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Unanticipated – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4:

Then he was there: his nose nudging into her moisture, his mouth pressing against her heat, the air he was breathing saturated with her intoxicating essence. It was like nothing else he had ever experienced.

“Oh please,” she whispered again, urgently, somehow managing to keep quite quiet as he nuzzled into her musky wetness, only that thin barrier of cotton and nylon between her smouldering pussy and his quenching mouth.

With her juices now covering the lower half of his face even with her underwear still firmly in place, Tom opened his mouth for his first taste of her arousal.

Pressing his hot tongue to the centre of her dampness, he felt the slight give of the thin material indicating the position of her pussy underneath. Anne flinched as she felt the sudden connection of his hot mouth upon her most fervent need, writhing about as his tongue brushed along her vaginal groove.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop…” she urged him as she fought to pull those nylons down her thighs.

Tom grinned – she was really into this. If anyone around them was less than fast asleep, it wouldn’t take a genius to know what they were up to. In a way, it only added to the thrill for him. As she removed her nylons, Tom took off his red Santa top. Now, as he settled back between the beautiful girl’s slim thighs, both could benefit from luxurious skin-on-skin contact.

For a moment, he teased her still, leaving the scrap of lace that made up her soaking panties in place over her pussy, loving her tangy juices and her writhing response to his sucking her through her skimpy underwear. Then she couldn’t bear it any more, and she wrenched her thongs to the side to reveal her bare pussy to his divine lips.

Still quiet, but increasingly finding it difficult to remain so, Anne emitted a low groan as Tom ran his lips through the little tuft of silky pubic hair on her mound before sinking indulgently into her moist slit, lapping up her abundant nectar, toying with her tender labia and penetrating her with his gloriously dexterous tongue.

As he licked her soft pussy lips, he occasionally flicked her stiff little clit with the tip of his tongue as well as nudging it with his nose, gradually building the contact with her tiny pleasure bud while she seemed to shiver with every touch.

With a brief paused, Tom drew Anne’s damp panties down over her thighs, past her ankles and away, allowing for even easier access to her heavenly delights. He had her exactly where he wanted her now, his arms around her thighs as he feasted on her soft vagina. It was hard to believe that he was able to wedge his face between the thighs of such a beautiful girl, her feminine spice all around him, his senses heightened by his lack of sight and saturated by her delicious taste, her exotic scent.

She was now moaning constantly, her hands on his head to press him to her while her hips pushed upwards to mash her pussy into his face. She was going to come any moment. As she began to buck, he heard the sound of her moans change suddenly, muffled by what he guessed was a cushion. Now her every muscle tightened in orgasm, almost in a spasm as little rivulets of pussy juice seeped from her vagina. She let out a yelp, just audible from underneath her cushion, before becoming limp underneath him as he gently washed up her climactic emissions with his mouth.

“My God,” she said breathlessly as he returned to her side, “I’ve never felt like that before.”

“Good enough?” he asked.

“Oh, absolutely,” she kissed him, her fingers tousling his hair. “You’re absolutely mind-blowing, Tom.”

He felt a warm glow within as she said that, but he didn’t have long to feel it. Suddenly, she pressed some kind of cloth over his mouth.

“No noise, now,” she said quietly into his ear before shuffling down between his legs.

Tom smiled, though she could not see him doing so: the cloth she’d pushed against his mouth to muffle his noise was nothing less than her wet panties, those sexy little lace thongs that were drenched in her moist spice. He could bathe in her scent, even as he felt the blissful warmth enveloping his hard cock as she took him into her hot mouth.

He felt her breath on his skin as she kissed him and sucked him, swirling her tongue around his stiffness. And as she teased magnificent sensations from his erection, his foot nestled between her own thighs, pressing up against her pussy, causing a groan of surprise from the exquisite girl.

But she didn’t focus much on her own pleasure now: it was pay-back time, and this elf had a little present for Santa.

