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Unanticipated – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3:

Anne pulled down her top and quietly jumped up to head out to the kitchen. As he waited for the petite beauty to return, Tom felt his heart beating like there was no tomorrow. Look at her: such a sensational sight in that tiny pleated green skirt and flimsy cotton top, those shapely legs in elegant nylons. What had he done to deserve her?

The light went out.

There was a slight chill in the room now that she was gone. Or was that just part of his nerves? The room was so still, he could hear the slumbering breathing of those around him – they sounded sound asleep, but were they? What did it matter now? They were all hammered, it was dark, nobody was going to see them.

Where was she?

He didn’t know for certain just how long it took to get to the kitchen and back, but it didn’t seem like it had taken this long for her to get there and put out the lights. Had she gone? Had she somehow used the need for darkness as a pretext to ditch him, mistake having been realised? He wouldn’t have been particularly surprised if she had – she was too good for him, surely? But after the few moments he’d already had with her, that would be such cruel fate. Whoever had coined the phrase ‘it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’ had clearly never fallen in love. Tom didn’t know if it was love yet, but he knew for sure he was hooked. It would be too cruel to take her away now.

It was so dark: he couldn’t even see his hand as he put it out in front of him.

What if had all been a dream? What if he was just waking up now, in the dark, alone, the party over? Anne had never been there, never spread her divine body over him, never kissed him so tenderly, never pressed herself against his rock-hard penis, never moaned softly as he slipped his hands over her palm-sized, lace-covered breasts, slipping his fingers under her bra to squeeze her hard nipples…

“Miss me?” she whispered into his ear.

Oh, it was real! It was real! What rapture he felt as she clambered back onto the couch next to him, kissing his cheek as her hand touched down in his lap, reclaiming what was clearly hers for the taking. He felt as though his entire body was on fire, reacting to her sweet feminine scent, the soft warmth of her touch, the raw sexuality of her slender curves.

“Of course,” he replied, finding her mouth with his again.

“Mmm… now we can do anything,” she purred.

“As long as it’s quiet.”

“Of course,” she giggled briefly, and surprised him by unzipping his fly and spreading her fingers around his bare cock. “Mmm… look what I found.”

“You’re a naughty girl.”

He inhaled deeply as he kissed down her neck, savouring that exhilaratingly musky essence of her perfume as he reached the slight rise of her breasts and the edge of her cotton top, still slightly damp from her earlier dancing excess. Her skin was slightly salty from her efforts, and as he pushed up the garment to expose the gentle camber of her taut stomach, he tasted that salty zing again, circling her navel with soft kisses.

Anne was doing her best to keep her moans to a minimum, but was finding it difficult as he found her hard little nipples poking through the thin lace of her bra. Taking the lace-covered pebbles into his hot mouth, she sucked in her breath, waves of arousal pulsating through her petite form. And when she felt him slip her bra from its promontory position, enveloping her bare buds in that heavenly heat, his tongue swirling over her sensitive flesh, she couldn’t help but tremble a little.

Coaxing her, massaging her small but exquisite breasts as her pinched her throbbing nipples with his gentle lips, sucking them to tease out her quiet moans, he didn’t care an ounce that she had given up on his own pleasure for the moment. He was providing his own pleasure, just by tending to hers. This, the most beautiful creature he’d ever known, allowing him the most intimate access, the most sensational contact. And to hear her small, girlish moans resulting from his attentions – even if she was supposed to be keeping quiet – gave him satisfaction enough for now.

For a while, he tended only to her breasts, but after an age and a half, he moved so that he could lie between her legs, while Anne lay on her back. He kissed her nipples a little while longer in this new position, revelling in their stiffness, the sign of her excitement. But as he did so, his hands stroked gently over her velvet tummy again, then down to her warm thighs, seeking out the exhilarating texture of the nylon stretched so thin across her skin.

She moved, opening her legs wide to give him all the access he could, and despite the removal of his lips from her breasts now, she moaned in pleasure as the back of his fingers traced up to the edge of her crotch, where the heat and the moisture was unmistakable.

Caressing her stomach with the softest of kisses now, tasting the salt of her earlier perspiration every time his tongue ventured into new territory, he pushed up her tiny skirt now, and ran the back of his hand delicately along the edge of her panties, which he could feel even under her nylons.

He caught the first hint of a deeper scent now, more full-bodied and powerful under the gilt coating of her sugary perfume. The unrefined aroma of female arousal: a scent that teased something almost primordial within his soul. His fingers now reached the centre of her heat, where her moisture was most apparent, seeping through her panties and the sheer material above.

“Please…” she whispered as he cupped her most private area with his palm, and she pushed up her hips slightly to reveal her need.

But he wanted to prolong the incredible moment for a while longer. Shuffling down a little, he pressed his mouth and nose against one of her legs, just above the knee. Breathing her in, running his face gently across the artificial texture of her nylon-clad thigh slowly, edging up towards the centre of her desperation. As he approached the top of her thighs, the temperature and the heady scent of her excitement increased, sending his senses reeling.

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