also happened to be an Agent, ran a brush through Jade’s hair, then a straightener.
“Jade, you’re hair will not straighten!” She exclaimed.
“Why does my hair need to be straight?” Jade asked.
“Cognito’s orders.” the agent answered. Then she applied hair gel, and more hair gel, and more hair gel till the curls finally straightened out.
Jade sighed “I’ll make sure I don’t look down. Or my hair will stick straight out as stiff
as it is now.”
“Don’t worry. I get it soft.” The lady said, then she set to work all over again, separating the stiff strange and keeping them straight.
Straightened, Jade’s hair went to the middle of her back.
“There.” The Agent said “Pretty as a princess. Now, for makeup.”
“Makeup!?” Jade jumped from her seat “Is it really necessary?”
“Yes! Jade, sit down!”
The girl sighed, then resumed her seat. She had never worn make up before! NEVER!
Fifteen minutes later, the foundation to the lipstick and eyeshadow had been applied.
Cognito walked into the room “Good work Agent Jones. She’s almost ready for the ball tonight.” he motioned towards the doorway “Your dress is waiting.”
“Can I move in it?” Jade asked slowly.
“You can dance in it.” Cognito answered, then he led the way down the hall “Come out when you’re done.”
It took Jade twenty minutes to get into the dress and button all the buttons.
The dress was a pale purple with light pink transparent sleeves and light pink tulle draping over the sides. A wide pink ribbon was wrapped around the middle and tied in the front. It’s two long ends hung down towards the hem of the dress.
Her shoes were light purple T-strap sandals.
She stared at her reflection. She did not look like an Agent. But that was point, right?
Agent Jones came in and began to mess with her hair again. A few minutes later, her hair was fixed into a low chignon, and a pearl and purple diamond headband was on her crown.
“Aw.” Agent Jones sighed “Our little Jade is grown up.” she laughed slightly as she turned the girl to face her “Don’t forget. You’re not an Agent. And, don’t let those fancy dudes get to ya.”
Jade laughed “There’s not a man alive that would fit into my world.”
“Atta girl.” Jones smiled then left the room, letting Cognito know Jade was ready.
“Yes. It is a worthy disguise.” the director said “Here is your invitation.”
“Okay.” Jade took the piece of paper “What does Prince Henry look like?”
“He’d got brown hair.” Cognito answered “That’s all I can tell you. Just look for the guy with the crown that surrounded by giggling girls.”
“Got it.”
“We’ll page you when it’s time to leave.”
“Alright.” The man handed her a clear earpiece “This is
so we can stay in contact. We can hear everything you say and what anyone says to you.” he then handed her a pair of clip on earrings that were small purple diamonds and a bracelet to match. “And these have inserted cameras. When you locate the prince, snap his picture, along with anyone who acts or looks suspicious.” he pointed to the larger purple gem on her bracelet “That has a button on it that makes the camera snap the pictures.”
Jade nodded as she put on the jewelry “The flash is off, right?”
Cognito just sent her a frown “One more.” he handed her a necklace.
“What does this do?” she asked, snapping it around her neck.
“Nothing. Just makes you look better.”
Jade rolled her eyes “Alright. I’m ready.”
Cognito gave a short nod “Don’t forget.”
“Find prince, snap picture, follow everywhere, be a girl.” She smiled “Got it.”
He shook his head “And be serious.”
“What fun would that be?” Jade laughed at the scowl the director sent her “Sir, I know. This is serious.”
“The chopper is waiting.” Cognito said, turning on his heels.
Jade followed him outside to where the helicopter was hoovering. She put a hand on top of her hair and smirked “There’s so much hairspray, even the chopper can’t move it.” then she quickly climbed in.
“Don’t let us down!” Cognito shouted.
Jade smiled “Have I ever?” then the helicopter rose into the air and headed for their destination.
The director shook his head “You’d better not.”
Jade watched as the scenery passed. About thirty minutes later, a huge castle came into view.
“What I would give to investigate that place.” She mumbled.
The pilot, Agent Hodges laughed “I’m sure you’d love too. You ready to jump?”
Jade glanced back at him “You’re kidding.”
He simply raised an eyebrow.
“You’re not kidding.” she picked up part of her skirt “Skydive? In this dress?”
Hodges shrugged “Mr. Fred’s orders.”
Jade shook her head “He’s crazy.”
Cognito hated being called Fred. So, the Agents called him that when he wasn’t around.
Jade got up from her seat and grabbed a parachute pack that was behind her and slid her arms through it.
“Try to land a bit of a distance!” Hodges called as Jade opened the side door.
“What? You think the Prince will find a parachuting Ball-goer strange?” Jade teased. She looked down towards the ground “See you later Hodges!” she went to jump, then stopped “Oh, by the way. I have an earpiece on me.” she flashed the Pilot a smile “Mr. Cognito heard you call him Fred.” then she grabbed a large purse off of the floor and jumped.
