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Two Side Of A Coin – Episode 9

Kimberly: There is a guy over there staring at you for quite a while now.

I turned to look at him and said he should keep staring.

Kimberly: I think he likes you.

Lucia: Oh please!

Kimberly: He is very cute

Lucia: Would you please let me eat ?

Kimberly: Sure but he is so cute. Ooh ooh ! Here he comes.

Lucia: Who ?

Kimberly: The guy staring at you ofcourse.

Guy: Hi ladies

kimberly: Hi

Hi i said reluctantly.

Guy: I’m Chris.

Kimberly: I’m Kimberly and she is Lucia.

I sent her a burning gaze. He looked at me and said

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Chris: I’ve been staring at you from across the room.

Lucia: Why dont you go back and continue staring
i told him without even looking at him and continue eating. Kimberly burst out a loud laughter and said to Chris.

Kimberly: What a great sense of humour, she is jokin.

Chris: Really. I actually thought she was serious.

Kimberly: Ofcourse not.

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Chris: It seems you are really enjoying your lunch and i dont want to disturb you.

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Lucia: How thoughtful of you.

Chris: Could i call you ?

Lucia: Definitely not.

Chris: Could i atleast give you my card ?

Lucia: That would be necessary.

Kimberly quickly cut in

Kimberly: Um! Drop your card and i’m sure she will be more than willing to give you a call.

As he dropped the card on the table, he said.

Chris: I’ll wait by the phone and its nice meeting you ladies.

Kimberly: Same here.

Immediately he left, i asked her her with burning inside of me.

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Lucia: Why did you do that ?

Kimberly: He seems like a pretty gentleman.

Lucia: Dont judge a book by his cover.

Kimberly: Since you dont judge a book by his cover, why dont you take a time out and read it.

Lucia: And what is that suppose to mean ?

Kimberly: Its means you should give him a call.

Lucia: I wont.

Kimberly: I wont bet on that my friend.

Lucia: We will see about that.

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