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Two Side Of A Coin – Episode 6

Lucia: I’m hungry after all that swimming, maybe we should get something to eat.

Kimberly: I think i have a better idea, why dont we go over to my house and i’ll will make lunch.

Lucia: Fine by me, just hope you dont serve me concoction.

Kimberly: I will pretend i didnt hear that

Lucia: Ofcourse you did.

When we got to her house, she immediately went into the kitchen to fix lunch. I sat in the living room entertaining myself with the television.

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Lucia: Do you want any help ?

Kimberly: No thanks, i think i can manage.

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Some minute later, lurch is ready i heard her say.

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I walked into the dinning room, the aroma that greeted me was very pleasant. For a moment i just stood there.

Kimberly: Dont just stand there, come lets eat except if you enjoy cold food.

Lucia: No i don’t.

I took a seat opposite her and i did justice to the food in front of me.

Lucia: Not bad, i’m sure mine would have tasted better

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Kimberly: I will take that as a compliment.

Lucia: May be you should come to my house sometime, so you could taste my own cooking.

Kimberly: You bet i will.

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