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Two Side Of A Coin – Episode 23

Since Kimberly is not around to keep me busy, i decided to be to be going to the boutique every single day even though i know i’m not needed there, its better than being alone at home. As i was standing at the jewelry department admiring a beautiful necklace, i heard a familiar voice behinde me said

Chris: Hi. This is too good to be true.

Lucia: Hi.

Chris: Nice to see you again.

Lucia: What are you doing here ?

Chris: I came to see you

Lucia: How did you know i will be here ?

Chris: Take a guess.

Lucia: Kimberly.

Chris: If you say so. Could we go out for lunch ?

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Lucia: Well umm!

Chris: Please, lunch wouldnt hurt.

Lucia: Fine, just lunch.

We both went out for lunch. During lunch i said.

Lucia: I cant believe she is still out of town and still setting me up.

Chris: I guess she have her ways. How did you two meet ?

Lucia: At a bookstore when we both grabbed the last copy of a book on a shelf.

Chris: Interesting!

Lucia: She is gentle, truly a gentle soul, i’m so glad i met her.

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Chris: Thats explains why you too are best friends.

Lucia: No. We are more than friends, we are like sisters. So what about you, who do you do ?

Chris: I am a computer engineer. I do both hard and software design.

Lucia: Nice.

Chris: How about you ?

Lucia: Nothing concrete for now, i intend going into event management but still thing about it.

Chris: That’s a good one.

Lucia: But for the time-being, i help out in the boutique. Aside computer, what else do you do ?

Chris: I’m also an instrumentalist.

Lucia: Really! Which one do you play ?

Chris: Just name it.

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Lucia: You’re kidding right ?

Chris: No i’m not.

Lucia: Wow! That’s cool. I really wanted to guiter but i never did.

Chris: Maybe i could teach you sometime.

Lucia: Okay.

He brought me back to the boutique.

Lucia: Thank you very much for lunch.

Chris: Anytime. All right, take care, i’ll call you.

Lucia: You too.

Isn’t Kimberly a darling ? Putting business in my day even though she is not around. I said to myself as i enter the boutique.

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