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Unanticipated – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5:

Some time passed as the two of them lost themselves again in the delights of the female orgasm, Anne gyrating her hips to grind her pussy against his face while the climax wracked through her petite frame, Tom blissfully tangling with her moist labia and smouldering clit. And by the time she felt that exquisite sense of satisfaction once again, the blonde girl found her new lover’s cock once again hard as a statue.

“Mmm…” she purred, taking it in her hands and teasing him a little. “I know a good place for this!”

She turned around, so that as she guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina, she was facing away from his head.



Then, suddenly, Tom felt her sink onto his shaft, and his sensitive cock was suddenly enveloped in intense heat. Looking up at her narrow waist, her reddish-gold hair flowing down her back, her tight cheeks pressing into his lap, Tom had never felt so alive.

Anne felt pretty good, too, slowly rocking on his shaft in sheer delight at the sensation of being filled by such velvet hardness, the contact of their organs so breathtaking, creating pure electricity that almost crackled as it tore round their systems. His engorged cock slid slowly inside her and out again, filling her like never before, reaching parts that had never been reached, sending sensory shockwaves through her entire body. He was inside her! He was magnificent. Gyrating her hips, she writhed on top of him, pumping his rigid shaft with her tight, wet vagina.

She leaned back now, resting her head upon his left shoulder, and was content to lie in his arms, his penis embedded within her, his strong arms around her and his hands sweeping up her legs, her hips, her stomach to halt upon her breasts, his fingers coaxing further ripples of pleasure from her throbbing buds.

For a while, they were almost silent apart from their deep breathing, the two of them writhing on the floor like serpents in sexual ecstasy. But then one of Tom’s hands found its way back down between her thighs, dipping into her moisture before pinpointing her clitoris. He knew what he was doing and gently nudged her sensitive little button, all she needed to send her reaching for the sky.

Her moans were loud now, much louder than any she had emitted in the darkness outside – but they were away from the other partygoers now. Private, though only a door kept them like that. It was, she thought, her third orgasm of the evening as far as she could remember, though the whole night with Tom seemed to transcend the boundaries of time and though there had been peaks and troughs, virtually every moment with him seemed like some kind of orgasm.

Once she had reached the end of another peak, Anne lifted herself from Tom’s embrace, and went to the kitchen sideboard, ushering him over behind her.

“Here, like this.”

He gripped her firm behind and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Anne arched her back again, and his penis glided inside her dripping vagina. As he started up a rhythm between them, Tom reached around her hips and cupped her pussy even as he penetrated it from behind. Dipping his fingers into her free-flowing juices to add lubrication, he now paid some much-needed attention to her clit.

And they were off again, joined as one in their pursuit of one more colossal burst of energy, and at last, with complete abandonment to their feelings, the two cried in unison as the massive explosion of fire erupted between them, their every muscle quivering as the simultaneous orgasm hit them both, Anne’s pussy trembling around Tom’s cock as he pumped his come inside her tight vagina, his arms firmly around her chest, pulling her to him so that as the final throbbing torrent was released, she was virtually standing straight, and she could lean back and kiss his mouth deeply.

“Happy Christmas,” she said to him with a satisfied smile as they returned to the warmth and the comfort of the couch, lying in a spoon position as close as close could be.

“Happy Christmas,” he whispered into her ear before kissing it affectionately. And somehow, he knew this was going to be the best festive season ever.

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