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Undercover – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Jade shook her head as she watched the desperate battle “That’s it. I am not just standing here.” she grasped the multiple layers of fabric that were around her ankles and tore them till she had a slit up to the middle of her calf, then she tore it off, leaving her skirt eight inches below her knees.
“You never should have messed with me, Henry.” Cognito growled as he pushed into the boy “You should have just handed it over quietly.”
“You don’t know anything about running a kingdom!” Henry replied, still pushing the knife away from him “You don’t deserve it!”
Jade ran up behind Cognito and grabbed the back of his shirt collar and twisted it “Let go.”
Cognito stiffened then slowly moved the knife away from Henry.
“Drop the knife. Now.”
Cognito’s hand moved
to his side and slowly he started to loosen his grasp “Never!” he suddenly shouted, swinging the knife towards her.
Jade flipped over his head, avoiding the blow “I knew he was going to do that.”
Cognito spun back around, his face red with anger.
Jade karate kicked the knife out of his hand, then gabbed his arm and spun around, flipping the man over her back and laying him flat on the ground.
Cognito scrambled to his feet, his fists balled “You will pay for everything!” his fist flew at Henry, who ducked then dealt a blow to the underside of his chin, causing him to step back dazed.
“Look out!” Jade cried as Cognito’s heel slid over the edge of the roof “No!” she lunged for him, but was quick enough as the former Director went flailing over the edge. Jade stared down the 750 feet to where Cognito had hit the ground.
“I’m sorry.” Henry said quietly “I didn’t mean to ki…”
“I know.” Jade said as she got to her feet and turned to face the young man “Someone had to do it. I’m just glad that it wasn’t me.”
Henry smiled then pulled her into a gentle but secure hug.
She sighed as she laid her head on his shoulder “Thank you, Henry.”
He tensed slightly then slowly pulled out of the hug “Hann… uh… What’s you’re real name?”
“It’s Jade.” She answered “And I have a question for you.” she placed her hands on her hips “As many times that you’ve been attacked, why haven’t you ever fought?”
Henry rubbed the back of his head “Because… I was forbidden.” when she raised a questioning eyebrow, he sighed “I’m not who you think I am?”
Jade took a step back as his voice suddenly took on an English accent “What do you mean?”
“I’m not Prince Henry.” He answered “I’m Agent Spear Knight.”
“What!?” Jade shook her head “Spear Knight? But he went missing!”
“That’s the story that got started so no one would suspect that I was actually posing as the Prince, who went into hiding.” He reached up and took off a short brown wig, letting his blond hair flop over his forehead.
Jade’s eyes widened. When she’d thought he’d look cuter with blond hair, she had no idea “So… You’re an agent? Not a prince?” she asked, a smile starting to spread across her face.
“Yeah. I am.” he chuckled nervously “The real prince Henry kept getting onto me for getting a girl’s attention while I was pretending to be him.” he glanced at her and smiled “But… I couldn’t help it.”
“So, which Henry’s engaged?”
“The other one.”
She couldn’t help but find this amusing “So which one was I with at the balls and at the castle?”
“Me.” He slowly took one of her hands “I’m sorry I’m not the Prince Charming you thought I was.”
Jade laughed softly “I didn’t fall in love with a Prince Charming.” she took a small step forward “I fell in love with the boy pretending to be a Prince Charming.”
Spear’s eyes lit up “I suppose I could say the same about you, Hannah.” he pushed a strand of black hair out of her face “Or shall I say, My Undercover Cinderella.”
Jade smiled as the gap between them became smaller, then she suddenly gasped and jumped back “Your leg!”
Spear raised an eyebrow “What about it?” honestly, his leg was the last thing on his mind. He had been so close!
“You need to get it checked out before it gets infected… or worse.”
Spear shook his head “It’s fine.”
“If I know agents, which I do,” Jade retorted “They never tell the truth about their injuries.”
He chuckled, still keeping a tight grip on her hand “Fine, I’ll get it checked when we get back.”
“Then let’s go.” she walked towards the chopper dragging Spear behind her “Oh yeah.” she pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open, then speed dialed Agent Jones. After telling her the story and everything, Jones said that she would send some agents to collect Cognito’s body.
Jade hung up and stuck the phone back in her pocket “Glad I don’t have to do that either.”
Spear was just staring at her, a funny expression on his face. It was like a mixture between annoyed, anxious and impatient “Let’s go.”
“Jade.” Spear said with a shake of his head “Can you please just wait.”
She turned and looked up at him “We really should go tell the Prince that it’s over.”
He shook his head “And we will. There’s just something I have to do first before it kills me.”
Jade’s eyebrows lurched “And what is that?”
Spear pulled her up to him then bent
down and kissed her.
“And now, I would like to present the people who made it possible for me to be standing here today.” King Henry said to the people “Agent Spear Knight, who saved my life by protection and by taking my place.” he smiled as he patted his friend’s back “And Agent Jade, who saved both of us.”
Jade smiled as she stepped forward.
“I owe both of you my life.” Henry said as he shook their hands “Thank you.”
Spear nodded “It’s our job.” he winked at Jade “And besides, I owe you for allowing me to take your place for a few days.”
“That you do.” Henry chuckled, then he turned back to face the people “The T.S.M and our kingdom’s own agency have joined forces and will now be working together under the direction of Spear Knight and Jade.” he nodded at the two “Go enjoy the ball.” then he went to go talk to his Fiancee.
Spear took Jade’s hand and led her down to the floor where Agent Jones was waiting.
“Congratulations, Jade.” She beamed “And you too, Spear.”
“Thank you.” the couple said.
“I have something for you.” Jones held out a small folded piece of paper “See ya.”
Jade slowly unfolded it then gasped right before she burst out laughing. It was a picture of the kiss on the rooftop.
Spear stared at the photo “How on earth did she get that?”
Jade shook her head “My earrings had hidden cameras in them, and you happened to hit the shutter button when you had my wrist.” she folded the picture and stuck it in her pocket.
Spear chuckled “Would you care to dance?”
“I would love to.”
It wasn’t too long after that that Jade and Spear got married, officially giving Jade the first last name she’d ever had.
And, I suppose you could say they lived happily ever after, considering that their Secret Agents.
But yeah, they were happy.
The End.
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