Thankfully, she didn’t have any problems with the dress as she floated towards the ground. As soon as she landed, she shrugged out of the parachute “Hodges.” she said into her watch “When do I leave?”
“Cognito will page you.” Hodges answered “And the chopper will not be able to pick you up at the castle.”
Jade shook her head “I know. Where’s my board?”
She looked up and watched as a smaller white parachute floated towards her, her skateboard hooked to it “Where do I meet you?”
“Fifteen miles south. An abandoned farm’s back field.”
‘Got it. Later.” she turned off her walkie-talkie and smoothed out her skirt “Now to make sure this gear works.” she faced a tree and pressed the button on her watch “3… 2… 1… and cue!”
“Jade! What’s with the picture?” Cognito’s voice boomed into her ear.
With a cringe, she turned down the volume “Just making sure it worked, Sir. Standard procedure.”
Cognito grunted “Get inside.”
“I’m going.” Jade laughed softly as she picked her skateboard up off the ground. When she got closer to the castle, she stashed the board and the purse inside a bush, smoothed out her dress then walked in.
Her eyes widened as she entered the ballroom.
The room was round with a small balcony going around the sides about ten feet above the floor. Beneath the balcony was several arched doorways which led to several windows and four sets of French doors which led to different gardens of the Palace. Everything was trimmed in gold, the windows, the doors and even the base boards was gold. The floor was a very light blue marble that went perfectly with the pure white walls and gold trims.
A large golden chandelier hung in the center of the ceiling, over a hundred lights shone off of the thousands of clear gems that created a bit of a rainbow display on the floor. Several other ceiling lights helped light the ginormous room. There were also Candelabras in between the arched doorways giving off extra light.
Thousands of people dressed in puffy,
sparkling gowns and tuxedos mingled around the room. Some dancing, others mingling.
Jewelry and hair accessories glistened in the light and the smell of perfume was heavy in the air. Every different kind from floral to fruity.
Soft music from a large orchestra on a small platform off to one side played different classics from Beethoven, Bach, and several other famous composers.
Off to another side sat several buffet tables, mainly consisting of fruits and deserts and some drinks like Soda, water and such.
Waiters walked around offering people fruit punch and small tea cakes.
“I’m in.” she whispered.
“What’s the status?” Cognito answered.
“Um…” she looked around then smiled “It smells like someone robbed a flower shop then went on vacation to Hawaii.”
Cognito groaned in aggravation “Jade!”
“Okay okay.” she ventured further into the room, snapping pictures of everything. She spotted one man leaning against a wall in a black suit with it’s collar turned up to his chin, white gloves and sunglasses “Hey look. It’s an Agent from the FBI.”
“What?” Cognito asked “How do you know?”
“Because, he’s not smiling.” She smirked as her director groaned again “Just watch… uh… listen.” she walked over behind the man “You’re with the FBI.” she said in a sing-song voice with an English accent, then she quickly dodged out of sight.
The agent spun around “Who said that?” then he spoke into a speaker that was pinned to his jacket “My cover has been blown.” then he ran from the room.
The girl cringed. “Sorry. I won’t do it again.” she turned to face another person that kept looking around then pulling out her cellphone to type something in.
Jade snapped a picture of the person with her camera-earrings “There’s another agent.” then she snapped another picture “And there’s someone up to no good.”
The person was acting nonchalant but had a strange smile on his face.
“Alright.” Cognito said “Now, try and find the prince.”
“I don’t think he’s here yet.” Jade answered “There’s no giggling girls. But, I’ll keep my eyes open.” her gaze landed on the buffet tables and she slowly made her way over to the place.
She picked a strawberry off of a platter and bit off the fruit then tossed it’s leaves into a nearby trashcan.
“Was it good?” Someone asked behind her.
She spun around, keeping herself from bringing her fists up in as a natural reaction.
Standing behind her was a tall young man with dark brown hair and aqua blue eyes. He was wearing a dark blue tuxedo with six gold buttons in two straight rows down the jacket. There was also a gold button on each of the sleeve cuffs. His skin tone was light, and Jade couldn’t help but think he’d look better with blond hair instead of brown. But she quickly pushed that thought from her mind.
“Uh…” she thought a second. What had he asked. Oh, yeah. “Yes. The berry was very good, thank you.”
He smiled “Good. Are you enjoying yourself?”
“I just got here, so I don’t know yet.” she clasped her hands behind her back “You?”
He shrugged “It’s okay. I just wish they’d add a steak to the free buffet.”
Jade laughed “Typical.”
He smiled “What’s you’re name?”
“I’m…” she was cut off by Cognito’s voice.
“Hannah. You’re name is Hannah!”
She let out a huff of air “My name is Hannah.”
“Hannah.” he nodded “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“And you are…” She watched as his face slightly reddened.
“My name is Henry.” He said, keeping his voice low.
/> Her eyebrows rose “As in, Prince Henry?”
He nodded “Yep. That’s me.”
To Be Continued…
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