Oh God, she was a genius. The way she made him feel with her soft lips around his cock was simply out of this world. For a while, he just lay back and enjoyed it, running his fingers through her silk soft hair affectionately to indicate his pleasure in her efforts. But, as she gripped the base of his shaft in one hand, cradling his balls gently in the other, her mouth concentrated a stirring rhythm and he was forced to use her pussy-soaked underwear to keep from being heard.

The taste of her juices, the scent of her panties only heightened the experience for him. Damn, look at what was happening to him! It was unbelievable. Ordinarily, if he heard this kind of thing had happened to a guy, he would have thought how unfair the whole world was, why couldn’t he have that? Lucky bastard. But here he was, he was the lucky bastard. He had the dream girl, a girl so beautiful she’d made his heart skip a beat every time he’d laid eyes on her that evening. A girl he’d discounted as someone to talk to all night because she seemed so out of his league. So out of everyone’s league.

And now he felt his orgasm building between his thighs, his heart racing, his breathing so fast, gasping for oxygen.

He tapped her on the shoulder, warning her about what was coming. She broke off for a moment, stretching forward to whisper in his ear: “I want you to come in my mouth.”

Oh God…

She resumed, using both her hands to maximise contact around his private parts, that divine mouth so hot, so wet, sucking him, squeezing him, drawing out those incredible sensations. And it was building, building, that warmth, that fiery tickle deep in his loins, pushing him towards the edge.

He couldn’t help but groan, though it was stifled by the damp black lace that had been nestled against her pussy all night. And now just one more breath of her scent toppled him from that edge, flicking a switch deep within him to ignite an explosion of raw elation and send his hot seed rising through his hard cock to pump inside her mouth. In was amazing, like a hundred fireworks inside, surging throughout his body but focussed between his thighs.

“You are amazing,” he said to her quietly, breathlessly, as she slid up beside him and put her arms around him.

“Makes two of us!” she replied, kissing his cheek, and just from her tone he could tell she was grinning from ear to ear.

But now she was getting up. She said: “Wait a moment, I’m just going to get a drink.”

She hopped up and it was suddenly cold again without her. A moment, and the light came on in the kitchen. Lifting his head, he could see her in the narrow gap of the open door, walking into the light. Breathtaking.

Disappearing out of sight for a moment, he heard the noise of running water, a glass being filled. Then she was back, walking slowly towards the door, knowing that he was watching her, lifting up her skirt to offer him a quick glimpse of her trim pussy beneath and flashing him a mischievous smile.

Had he really just… it was hard to believe. But now she left the light on in there when she returned to him, hopping up and clambering over his body. As she leaned down to whispered into his ear, her hair fell around him, shutting them both off in a kind of private little world.

“You want to fuck me on the kitchen floor?” she said quietly, and he felt the first bit of life returning to his penis.

“Of course,” he replied. “You might need to give me a few minutes, though…”

“Come on,” she said, getting up to her feet again and pulling him up with her before leading him out by the hand to the bright light of the empty kitchen.

Inside, she jammed a chair under the door handle and turned to face him. “Now,” she said, “off with the pants and on the floor, mister!”

Santa he may have been, but the elf was very much in control now. Tom slipped off the remainder of his clothes and took to the floor – rather a cold floor, but who was he to argue? Lying there, he looked up to find her stepping over him, one foot either side so that he could look up her slender legs to her exposed pussy under that tiny pleated green skirt.

Now she pulled off her top, and as she dropped down to rest on her knees her soft, warm thighs touching either side of his head, she also removed her bra, and he could see her nipples were still as stiff as they had been earlier.

He could smell the muskiness of her arousal again, which was hardly surprising since her pussy lips were hovering just above his face, presented for his delectation. He already knew she was clean-shaven aside from that small patch of golden silk on her mound, but as she pulled her skirt up to allow him light, it was the first time he had seen her pretty pink flower.

“Please sir, I want some more,” she said in her best rendition of Oliver Twist.

He grinned, and pulled the beautiful girl down to connect with his lips, tasting her again, drinking his fill.

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