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Two Side Of A Coin – Episode 22

Its really hard to see Kimberly these days because she is always busy. I know she is a strong lady but i’m worried, i just hope she doesnt get sick. Its lunch time and i know she’s probably in her office still working. I need to go get her for lunch. As i walked into her office, i guessed right she was there working.

Lucia: Hi

Kimberly: Hi

lucia: How are you ?

Kimberly: Am good and you ?

Lucia: I’m great. Hey workaholic, have you had lunch.

Kimberly: No.

Lucia: Why ? Most of your colleagues are out for lunch and you are here.

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Kimberly: I have lots of work to do.

Lucia: I understand but you need to eat for the sake of your health.

Kimberly: I know.

Lucia: Good, i came to take you for lunch.

Kimberly: Okay but promise you wont keep me too long.

Lucia: I promise.

Kimberly: All right, lets go.

Lucia: Its your treat by the way.

Kimberly: Ooh! I remember but i was hoping you would forget.

Lucia: Forget ?

Kimberly: I know you wouldnt.

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We went to a resturant very close to her office, their food is great. We made our orders and were served.

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Kimberly: Thanks for pulling me away from work for lunch.

Lucia: You’re welcome. I understand the nature of your but you should take it easy.

Kimberly: I will.

Lucia: You should.

Kimberly: I was planning to come to your house on my way back from work this evening, i have something to tell you.

Lucia: What is it ?

Kimberly: I will be going on a business trip.

Lucia: For how long ?

Kimberly: One week or more.

Lucia: That’s too long.

Kimberly: I know but i’ll be back before you know it.

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Lucia: I’ll miss you.

Kimberly: I’ll miss you more. I need you to do something for me.

Lucia: Anything.

Kimberly: Could you take me to the airport ?

Lucia: Ofcourse and you dont need to be formal about it as if you want to ask for a bank loan.

Kimberly: Yes ma’am

The next day, i drove Kimberly to the airport and as i watched her plane took off, i know it is going to be a long week without her.

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